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Found 5 results

  1. When playing Luti Jaconelli's Adventure, I discovered the following serious error: Stage 4: The Ruins, has only one option visible (the Insects option). After failing this option, the story text does not suggest that the PC succeeded in resolving the issue, and the player is prompted to choose another option. However, no other options are visible. Yet the confirm choice button may be pressed, causing a new screen of text to appear with no text, followed by the next adventure/event or summary of the day's happenings. After this it is impossible to continue Luti's adventure, although other adventures may be followed without problems. For what it is worth, according to the Wiki, Stage 4: The Ruins should by default have an insects option (that if successful unlocks a Poisons Option) and an Incantation Phemes option.
  2. AlexZ

    Adventure action bug

    Hello, My game is crashing every time I choose the "adventure" action and click the yellow timepiece icon in the bottom right corner. It crashes before going to the validation screen where I can select the location and which adventure I want to do. Error message: "Terrible dark magics have collapsed..." the game auto-restarts correctly afterwards, but the bug persists. Game: Steam version of Academagia (updated). Mods: both First Touch of Summer and Summer's Blush (yes, I now know that I should have selected only the latter ) System: Windows 7 Log (relevant notes start at 28.03.2018): Academagia.log Save file: exploring.ams (this bug now occurs in every other save file for this character, including the one made at the very start of the game. When I created a new character with one, and later both, of the mods enabled the game proceeded normally without the above bug) Notes: The bug began appearing right after the "Dance of Fools" adventure/event. Before validating my actions for the day of the even I had the left character panel open on the the character's skills window. After the event, when I was returned to the day's summary screen the same skills window was open, but it lacked any of the new skills I acquired during the adventure. When I tried to switch to a different panel the game crashed. I reloaded the game and redid the event exactly as I did previously, but now with the character's attribute window selected in the left panel. The game appeared to work, but since then the above bug appears non-stop. Please save my character - you are her only hope (edited: date added)
  3. According to the Wiki, completing the Platypus Adventure The Unfamiliar Familiar causes the PC to gain the following benefits: Expand Bond of Iron Expand Bond of Silver Expand Bond of Stars Expand Familiar Kinship Expand Luck Expand Familiar Luck Add Electrical Awareness (Ability) Is this true? I have played through this adventure today (adorable!) and my character gained no point of luck.
  4. I completed her adventure using a cliquemate, but I am not sure what the rewards were. The completion stage, I think, was successfully displaying her art piece. Is this correct?
  5. IndigoInsane

    Purple Check Passed!

    I'll admit this post is pretty unnecessary, I just need to share my wonderment. The final checks of The Pedestal and the Book were all purple for me but I decided to try it anyway, I save before adventuring for stuff like this. I skimmed the ending and I was like wait, why am I being congratulated? I couldn't believe it. I at the end of day summary and it said I succeeded at the adventure. I still didn't believe it, so I looked at my prizes. +5 to Navigation (the purple option I chose), the merchants seal, and longsword. It matches what the wiki says you get for passing. I also checked and the adventure isn't on the list anymore. Maybe the game had a coloring glitch, or something went haywire but I like to think I just beat the odds of probability. Anyone else ever pass a purple, on this adventure or any other?