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The So-Called Prodigal Son

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Indeed, lovely pig-latin, the language used by many a young American child to try to get stuff past the adults around them, not realizing that the adults did the same thing when they were a kid. These days, I most often hear it used honestly by dog owners- say the word 'walk' around a dog, and Doggy might instantly jump to attention even if you were just saying "Ugh, I hate having to walk by that foundry each morning." Turn it in to alk-way, and Doggy is no wiser! Until he picks up that, too. Then we're all screwed.


As for the blackmail of poor Casper, in Ceyn's defense, I think his Economy is 0. He sure knows a lot about transport, though. His Art is probably 0 at this point, too...


Also, Ceyn's wrong. Heated- boiled, really- white wine is often used as a sauce for seafood. A few areas in the Balkans also use white wine as their main in mulled wine, though that gets rarer by the year: red wine simply stands up to it better. Warm white wine on its own is very much avoided by wine connoisseur as it kills the nose of the wine, but he's just not thinking outside the box here. Tsk.



Week Eleven

Random Event Forge 3, success (Running)

Random Event Familiar 8, failure (Observation suc/Athletics fail)

Random Events Dog 10, automatic ‘success’ (Put a hold spell on the puppy)

Random Event Awesome Community 27, success (Sleuthing/Glamour)

Random Event Botany 8, success (Insects/Confidence)

Merit Prize by Vernin on the 20th

Gained Enchant Knowledge: Theory of Enchantment (+1 bonus to Theory of E rolls)

Gained Learn from Mistakes (+1 Insight and Intelligence)

Gained Attuned to the Calendar (+1 Astrology)

Gained Botanical Knowledge: Agriculture (+1 to Agriculture rolls)



16 Gelamenus, late afternoon

Pamela is on the list. Pamela is on TOP of the list.


The complete and total idiot managed to completely ruin a theatrical performance being done in a way that sent me, her, stilts and the velvet curtain crashing down on the performers, to the surprise of them and their audience. If I was the sort to bow to will of others, this would be the point in which I would lock myself in my dormroom and refuse to ever, ever leave. As it is, I’m considering simply staying here for a month. Maybe a week, if I hide under the covers the full time.


If she wasn’t already dead, she would be now. Or worse. How do you kill a ghost? If only I could leave the room to go the library and find out. I want her DEADER THEN DEAD.


…Thinking rationally, this is the first time when she’s been the one trying to gain my forgiveness rather then the other way around. After all the flattering and assuring I usually have to do to get her to cooperate with me, it’s incredibly tempting to let this draw out for a while so that she knows what the other side of the wall is like.


I think I just had a good thought.


Need a bedsheet, though.



17 Gelamanus, during Arithmetic which I am skipping

Right now, I have Pamela working to clean up a disused library for me. Under heavy supervision, she can almost get things done. I think this might actually become a decent place to study.


I keep having to dodge stacks of books she sends flying down at me, but that’s the hazards of working with Pamela, and the way she bursts in to tears when she almost kills me and falls all over in apologies is almost gratifying. And I think it’s helping me in training how to dodge natural disasters.


If I can get this done, I can probably stop sneaking around under a bedsheet. Once one has achieved an accomplishment greater than the failure of before, one can stop being embarrassed, or so logic would state.



17 Gelamanus, very late at night

Complete success. The Library of Longius is now usable.


The gossip network seems to have moved on to someone else’s failure, too. So no more bed-sheet darting. It was really beneath my dignity.



21 Gelmenus, evening

A lot happened today. Some of it shouldn’t be written down, but I will attempt to do so all the same.


For the first, some weird girl from Hedi popped up in front of me in a bug costume. And she just… stood there until I finally made her unzip herself from said costume. I have no idea what she was trying for- is she another person I need to add to the list? (Note to self: shy Aranaz candy thieving girl is named Emilia, which is different from the popular Emilia.) Or is should I instead act like I would in the presence of my oh-so-darling younger sister: she’s crazy but mostly embarrassing herself, so just pretend she doesn’t exist and don’t make eye-contact like I do with Sheary?


After that, I went to one library, where for some reason I ended up reading some eye-rolling text about a woman named Shoeing, who speaks, I quote, “in a smoothing voice, the kind that makes the very core of your heart melt, similar to a sip of warm white wine.”


