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Found 4 results

  1. Rhialto

    Compatibility of Save Games?

    I completed a playthrough with the interim patch, and it was very successful (using only the interim patch and the exotic familiar selection mod). Will my savegame from the end of it be compatible with Y2?
  2. How does one find and install this mod? Would it cause compatibility issues with Y2? I want to explore familiars (a mechanic that I have neglected throughout all of my playing of this game).
  3. I understand that in Y2, backgrounds will play a role in summer activities. This makes me wonder, however, about those characters with multiple backgrounds. My most recent completed character has the following three backgrounds, for example: Family: Graverobbers, Family: Sports, Family: The Secret Heritage. Furthermore, my game involved my character studying Gates through the heritage but looking forward to a summer with athletic family Are there any plans to further restrict how many family backgrounds may be chosen? Or any plans to define certain backgrounds as having priority over all other selected backgrounds for Y2 purposes?
  4. I understand that the last day of Year 1 will be retroactively eliminated. This is concerning to me, since I finished a game in which I finished a major adventure on that day. I wonder, therefore, whether it might be possible to transfer achievements from that last day to Year 2. If not, then what is the point of doing anything on the last day in year 1?