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Found 5 results

  1. Käpt'n Korky


    Edit: Since this game sports captains and not admirals I changed my Screenname accordingly. I'll won't change it in the text below so it stays original. (for english scroll down please.) Guten Tag Kameraden, eins vorweg: Dieses Thema ist für alle die beabsichtigen die Kriegsmarine im Spiel zu Ihrer Hauptmarine zu erklären oder bevorzugt KM-Schiffe einsetzen wollen. Da es aber auch einen guten Teil Rollenspiel umfassen kann/soll, setze ich es hier in die Schreiberecke und nicht in das generale Forum. (Liebe Moderatoren, wenn ihr denkt da ists besser aufgehoben, dann verschiebt es ruhig.) Um mich kurz vorzustellen: Ihr werdet mich als Admiral Korky hier im Forum kennen und kennenlernen. Wie man sich denken kann komme ich aus Deutschland und egal wie schlecht dein Team ist (streng genommen spielt man ja Nazis, wenn man uns im Spiel nimmt), du hälst zu ihm oder du kannst mich mal. Daher nehme ich die Kriegsmarine und werde aus ihr eine Reichsmarine formen. Also möglichst keine Walküren die sich als Nazis zu erkennen geben einsetzen (ja ich meine dich Nürnberg). Das wird im Spiel auch meine eigene Beschränkung sein. Walküren wie Nürnberg, Camicia Nera oder Canarias werden auf der Ersatzbank landen oder in einer Schurkenflotte zusammengefasst. Himmelfahrtskommandos müssen ja schließlich auch gemacht werden. Allerdings weite ich diese Beschränkung ziemlich aus. ALLE Walküren die zu politische oder unkameradschaftliche Wesen sind, werden so wenig wie möglich eingesetzt. Also auch viele Sovietschiffe oder Kriegsverbrecherinnen wie I-8 (wenn ihr die Interviews lest, wisst ihr was ich meine). Der Fokus liegt auf einem Ziel: Der Kampf gegen die Morganas und die Gesinnung muss so edelmütig wie möglich sein. Wobei.... ich denke jede "Partywalküre" wird einen großen Platz in meinem Herzen haben. Kirov, New Orleans.... ihr wisst wen ich alles meine. Bisher gibt es ja nur ein paar kurze Filme zum gameplay und die Interviews. Daraus ergibt sich für mich folgende vorläufige "Traumflotte": Flaggschiff KMS Scharnhorst oder KMS Admiral Graf Spee, Schlachtschiff.... HMS Hood, Kreuzer.... IJN Kumano, RN D'Aosta, Kirov, USS New Orleans und HNLMS Michiel de Ruyter , Flugzeugträger Hiryu und Zerstörer Hans Lüdemann, Diether von Roeder, U-Boot Surcouf. Man wird sehen ob sich das bewährt und wer in Zukunft noch vorgestellt wird. Was denkt ihr? Wie schaut eure Wunschliste aus? Achja und fachsimpelt hier ruhig rum. Sowohl über Werte als auch Charakter der Walküren die ihr in eurer Flotte sehen wollt. Oder eben nicht sehen wollt. // Good Day dear fellow Admirals and Captains, straight away: This topic is for all who want to play the Kriegsmarine as their main fleet ingame or want to use KM-shps as their favourites. Since you can place a whole lot of RPG in here, I thought it would be best to place the topic in the writer's corner and not the general forum. (dear mods, if you disagree, feel free to move it.) I will now introduce myself: You will know me or know me already as Admiral Korky within this forum. You might have guessed me to be from germany and since it doesn't matter how bad your team is (considering you're playing nazis, if you choose germany ingame), you'll stick with it or can go.... well whatever. Because of that I will choose the Kriegsmarine ingame but will try ignore a certain austrian corporals influence on world history. So all belles who are open fascists (yes, I'm looking at you Nürnberg) will be placed either on the substitutes' bench or send on suicide missions. But my limitation won't end with fascism. Most of soviet belles are far too political and open pro communism and some other belles from other ideologies are morally impure as well. Morally impure means loosely being in love with their "home-system" or their leader more than me and the mission or being of corrupt behaviour at sea. Either in character or in service records (surprise attacks are NOT impure.... stuff it Mahan). For example I-8 is to me a war criminal, nothing else. Read the interviews and try to see what I mean. BUT..... every "partybelle" will have a big spot in my heart..... Kirov, New Orleans... y'know who I mean. Until now I have only read interviews and watched the short updatevideos about gameplay. Through this I have formed my "dreamteam": Flagship: KMS Admiral Graf Spee or KMS Scharnhorst Battleship: HMS Hood Cruisers: IJN Kumano, RN D'Aosta, Kirov, USS New Orleans and HNLMS Michiel de Ruyter Carrier: IJN Hiryu Destroyers: Hans Lüdemann, Diether von Roeder Submarine: Surcouf the future will tell what other Belles will be added or if this team will prove itself. What's your opinion? What's your ideal Marine? I'm eager to hear your replies. And please speculate to your hearts content about german belles and which one you would love to see..... and which ones you disregard. Alle Mann an Deck, Admiral Korky P.S.: Ask me for german words or translations. I love it.
