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Found 1 result

  1. Käpt'n Korky

    Starting ports

    Okay I've raised the question of what ports will be in the game in the lore and in general questions before. Ze Devs won't answer. So lets do the british thing here and bet on them! And maybe discuss and talk to our hearts content about it. A quick reminder: Two (or more) ports for major powers and one for minor powers were hinted. I just can't find the posts. So if anyone has read something else: Talk about it here. Just for fun. Here are my guesses: Deutsches Reich: Wilhelmshaven and Pillau British Empire: Scapa Flow and Singapour France: Brest and Saigon Japan: Kure and Tainan Italy: Napoli and Massaua USA: Norfolk and Pearl Harbor CCCP: Sevastopol and Vladivostok Poland: Hel Turkey: Istanbul Spain: Cadiz Netherlands: Rotterdam So far my guesses which stick pretty much with the "2 and 1 harbour" theory. I do this so it stays exiting if I'm right or not. For all countries I can think of at least one alternative or additional harbour. Especially for the countries with big colonial possesions. So I'm curious what others here in the forum might think.