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Found 5 results

  1. According to the Wiki, completing the Platypus Adventure The Unfamiliar Familiar causes the PC to gain the following benefits: Expand Bond of Iron Expand Bond of Silver Expand Bond of Stars Expand Familiar Kinship Expand Luck Expand Familiar Luck Add Electrical Awareness (Ability) Is this true? I have played through this adventure today (adorable!) and my character gained no point of luck.
  2. Rhialto

    Problems with Training Familiar

    I have been investigating familiars. I learned about the Play action, as well as the Explore with Familiar action. So I resolved to investigate how they worked. This involved the following: I reloaded an autosave for my most socially adept character, whose familiar was Mr. Pebbles. This character had a straight 10 in the befriend skill. Then, during Kapsus, I had my character maximize the familiar kinship subskill, after which that character used the play and explore with familiar actions. The familiar indeed became more skilled, and the bond increased. However, the following problematic issues I noticed. 1. Despite all notices in the selection menu showing green (guaranteed success), there were times when the day's log of events showed no gain in any skill or skill step by the familiar. 2. Even when the bond was 5 and the familiar's skill in a given subskill was 4, my character's character sheet revealed no bonus provided to that character from the familiar's skill.
  3. I never really bother with familiars in my games, except for when I will occasionally play Mr. Pebble's adventure. But in all of my playthroughs with Mr. Pebbles, at the end of the school year, he wanders off, and the Player resolves not to look for him (or it). But my question is whether this is avoidable if the player build a strong bond with the rock familiar. Even if it is unavoidable to lose one's rock familiar at the end of the year, what sorts of consequences will this have in Y2?
  4. I want my snake to be strong and fitt so I can bond her/him to me efficently, Is there any way I can cast a spell on her/him with the phemes I need? Edit: I Just discoverd "the Familiars's Gift" on the Wiki, I guess that answers my question. Edit the second: But now I can't find the familiar pheme, where are you.
  5. fuel

    Gift of the Familiar

    Any reson not to use "Gift of the Familiar"? Well I do kill "it", but I can a New? and I dont realy find a familiar all that useful. But then I havent played that much