  2. I found a couple of not very well made but very interesting videos about Weimar Germany. The videos give an idea how troubled the republic between 1919 and 1933 really was. If I find better quality I will post it here. And if someone else finds them, please post them here. First off: The communist uprising against the republic, months after the communist uprising against the Kaiserreich. Then we have a right wing putsch..... ...which turns the Ruhr red: A few years later Belgium pays a visit .... together with France Please tell me if you find this interesting or redundant. Thank you.
  3. Good day ladies and gentlemen, as some of you might have noticed I'm from the beautiful .... the city of Dortmund, germany. Please check wikipedia for further information ont he city and it's WWII history. Some other might also have read my rant about "no KMS Dortmund" in the Gneisenau thread. And finally @Wellington99 asked me about german names regarding a fanfic project. So I thought: Were there any prominent naval officers from Dortmund? And the answer is yes. And maybe other interesting figures in the 1930's to 1940's? And again: Yes. Starting today I will give relatively short biographies of those ladies and gentlemen. And I'll start with THE most german named man anyone can ever come accross: Heinz Stahlschmidt - The Bordeaux Chorlitz (later Henri Salmide) Heinz was born on November 13th 1919 in Dortmund. As a young man he learned plumber before he joined the Kriegsmarine in 1939, where he became a demolition and explosion expert. He specialised in defusing British mines. He was sunk three times during the war, but survived. For that reason he was given a landbased post 1941 in the harbour of Bordeaux and an entry on the honourlist of the Kriegsmarine. When the western allies arrived in France after D-Day and it became clear they would not be pushed back into the ocean, the German high command ordered the port of Bordeaux to be destroyed. As member of the demolition squad Boatswain/ Petty officer Heinz Stahlschmidt got the orders. On August the 26th 1944 the port of Bordeaux was to be blown up, estimating about 3,500 casualties among the French who lived there. Faced with that order Heinz decided to not only defy it, but to save the city. He knew very well where and how the explosives were stored, so he send the guard away on the 22nd and blew up all explosives the Germans had in one grand explosion that shook the whole city. About 50 German soldiers died and Heinz was immediately searched for by the Gestapo and military police. He was marked a traitor who was to be arrested or shot on sight. Heinz survived thanks to some resistance contacts from his love and later wife. They hid him even after the war was over, because when the French took over the city the French police and military police searched for him as well. He was a German and had served in the German occupation army after all. He later became a naturalised French with the adopted name of Henri Salmide in 1947. In Germany he was branded a traitor after the war (keep in mind the people and families of the people of the Stauffenberg conspiracy were also traitors to the german republic way until the mid 1980’s). He was stricken from the honourlist of the Kriegsmarine and not relisted after the war and also did not receive any soldier pension. He was stricken out of the people who could receive it because of treachery. In France he joined the port firebrigade of Bordeaux (how fitting, I know) but received