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Found 2 results

  1. Rhialto

    Most Potent Magic Adventure

    I have noticed, when loading my completed Autosaves, that there always seems to be an adventure on the adventure menu that can be selected and played just like a normal adventure. The adventure is called Most Potent Magic, and cannot, to the best of my knowledge be selected before 1 Kapsus. The adventure, when listed in the Adventure menu, represents itself not as the first stage in a new adventure, but as the latest stage in an already initiated series of adventures whose names indicate that they relate to the end of the school year. The adventure, when played, is a sequence of vignettes related to completing the school year and saying farewell to friends. The names of the stages are: End Story 06 Possessions, End Story 07 Travel, Farewell to Friends...and Enemies, End Story 08 Denouement, and Home. My question is: were these stages accidentally cut from the finale of the game, or were they meant to be fully cut from the game? either way, their presence and unlocking seems a bug. The stages themselves have minor typos and bugs that I could fix, but I do not feel comfortable pointing such out until I know whether the adventure stages were meant to be in the game.
  2. So, in my latest playthrough, I finished the adventure for Sima Venesico, following which I increased my male Character's relationship with her to 11. Yet my character did not receive the Affection emotion. Why is this? I have unlocked that emotion in another playthrough with a male Character using Prudence Cossins, so I wonder if it is a bug related to Sima Venesico. As far as Sima Venesico's quest, I hope that it may be leading to further content in Y2. Who wants her to create such artifacts, what is her real intellectual capacity (4 Intelligence means that she should be no slouch), and of course a new quest from her to create an artifact are all Y2 adventures that I can think of for her.