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Found 3 results

  1. AlexZ

    Adventure action bug

    Hello, My game is crashing every time I choose the "adventure" action and click the yellow timepiece icon in the bottom right corner. It crashes before going to the validation screen where I can select the location and which adventure I want to do. Error message: "Terrible dark magics have collapsed..." the game auto-restarts correctly afterwards, but the bug persists. Game: Steam version of Academagia (updated). Mods: both First Touch of Summer and Summer's Blush (yes, I now know that I should have selected only the latter ) System: Windows 7 Log (relevant notes start at 28.03.2018): Academagia.log Save file: exploring.ams (this bug now occurs in every other save file for this character, including the one made at the very start of the game. When I created a new character with one, and later both, of the mods enabled the game proceeded normally without the above bug) Notes: The bug began appearing right after the "Dance of Fools" adventure/event. Before validating my actions for the day of the even I had the left character panel open on the the character's skills window. After the event, when I was returned to the day's summary screen the same skills window was open, but it lacked any of the new skills I acquired during the adventure. When I tried to switch to a different panel the game crashed. I reloaded the game and redid the event exactly as I did previously, but now with the character's attribute window selected in the left panel. The game appeared to work, but since then the above bug appears non-stop. Please save my character - you are her only hope (edited: date added)
  2. LaughingHero

    Why is explore a separate action now?

    I don't know how but I feel like my first char had explore right from the start (probably gained via a background). Then I tried a second one and noticed it's not automatically unlocked as it used to be (or so I read) in previous versions of the game and now you need it unlocked by raising the explore skill, which seems a bit counter-intuitive. Why was it changed? It seems more logical that you can go out and start exploring everything right away, rather than levelling a skill just to be able to explore Elumia.
  3. Mary Sue

    Explanation of Compete Action

    "Compete" is an action that every student of Academagia knows. Students with no skill in Compete, students with no skills ANYWHERE, can still Compete and earn pity points, at the very least. Lately, all I've been able to imagine is a student marching around campus and whispering (not yelling, that requires Voice) "Compete, compete, compete, compete," for an entire timeslot, and Orso Orsi jumping out of the bushes and announcing "PITIABLE STUDENT I AWARD THEE 3 PITY POINTS FOR THY LOVE OF SCHOOL AND COLLEGE," and then running away from his responsibilities. I'm not sure how else Compete would work for an unskilled student, because even spending an afternoon making a macaroni picture of their school badge would require at least a skill in cooking or in art. What are these students doing? Meditating? And those who meditate the best receive double points for not fidgeting or whatever? It'd explain the "Insight" requirement, but that doesn't seem befitting of Merit at all. I find it hard to believe that a prestigious school such as Academagia even possesses such a thing as "pity", but how else would zero-skill small-attribute students gain ANY sort of Merit just for trying? I need help. What is Compete?