no credit for his deed, because the resistance took all the credit. Only in 1990 his story began to surface when a local French newspaper reported about his actions in 1944. He was later acknowledged as the saviour of Bordeaux and became a member of the French Legion of honour in 2000 for 23 years of civil service. The main building of the Bordeaux harbour was named after him in 2012. Also a small street the “Rue Henri Salmide” near the submarine base of Bordeaux was named after him. He reportedly visited germany only one time again in 2001. To the city of Dortmund, natürlich. About the events in 1944 he said, “It was the best thing I ever did in my life.” Henri Salmide died on the 23rd of February 2010 in Bordeaux and was buried there. For further information people fluent in French can read the book “Bordeaux brûle-t-il?” by Dominique Lormier. 17 pages of that book are about him. @Cuirassé_Richelieu
  4. This thread is a response to a request by @Wellington99 in the discord chat. The request paraphrased: "I need two german names for figures in a fanfic. One has to be specific a "Junkers" or a Prussian kind of name. The best example I know is if a brit had the last name Windsor or Tudor, or Platangenet, or was like Pendragon or Ivanhoe. Regal/name belonging to famous teutonic knight or something. And it must begin with an "S"." So I thought I provide a list of all regal names since Karl der Große/Charlemagne/Charles the great. I will also mention a few heroes and list all "sub-german" names, meaning the kings of kingdoms inside the german empire which was ruled by the (holy-roman) kaiser. Also all Highmasters of the Ordo Teutonicus. Better known names are fat, non german names are striked out. But first of all some nagging (not relevant, really. I'm just a dirty nagger.): Imperial regal names in mostly historical order: Karolin Konrad Liudolfing (sometimes called Ottonen, because of the lot of Ottos in their ranks) Salium (hence the "salic law" from the spoiler) Supplinburg Staufen Welfen Habsburg Nassau Luxemburg Wittelsbach Habsburg-Lothringen Hohenzollern German "hero" names are mostly without family name. But it's possible to use a forename as a familyname. In no specific order: Siegfried, Widukind, Teut(-oburg), Odon, Billung Minor regals: Kingdom of Bohemia: Przemysl, Luxemburg, Jagellion, Habsburg Kingdom of Saxony: Wettin Kingdom of Bavaria: Wittelsbach Kingdom of Prussia: Hohenzollern Kingdom of Württemberg: Württemberg (but most people don't realise it's the regal name, because the name of the country actually came from the name of the lords, later kings and that's unusual with countries. With cities it's a lot more common.) Familynames of the Highmasters of the OT as far as I could find one: Walpot, (von) Kerpen, (von) Thüna/ (von) Tunna, (von) Salza (!preferrably for a nazi-by-heart figure), Ludowing, Malberg, Hohenlohe, (von) Wüllersleben, (von) Wertheim, (von) Sangershausen, (von) Heldrungen, (von) Oeren, (von) Braunschweig, (von) Altenburg, Dusemer, (von) Kniprode, Zollner, (von) Wallenrode, Jungingen, (von) Plauen, Küchmeister, (von) Rusdorf, (von) Richtenberg, Truchseß von Wetzhausen, Kronberg, Schutzbar, Hund(t), (von) Bobenhausen, (von) Westernhausen, (von) Stadion, (von) Ampringen), von der Pfalz, Vaudémont\Lothringen; also Habsburg, Wittelsbach and Hohenzollern. If you want additional names from lesser, but well known nobles or from a specific time or want a name which goes well or contradicts with a charater trait, feel free to ask.
