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Blind Gardener

Select your famaliar mod

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Sure and when you set the cost for the random one to 2 you go along with what is planed for the official game at some time in the future.

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A other suggestion is that you only add maybe 5 of the random familiar per mod so the background list dont get to long to scroll. (A way the Team of this game can't go but would work perfect for a mod)

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We have a total of 21 Familiars in the Exotic Familiar (Reference) list and you can either split it alphabetic by type or do some other sorthing like below.

(hope I sorted it right my zoology isnt the best)



Reptilians, Amphibians and Arachnida

Neshcha: Chameleon

Mundigand: Snake

Armand: Lizard

Elanzara the Fantastic: Toad

Serenissimo: Turtle

Elephant: Fish

Ness: Spider


Flying and Strange

Coca: Faux Dragon

Condotierre: Hawk

Erzatz: Bat

Miranda: Carnivorous Plant

Shadow: Shade

Silent Alice: Strange Doll

Wildflower: Sprite



Nancy Japes: Monkey

Dancer: Ferret

Rapidly: Rabbit

Rockdiver: Mole

Needleshanks: Hedgehog

Ingenivine: Porcupine

Whispertooth: Muffler


Edit: You also have to make sure that you dont miss to edit the Prerequisite of the 5 existing Familiar Bond: Backgrounds so that the player only can get one Familiar.

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Oh yes, this would be a great mod! One of the main reasons I contiously recreate characters are due to getting a familiar I didn't want/have fully explored.


Would be wonderful if you can make such a mod!

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