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Found 9 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/2226277
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pvtb3caz9y53cyh/Academagia_Patch_3.0.22.zip?dl=0 In this Content Patch... "Bitter Stalks" duration error finally corrected Background conflicts (or lack of appropriate conflicts) resolved Multiple Item categories altered for usability Minor Item Ability corrections Some minor Skill revisions, with at least one new Ability added Minor Location Ability revisions Missing Adventure Exit names (and in a few really galling instances Exit text) restored Minor Ability/Action prereq revisions Multiple Lores rewritten for clarity (and editorial sanity) An Adventure and an RE from Rhialto added 500++ typos corrected Instructions: Copy all files and place into your Academagia install folder (same folder as Academagia.exe). For example: C:\Program Files\Academagia\Mods\Content.mdm (Please overwrite all files.)
  3. Käpt'n Korky

    Update 91: Lampo & pola

    Please see for yourself, if you dare. VS
  4. Here you go with the latest update. Well the mystery Bell seems to be Soviet, considering how she adresses the captain. (Not british, like some smart folks on the discord thought.) Who she could be, i have an idea, but no real evidence. Yet. About Sinterklaas! Yes! Sinterklaas! Why do I get excited. Well in Germany is a veery similar tradition. The dutch Sinterklaas, in our case probably Canarias, also needs a zwarte Piet. I recommend HMS Nubian or, if she is annoyed by it, a black faced Diether von Roeder. The latter version would be closer to the living tradition. She also would give all the naughty captains real trouble for being naughty. ^^ Another thing I decided to not to bite my tongue here, because it's all fun and games anyway. If there is at any point any mentioning of the Nikolaus (the German Sinterklaas), I highly recommend Yavuz for the role, because of the origin of the real St. Nikolaus in Turkey. Another thing would be interesting, because Germany in itself is divided by whom the Nikolaus is accompanied. Either a very grumpy old man or a demon. Both to punish the naughty kids... or captains or sometimes just to carry the stuff of Nikolaus. (And don't ask what's the name of the grumpy one is.... there are several. I personally am used to the grumpy old man who goes by the name Knecht Ruprecht.) And who would come up with the KM Niklaus idea? Yavuz/Goeben herself? Someone else? Nürnberg feeling provoked by some dutch topping her on christmas traditions. I'm so exited for the third part. Even if I don't really expect any german traditions to pop up. Not exotic enough.
  5. Käpt'n Korky

    Halloween special

    A (late) Halloween update.
  6. Cheers @Wellington99. Your question got chosen. Congratulations. Here's the link. Tell us what you think, fellow captains and captainettes.
  7. Käpt'n Korky

    Update 79: Hanna and Dietra (Z17 & Z18)

    The new update is out. Sisterly conversation.
  8. Käpt'n Korky

    KS Update 74: Mail

    The Mail everyone! Get it while it's fresh!
  9. Käpt'n Korky

    Update 69: Orion

    Onward with the interviews