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Found 2 results

  1. Schwarzbart

    Heritage: Eastern

    Edit: Updated description with the suggested changes from Rhialto Your parents or grandparents are immigrants from a country far to the east. You have eyes that people in Mineta and the Empire of Man may consider strange (5 random student -1) Although your parents never talk to you about the country they came from, they taught you some basic skills with a game called wei-qi that is unknown to the other children whom you played with. (+ 1 Properties of Arithmetic, +1 Strategy, +1 Logic) Your parents also trained you in some combat techniques that seem unknown to the Empire of Man.(+1 Fitness, +1 Acrobatics, +1 Wrestling, +1 Wrestling Max) ------- For year 2 summer break the parent would give the player a way to train "martial arts" in some way the game (mod tools) allows. This Heritage can be used in combination with other Heritage because as immigrants they could have settled at any region. I hope the negatives and higher number of positives are kind of balanced for a background. (For now this is planed as personal modding project but as always BCS can pick it up if they ever want to go back to year 1) I think such a background is nearly the only way to add a bit eastern Martial Arts "Magic" of the Wuxia novels to the game for the player. Edit 2: You find the download over here:
  2. Can you change the background so that you have the blue and no the golden background, like in the old UI version?