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Found 7 results

  1. Are there any plans related to a 2018 release of Y2? If not, could Black Chicken Studios at least release some screen shots from the new Y2? Or even a formal progress report about Y2? The screenshots need not be significant, and the progress report need not be long, but such releases, during 2018 or Late December, would at least reassure players of this game that it is being worked upon. See, as a contrast, the last few posts on the following steam thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/533480/discussions/0/135514507317416148/?ctp=7
  2. I was thinking that posting some of my Academagia fanfiction on other fanfiction websites (always clearly identified as fanfiction based upon the amazing PC game Academagia, to which I have no ownership) would have 2 benefits. 1. It would allow me to receive more feedback from readers. 2. It would teach more readers about Academagia, and maybe boost sales of the game. So I was wondering whether the Team would want to impose any restrictions (even up to an out right ban) on this practise. I would not do it without Black Chicken Studios's permission.
  3. Steam Sale of Academagia Current Academagia is 50% off at Steam, although I have my doubts that someone looking at this forum still want to buy it, I still think I should share this info. Maybe the Legate (or someone else) can mention the time frame of this sale.
  4. As the title suggests, have there been any thoughts given towards selling the updated Y1 on the Black Chicken Studios Website or other platforms?
  5. I have been thinking - since Y2 will not be sold initially with the character importation feature, will the Y2 character generator be strong and diverse enough to create interesting characters who can have Y2 adventures comparatively easily? and how exactly will Y2 character generation work? Will it be, like the Y1 version, based upon multiple stages? Would the Team be willing to share with us at least one option (whether background or list of questions to be answered) from the Y2 character generator?
  6. Academagia is now on Greenlight for voting! We have some special upgrades planned if it gets greenlit so please vote 'Yes'. ;) To assist in this matter, go here: Greenlight Academagia on Steam And...if you've already bought the game, you'll get a code once it launches on Steam (with proof of purchase of course). Cheers!
  7. So I am probably going to sound really stupid but I am having the hardest time getting the DLC and the patches to go into the folder. I am extracting. I know you said to just copy and put it in there but it didn't do anything when I did that. So I have been trying to extract from the zip file to the file academagia.exe is in but it says I don't have access even though I am running as the administrator. I'm so sorry that you have to help me with this when everyone else seems to have understood it right off the bat. Also I'm unsure of what you mean by overwrite the folders in there already. If you just copy and paste or drag the files into it you don't really have the option to replace or update the files. At least I didn't anyways.
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