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Found 3 results

  1. Rhialto

    What Triggers are for Y2?

    I was wondering if the following triggers could be used to permit players to begin adventures or encounter random events during Y2: 1. Whether a PC or NPC has passed and/or failed a Y1 course. 2. Whether a PC and an NPC have Affection (and/or Love) between each other. 3. Whether the PC and a professor or Regent have a given relationship value. Similarly, I wonder whether the presence of Affection (and/or Love) between the PC and and NPC and the presence of a relationship of varying strengths between the PC and professor or Regent could be used as the basis for certain choices within random events or adventures.
  2. I understand that the Content patch was meant to be released in Autumn 2017. Is this still on track? and how soon into autumn? I ask because I have a few bugs/typos that I want to check out and write up, and I have been toying with the idea of submitting a random event. So if either of those ideas of mine be too late, I would like to know.
  3. IndigoInsane

    Random Events

    Academagia has 800 random events yet I always seem to get the same ones, and not nearly 800! I don't mind terribly, but it would be nice to see more. I was thinking maybe it's the way I play the game? Does anyone want to share a rare, or at least rare to them events that they've had, maybe speculate on how they got it, or share ways anyone has changed things up?