  5. Ruhm und Ehre . Eine Geschichte von einem Kapitän und ihrer Belle. (Glory and Honor. A story of a Captain and her Belle) ***** Author’s Notes ***** While trying to capture the feeling for this time piece I still feel the need to state a few things. First, I will not be using the actual statement made during salutes nor will I be directly mentioning the symbol on the flags. Also, because some people are dumb, I am not nor will I ever be a Nazi Sympathizer. The reason the story is from this side is because the Belles and Engineering interest me and I want to see what I can do to write from this point of view. This is clearly a work of fiction. *************************** Kapitel 1: Für Land und Ehre . (Chapter 1: For Country and Honor.) It was September 10th 1939 in the port of Hamburg. The weather was pleasant with a cool breeze blowing in from the water and the sun was just peeking out from behind the morning cloud cover when Captain Nel Celestine of the Kriegsmarine arose. Her pressed uniform was checked for sharpness. Each button polished to a shine. Her boots buffed and primed. Every inch of her uniform screamed perfection as she put it on. Making sure each fold, each crease each line was in perfect order before exiting her officer quarters and headed towards the dock. It was unusual for women to serve on the front lines, let alone hold rank, but Nel had distinguished herself and had impressed even Karl Dönitz. Seeing her potential, she was fast tracked within the Kriegsmarine and had even proudly met with the Führer once (albeit more in passing then in any detail). With such distinction she thought that she could be a proud face for members of the Kriegsmarine. Sadly, this was not to be the case. Most sailors were still the superstitious lot. To make matters worse, invasion of Poland had brought about war with the French and British. After already retaking the Rhineland and welcoming the Czechs back into the Reich the thought of all out war hung heavy in the air and was thick with tension. Then, there was the matter of the League of Nations, the Morganas, and these Belles as they called themselves. There was even one on the ship she had been assigned. Today's briefing was to discuss her assignment and dispatchment to the League and the Belle Scharnhorst whom had apparently chosen her. Passing through several layers of security clearance, she noted names and faces of every officer not in proper and well maintained uniform. She would have no backtalk over this. To have a poor uniform was poor discipline and was unacceptable within the glory of the Reich. Making at least two proper conducts to less than perfect officers she entered the final hallway and entered the briefing room. She gave a proper salute to her admiral before removing her hat and taking a seat. "Captain, as you are aware the Morgana threat is of the utmost importance if we are to obtain German superiority at sea. While other countries, including Britain, will be hampered by greatly by their threat to supply lines if they remain unchecked it could prove disastrous for us in the future.” Stepping over to a map of the Atlantic ocean with several pins making locations could be seen. “Here are several of the attacks that we are currently aware of. As you can see, the sheer number of sunk ships is intense, thorough, and complete. Survivor counts were near zero. That is until they showed up.” Nel spoke in question “The Belles sir?” The Admiral nodded and continued his explanation. “Shortly after ‘they’ arrived British and French naval forces had a drastic drop in casualties. This means these ‘Belles’ as they call themselves are key and important weapons. While part of this unofficial League task group, you will have three roles and you are to memorize these. No documents, no trails. Understood captain? If you can not handle this task the Führer will find someone who can.” Nel took no time to answer. She saluted sharp and proudly and proclaimed she would fulfill her duty to the fatherland. She had grown up with others idolizing the military and leadership. Her father had served during the Great War and she saw first hand how the defeat served to crush his spirit only to have it reborn anew under this new order. His passion was her inspiration and as her family’s sole child she felt it her duty to uphold military legacy of their home. Returning her salute, the admiral continued his briefing. “First, you are to represent German superiority within the League. With Belles supplied under German engineering you should be second to none. You must prove this to the world.” Pointing to the map he continued. “Second, you are to collect information on allied fleet movements, convoys and any other tactical information. Regardless of your roll in the League, your duty comes to your people before other nations.” Stepping across the room to stand before her, speaking quietly. “Third, you are to acquire the support of every Belle you can. Learn their thought processes, tactical weaknesses and so on. We can not allow the enemies of Germany to have any advantage. It is our right as the strongest people to have control over not only the best Belles, but all of them. Is that clear Captain?” Nel nodded and saluted sharply again. “Yes Sir!” The admiral nodded and returned her salute. “You leave at fourteen hundred hours tomorrow aboard the Scharnhorst. Your crew has been assigned and will await your inspection in the morning. I suggest you make use of your time Captain. The world is progressing forward and we are all about to be caught in history’s flow.”