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Found 1 result

  1. Rhialto

    Pc's age during Y1

    I have been assuming that the majority of the First year students during Y1 are 13 years old. This would allow for @Legate of Mineta's comment that they are 12-14 to be true. I assume that the 14-year-old would be Jere Niemala towards the end of Y1, while the 12 year old would be Kurt Henning at the beginning of the game. Thus, the PC would be 13, fitting in with the description on the wiki of "a newly arrived teenager in a strange, vast school". Did I make any errors in these thoughts? I ask because @Mikka said (at: ) that "Antonio has an early birthday, turning eleven on Athonos 4, making him one of the youngest kids in the school (and giving a huge advantage in getting those yummy attribute points early on). Miya has a summer birthday, so I'm not worrying about her quite yet- she's already twelve, though, making her likely one of the older students in year one." Final;ly, is there planned in Y2 to have way for players to choose their characters' birthdays? and will such birthdays have a greater impact for students in Avila?