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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the first lesson of Polish sailor's terms. I hope you like it. Many Polish nautical expressions have a double meaning and are very humorous. The idea was created thanks Käpt'n Korky Ahoj! - Typical Polish sailing, a way of welcome or greeting. Abordaż - Boarding or Brawl in the bar. Angol - the colloquial term " Briton". Biznes tanki - most often caches in smuggling tanks. Burta - Side lateral part of the ship's hull. Bunkrować, Bunkrować paliwo - Ang. Bunkering, Bunkering fuel - "accepting" fuel for own use - refers only to fuel, not cargo. Bajdewind - the wind blowing from the directions between the wind blowing straight from the side of the unit (semi-wind), and the wind blowing from the side of the dead angle, from the bow side. Bakowy - a person carrying coffee on a ship in a tank in which there is coffee. Cała naprzód! - Full speed ahead! - type of command. Drugi - Second officer (on-board) or Second mechanic (second from the machine). Dziób - the front part of the hull and deck of the ship. Tankować -Refuel or Drinking alcohol on board. Wilk morski - The sea wolf - An intelligent bipedal creature, nourishing itself above all with liquids (rather strong). Thanks to this, it is almost constantly in a state of light obscurity, which in turn helps her to defeat the bipedal onshore fear of water. Since it is possible to store the main food of sea wolves in small tin and metal containers, these creatures are able to take long-term cruises on water without fear of starvation. "Kiedy kapitan się goli, sztorm ucicha powoli" – "When the captain shaves, the storm quiets down slowly" - Polish rhymes expressing appreciation for the captain who carried the ship through a heavy storm or he made an impossible voyage. Ognia! - shooting command. Opening fire to the enemy. Kwintas - a sad sailor. Katorga - long cruise. Lorneta - Ang.Binoculars or two glasses of vodka. Zwrot - performing a maneuver on a ship that causes a change in the position of the unit relative to the direction of the wind. Szyper, Skiper -Ang.Skipper - .colloquial definition of the captain Szwab, Niemiec - the colloquial term "German". Płynąć na kosę - Swill on the scythe - Go to the Hel Peninsula. The Hel Peninsula is shaped like a scythe. Płynąć za ocean - Sail across the ocean - Flowing to America. Położyć się na kurs - .take the right course Samobójca - Ang. Suicide - sailor sailing on very long cruise. Spelować - .spell (eg. to spell the name of the ship) "Lecieć do sztychu" - go self-swimming with water straight on the mainstream. in German mar slang: das Stichfahrwasser. Na ruksa - way to pull a ship from the shoal by jerk the hol. Flauta - no wind, otherwise "sea silence". Kilwater - a water trail, a track trail, formed on the water behind the stern of a flowing unit. Statek suchy – Ang. A dry ship - lest it be too easy and logical, it is the one on which ... there is no alcohol on ship;) Kawa - It is a unit of time. It is said that coffee is a sacred thing and it is impossible to disagree. This is a statutory break from work. During the day, two are distinguished - by 10.00 and by 15.00. It has been assumed that for a less privileged part of the crew it takes 20 minutes. The more privileged she will do whatever she wants. Coffee on the ship is the way out for a cigarette. Namiar - in the simplest terms, it is the direction in which something is located. Poprawka - Ang. Amendment - the occupation of navigational officers. If single, it means checking the gyrocompass error. "Jak mewa na lądzie siądzie, to pogoda bądzie albo jej nie bądzie" - "As the seagull will sit ashore, the weather will or will not be here" Znaki - inexplicable paranormal phenomena heralding future events. Which can bring unbelievable bad things. Torpeda - Ang. Torpedo - a long lance to penetrate enemy ships. Nieprzyjaciel - Enemy. Uwaga! Pierwsza Pal! Druga Pal! Trzecia Pal! Czwarta Pal! - Warning! First Pal! Second Pal! Third Pal! Fourth Pal! - command of firing torpedoes on destroyers and submarines.
  2. INTERNATIONAL expedition Society Expeditions Wrecks and Reefs found the ship's bell Polish escort destroyer ORP "Kujawiak", which 74 years ago, sank off the coast of Malta. After obtaining the appropriate permits bell destroyer is to be excavated and will go to the Maritime Museum Birgu (Vittoriosa) Malta. ORP "Kujawiak" was a British destroyer escort type Hunt II. May 30, 1941. Was handed over by the Royal Navy Polish Navy. Destroyer escorts were smaller, had a lower displacement, and were less armed than conventional destroyers. Were intended primarily to perform combat tasks in the service of escort and security escorted merchant vessels vulnerable to attack enemy submarines and aircraft. Throwing depth charges, repelled air strikes, put up smokescreens and rescued survivors from the sunken units. PMW (Polish Navy) in cooperation with the British Royal Navy received three ships of the class II Hunt, who received the name OORP "Krakowiak", "Kujawiak" and "Ślązak". Ship ORP "Kujawiak" commanded by Lieutenant Commander Ludwik Lichodziejewski. Its primary task was to escort Allied convoys in the English Channel and the Bristol Channel, the main opponent of the former German planes. In May of 1942. She was sent to the Mediterranean, where he took part in the escort of one of the Allied convoys (operation "Harpoon") supply to Malta. During the approach to the port of La Valletta one of the British destroyer HMS "Badsworth" stepped on a mine and suffered serious damage. Crew flowing as the last in a convoy of Polish destroyer, who himself was in the mine area, he joined the rescue operation.On board the HMS "Badsworth" There were about 120 survivors from the previously sunken ships. During the heroic action 53 minutes after midnight, June 16, at the left side of the "Kujawiak" at the height of the position of Division No 2 mine exploded, tearing the skin and adjacent watertight bulkheads. Despite the immediate action of the crew, the ship quickly tilted to the side. With Malta sent to his rescue tug "Robust", but before he could take the hall, about 1.20 Polish destroyer sank in position 35 ° 52'02 "N 14 ° 38'05" E, entailing 13 crew members in the depths of the sea. September 22, 2014, the Polish expedition "The Hunt for L72" found the wreck "Kujawiak". The wreck lies at a depth of 90 meters. The ship is tilted to the left side. It is well preserved. http://dzieje.pl/aktualnosci/miedzynarodowa-ekspedycja-odnalazla-dzwon-niszczyciela-orp-kujawiak On this page is a picture of a bell