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Found 4 results

  1. AlexZ

    Adventure action bug

    Hello, My game is crashing every time I choose the "adventure" action and click the yellow timepiece icon in the bottom right corner. It crashes before going to the validation screen where I can select the location and which adventure I want to do. Error message: "Terrible dark magics have collapsed..." the game auto-restarts correctly afterwards, but the bug persists. Game: Steam version of Academagia (updated). Mods: both First Touch of Summer and Summer's Blush (yes, I now know that I should have selected only the latter ) System: Windows 7 Log (relevant notes start at 28.03.2018): Academagia.log Save file: exploring.ams (this bug now occurs in every other save file for this character, including the one made at the very start of the game. When I created a new character with one, and later both, of the mods enabled the game proceeded normally without the above bug) Notes: The bug began appearing right after the "Dance of Fools" adventure/event. Before validating my actions for the day of the even I had the left character panel open on the the character's skills window. After the event, when I was returned to the day's summary screen the same skills window was open, but it lacked any of the new skills I acquired during the adventure. When I tried to switch to a different panel the game crashed. I reloaded the game and redid the event exactly as I did previously, but now with the character's attribute window selected in the left panel. The game appeared to work, but since then the above bug appears non-stop. Please save my character - you are her only hope (edited: date added)
  2. According to the Wiki, completing the Platypus Adventure The Unfamiliar Familiar causes the PC to gain the following benefits: Expand Bond of Iron Expand Bond of Silver Expand Bond of Stars Expand Familiar Kinship Expand Luck Expand Familiar Luck Add Electrical Awareness (Ability) Is this true? I have played through this adventure today (adorable!) and my character gained no point of luck.
  3. I completed her adventure using a cliquemate, but I am not sure what the rewards were. The completion stage, I think, was successfully displaying her art piece. Is this correct?
  4. IndigoInsane

    Purple Check Passed!

    I'll admit this post is pretty unnecessary, I just need to share my wonderment. The final checks of The Pedestal and the Book were all purple for me but I decided to try it anyway, I save before adventuring for stuff like this. I skimmed the ending and I was like wait, why am I being congratulated? I couldn't believe it. I at the end of day summary and it said I succeeded at the adventure. I still didn't believe it, so I looked at my prizes. +5 to Navigation (the purple option I chose), the merchants seal, and longsword. It matches what the wiki says you get for passing. I also checked and the adventure isn't on the list anymore. Maybe the game had a coloring glitch, or something went haywire but I like to think I just beat the odds of probability. Anyone else ever pass a purple, on this adventure or any other?