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Found 3 results

  1. In my most recent game (Aranaz is still more difficult to play than Morvidus!), my character was able to gain top marks in every course except for History in the final exams - Rikildis got that one! I was wondering what the Y2 consequences of such a nearly perfect showing would mean for Y2, and whether they would be substantially inferior to winning top marks in all Y1 course final exams that a character takes.
  2. So, I was thinking of creating an Aranaz Character built around the goal of getting as many Chance of Success Bonuses (generic) in one game. I hope that such a character could have time to play some adventures also. So far, I am aware of the following such bonuses: From Aranaz and Durand (Ability) - 2% From Natural Curiosity (Ability) - 1% From a Background option - 1% from Calculate Odds (Ability) - 10% (for 2 days) from Lightning Reactions (Ability) - 3% from Major Focus (Ability) - 1% from Question Self (Ability) - 7% (for 3 days) from getting Confidence Subskill to 11 unadjusted ranks - 1% In addition, there are more limited chance of success bonuses that apply only to spells. Good Form (Ability) - 1% Mastery of Form (Ability) - 1% I have some questions about all of these chance of success increase bonuses and if I missed any, please tell me. 1. Do bonuses for spells stack with general bonuses? 2. Do these bonuses apply to actions during adventures? 3. Do Hostile Action bonuses apply to actions in adventures such as wrestling with a certain person during one of the main adventures? Do they stack with bonuses to spells in adventures when the spells are hostile? 4. Assuming that one of my characters were to accumulate all of the above listed bonuses and that they stack, the result would be a character with a generic chance of success increase of 9% (11% for spells) that can easily be improved to 26% (28% for spells) temporarily. Would such bonuses make completing adventures for Aranaz College easier? So many Aranaz college adventures require high charm to do easily, and Cleanse and Remake is no guarantee of success.
  3. So, I have been trying to play an Aranaz student who gets involved in the college-exclusive adventures, but I am having major difficulty with this because Aranaz's core skills are Finesse and Intelligence yet so many of the college's adventures require charm-based rolls or subskills. Early access to Selective focus is only getting my character so far. So many of the adventures that I come upon that are associated with Aranaz very rapidly reach red or purple options. So, does anyone have any advice for how to set up a character and play a successful Aranaz student completing Aranaz adventures?