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Found 4 results

  1. Rhialto

    Most Potent Magic Adventure

    I have noticed, when loading my completed Autosaves, that there always seems to be an adventure on the adventure menu that can be selected and played just like a normal adventure. The adventure is called Most Potent Magic, and cannot, to the best of my knowledge be selected before 1 Kapsus. The adventure, when listed in the Adventure menu, represents itself not as the first stage in a new adventure, but as the latest stage in an already initiated series of adventures whose names indicate that they relate to the end of the school year. The adventure, when played, is a sequence of vignettes related to completing the school year and saying farewell to friends. The names of the stages are: End Story 06 Possessions, End Story 07 Travel, Farewell to Friends...and Enemies, End Story 08 Denouement, and Home. My question is: were these stages accidentally cut from the finale of the game, or were they meant to be fully cut from the game? either way, their presence and unlocking seems a bug. The stages themselves have minor typos and bugs that I could fix, but I do not feel comfortable pointing such out until I know whether the adventure stages were meant to be in the game.
  2. Rhialto

    Problems with Training Familiar

    I have been investigating familiars. I learned about the Play action, as well as the Explore with Familiar action. So I resolved to investigate how they worked. This involved the following: I reloaded an autosave for my most socially adept character, whose familiar was Mr. Pebbles. This character had a straight 10 in the befriend skill. Then, during Kapsus, I had my character maximize the familiar kinship subskill, after which that character used the play and explore with familiar actions. The familiar indeed became more skilled, and the bond increased. However, the following problematic issues I noticed. 1. Despite all notices in the selection menu showing green (guaranteed success), there were times when the day's log of events showed no gain in any skill or skill step by the familiar. 2. Even when the bond was 5 and the familiar's skill in a given subskill was 4, my character's character sheet revealed no bonus provided to that character from the familiar's skill.
  3. I loaded another successful completed game to experiment with the effects of extreme skill training after Kaliri, as a way to test run ideas for Y2. This character had achieved straight 10s in all four subskills of Synchronicity. Furthermore, the events of the game until the end of Kaliri had granted the Player character the ability to research Synchronicity, Empathy, Instinct, and Mental Bridging. During my playing beyond Kaliri, I researched all four of these topics to 10. Yet judging by the Day’s log, only one of those topics provided a benefit upon being researched to 10 - Instinct provided a +1 Insight bonus. I am not sure whether the results of these research actions was affected by being after Kaliri. I attach my save file for research purposes. This situation leaves me with the following questions. 1. what were the intended benefits to researching Synchronicity, Empathy, and Mental Bridging to 10? 2. How does one gain the ability to research Serenity? 3. will Research levels acquired in Y1 be imported over into Y2 even when they are below 10 so that players will have to use fewer time slots to research a topic to 10? Bili_Tuoba_20170518_1.ams
  4. Rhialto

    Possible bug with Skill Maximums

    I have a very complicated situation that I want to explain that may contain one or possibly two bugs. Then I will state a more simple issue that I have read about but not encountered. Finally, I will ask a question. The situation: In my most recent playthrough, I was playing as an Academic over-achiever. Accordingly, my character researched Famous Dilemmas to Level 10, and then, having in this way gained an increased Famous Dilemmas level, trained Famous Dilemmas to Level 11. Then I used a Level 10 Favor with Professor Sido, which was revealed to be an increase in the maximum of the Famous Dilemmas Skill, which I then trained up to 12. A 12 in Y1 as a base skill may be over-powered, but I thought it fair enough - my character had invested research and favor to get these extraordinary benefits, and even the Everard Equation requires difficult skill checks with a Marat Deck in order to reach Level 13. I upload my save game to show that I tell the truth. But then there was a problem with this understanding of mine. I loaded my most successful completed game to experiment with the effects of extreme skill training after Kaliri, as a way to test run ideas for Y2. Now this character had been created as a Negation prodigy, as a result of which the Theory of Negation skill level maximum was preset at 11. During my playing beyond Kaliri, I researched Theory of Negation to 10 - reward being an increase in the Theory of Negation. Yet i was unable to train my Theory of Negation at all - it was capped, it seemed, at 11. I am not sure whether this was affected by being after Kaliri. In sum, there is an inconsistency in whether it is possible to achieve skill levels of 12 or higher. Maybe it is a bug. If there is no desire to allow PCs in Y1 to have skill level maximums (aside from Everard Equation) higher than 11, perhaps the game could inform players in the day's events log some thing along the lines of "You tried to raise you skill level maximum higher, but have already reached your maximum." A similar message is given for study levels and skill level training. Now for the simpler issue: the wiki claims that researching The Minds of Men is bugged, and suggests that “(+1 Anthropology skill max intended?)”. I have not researched the Mind of Men, but the Wiki also claims that researching Anthropology yields +1 Anthropology skill max. Finally, my question: When Y2 is released, I presume that Skill levels of 12 and above will have their own distinctive benefits. Could these benefits be imported backwards into Y1 through a patch? Aristodemos_Polydegmon_20170530_1.ams