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Found 3 results

  1. I was thinking about how some characters in Y1, if their adventures be completed, gain increases in their relationship maximums: sometimes +1, sometimes +2, and 1 (Shearry Warrington) +3. Now, Shearry, I know, is defined by his helpfulness, so his +3 relationship maximum is a plausible integration of game mechanics and story. But is there any similarity between characters with +2 bonuses? Or will underlying similarities only become apparent in Y2 (or perhaps in later games, when dating is allowed)? I ask this question because there is such difference between Prudence Cossins and Uliva Valaresso, yet both of them get +2 bonuses to their relationship maximums when their adventures are completed. Prudence is ill-suited for her college and her courses, has major social confidence issues (better suited for Godina, where her mastery of Incantation and physical aggression could gain her academic glory), yet is (as an AI) interested in romance (according to the wiki). Uliva, on the other hand, is perfectly suited to Morvidus's eccentric nature-lover and friend to animals stream of study, and as an AI is (per the wiki) almost purely consumed with academics and studying serpents (which for a Morvidus student much overlap). Finally, some remarks about the characters whose adventures give only +1 or no relationship maximum increase. Beatrix von Wetgen I understand for having no such increase - she is friendly, but her relationships with others in the game seem shaped by doing things such as hiking and natural philosophical (or scientific) inquiry rather than emotional support/conversation that forms the basis for deeper relationships (unlike the adventures with, among others, Ana Flavia Bessa and Prudence, in which the PC is helping them deal with emotional as well as physical problems). Sima Venesico gets only a +1 bonus for completing her adventure, which I suppose is a nice way to reflect her AI programming of "Wuv. Twue wuv. Within reason."
  2. I have been thinking - since Y2 will not be sold initially with the character importation feature, will the Y2 character generator be strong and diverse enough to create interesting characters who can have Y2 adventures comparatively easily? and how exactly will Y2 character generation work? Will it be, like the Y1 version, based upon multiple stages? Would the Team be willing to share with us at least one option (whether background or list of questions to be answered) from the Y2 character generator?
  3. How can the player determine the relationships between two characters? must one become informed of the characters?