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Found 4 results

  1. Käpt'n Korky


    On valentines day, someone proposed to write haikus for your favourite Walküre. I did. I also asked for someone to open a forum thread about it. No one did. Now I have the time and the resources, but alas Valentines day is over. Very well, I write a haiku for every interviewed Walküre. Here's my first few. Mehr Heimat geht nicht. Mutig, stolz und forsch bist du. Liebe Scharnhorst mein. Grace- and beautiful High spirits and good humour Belfast enchantress Voykov the Russian Stoic worker in the fleet Even Winter fears Cat lady Exeter Hunting nobility far And away in spring Beautiful pictures By a beautiful lady La Motte-Picquet With a bashful voice And a bashful spirit you Are truly Boisy For la patria Black raven flies excited Cheery Velasco A Belle and southern Mississippi has to be Formally addressed Introduced them all With one big exception we Wait for it Mahan Husbando she has No mind for manners as well Eager Nautilus Deutsch und von Adel Gejagt nicht nur von der Maus Admiral Graf Spee So mysterious. Can she stay for long with you? What plots Surcouf now? For Battenberg cake And good tea, no less, we fight And die Ark Royal
  2. Käpt'n Korky

    Favourite Belles

    Hello everyone, this idea came to me since it's every now and then a topic that heats up in the Forum and on the discord: Who's you favourite Belle? Maybe it would be interesting who it is for the average captain. So why not start a Topic about it. My idea is to show a Top 10 of the most liked Belles. For all with a weak memory this is the link to Shiros list of Belles. It works like this: You post here or send me a list of your (up to) 10 favourite Belles, and I will compose a ranking out ouf it. Your top 1 gets 10 points, top 2 gets 9 points all down to 10 who gets 1 point. TOP 10 (please read after you made you list).
  3. Good day all on this forum. I have been told that questions about Belles are best directed from this sub-forum and so I created a topic here about my questions about the belles, specifically about how their designs came about. I am heavily into fashion as well as glamour and pin-up so I have an idea of where a lot of the fashion choices of the Belles came from such as USS Mississippi dress reminding me of a"Southern Belle", Camicia Nera costume reminds me of a modified "black shirt" uniform or how Admiral Graf Spee looks like a glorious (Bavarian?) noblewoman. However my knowledge about the wild west era is not as strong as my knowledge of warships so I am curious about the design influence of USS Arizona in Victory Belles, her design looks like that of a cowgirl but her make up heavily reminds me of Native American face paint, any American history buffs here that can tell me about her design?
  4. First off, Greetings folks, I am new, Creeped on the forums for a few days then decided to post a few questions I had seeing as how for the most part the members that frequent this forum are mature and knowledgeable. Secondly, I know some people will get, triggered, with particular topics. I apologies ahead of time if you disagree with me or do not feel the same way. Victory Belles look fantastic and I can say for certain that I will lose countless hours in it. However If Kancolle did announce an English release, (or a western/global launch in general.) How do YOU think that would effect the support for this game? There are things that Kancolle has that this one currently from what is public knowledge dos not have. Such as "Loli" characters, Larger Selection of characters, and a "Moe" art style some people would prefer over the "Realistic" animated art style Victory Belles currently has. Another concern I have is that kick starter exclusive content will exist in game. For instance are there any Belles offered in the kick starter that can NOT be acquired in game? (Outfits do not count.) Because in my opinion part of the crowd that would be attracted to this game would be completionists,collectors, and achievement hunters. Part of that is getting ALL the things, Belles, outfits, weapons, etc. I am among them. Seeing as how I found this project recently I have no way to secure these items, and for everyone else that would feel this way as well. In my opinion, most things offered now a days in kick starters to some extent make players coming into the game/community/project later down the line feel left out, never able to ketch em all, or complete the collection. Something I hope that Victory belles dos differently is the combat. Id like to see a little more animation from the characters. No need to go overboard, but something more, something better then Kancolle. One thing I will say is if they do a good job on the story/campaign They will have a leg up on Kancolle. Thanks for reading folks, Have a good one!