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Pamela's Adventure Bugged

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I saw somewhere that a bug with the wedding feast difficulties was fixed, so please take a look at the rest of Pamela's arc. I went to the Vengeance adventure (typo'd as Vengence) with after training Practical Jokes to 10, using Looks Over Substance to roll 10s on Incantation, and Patrol ability to have a 10. Only the Practical Jokes option was red while the others were purple.


So I sacrificed a friend to "pass" that one and the next "Studying." had red Awareness and purple Passion as the options. Sacrificed a friend for that one and up came another "Studying.", but this time had a purple Passion and purple Awareness options -- same items but in reversed order and a harder Awareness.


Sacrificed a friend for that one and the exact same duplicated mission kept coming up ad nauseum. (I had 9 friends so it went on for a while)

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