I imagine the writer didn’t intend on me imagining the heart melting due to the sheer idiocy and braindead nature of someone who would drink warm white wine. I’m not even ‘permitted’ to drink, and even I’m aware that white wine should be served at a temperature no higher then the average room back home in Autumn. Warm white wine is a travesty against nature and good cooks everywhere.


The rest of the book was ridiculous blather about friendship and peace, which only became weirder when Prudence wandered in what might have been a daze, mumbled something about how she was glad we were friends, and then wandered out again.


She was sick yesterday. I’m uncertain if she’s fully recovered.


Declaring that library too weird, I decided to head to the other library, the one Pamela sort of cleaned with a ton of supervision and work on my part. Along the way, Neta Xemutre wandered up to me and just… how do I say it? No matter what I said, she started giggling. I noted my concerns about wine, Prudence, idiot familiars, and the unusual occurrence of talking to her- I think this was the first time we’ve spoken- and she just kept giggling.


Such things are annoying, and that means she should be put on the list, but, really, it was a really small slight. Barely notable. And the sound wasn’t- as annoying as it could have been. I suppose.


We split when I reached the library, in which I bored myself half to Pamela’s state reading about endless numbers. As I did that, I casually flipped through another book. It was interesting book. It described the advantages of method-learning when it comes to the battles against non-human entities a wizard may come across. I don’t think I understand it fully, though; I’ll have to seek it out again.


Leaving the library, I then was ambushed by Joana, who for today settled with pushing me down a staircase. I told her she was becoming unoriginal and predictable. Around three minutes after that, I was ambushed again, this time by a (another case of scribbled out words) spider who jumped straight on to my hand and BIT me before basically launching itself off with the cackling of Phillipe Marchant my only clue on what in the world had just happened.


Dazed and more then a bit bemused, I stumbled to the Professor’s lounge, grabbed a bunch of notes on Botany, kicked two chairs and dumped a bunch of Professor Monetario’s stuff on the ground. I was also still bleeding and probably leaking spider venom all over the floor.


As no one has come for me, I think I somehow got away with it.


Just to add to the confusion, Joana once again attempted to cast Nervi on me. And I still lack the Accuracy pheme, and the Fabricate and Sky phemes needed for the only other damaging spell I know (it’s astrological).


Also of note, this week a molten man appeared out of the forge I was using, Durand exploded a wall and Prudence has decided that Catherine’s a snob and she wants nothing to do with her.


This world is mad, and I have become similar due to living in it.


Very depressing.


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After last weeks embarrassment, it took a bit of time for anger to re-pop up. We're almost in the clear for that one, too, as I've needed to raise temperance to help Ceyn with his Befriending plan. Graverobber's shame is mostly gone, too: it only appears on weeks when I forget to activate Prudence's ability, and as it's hard to turn down +1 Luck, I usually don't forget.


I really didn't want to scout you-know-who, as it feels sort of like cheating, but it was her or Silke. We'll see what comes of it.



Week Twelve

Random Event Awesome Community 16, automatic ‘success’ (None of this affects you)

Random Event Homework 7, success (Research/Zoology)

Random Event Forge 9, success (Observation fail/Incantation Methods suc)

Random Event Dance 3, failure (Intimidation)

Merit to Vernin on 28th

Gained Suspect Everything (+1 bonus to any Question Action or Ability)

Gained Study Mastery: Botany (+1 Stress Max (YAYYYYY), +1 to all botany rolls)

Gained Long Strides (+1 to Running rolls)



22 Gelamenus, afternoon

Joana kissed Phillipe, apparently caused him to faint, then demanded my help to fix it.


Sadly, I needed to, say, wash the ink out of my hair, reorganize my books, dry my robe, re-calculate the sundial, make sure I hadn’t twisted my ankle, mourn the loss of stolen food and, oh, yes, point and laugh, so I was forced to decline. She then attempted to toss me out a window (though it was only the first floor). Sadly, my fleeing attracted the attention of a professor. Though they apparently didn’t notice what she was up to…


The girl lives a charmed life. If I didn’t hate her, I’d want her on my side immediately.



26 Gelamenus, early morning

Success. It’s taken half a year, but I’m back on the right track.


I managed to convince Prudence to talk to Catherine, then I managed to convince Catherine to join with us (although she wasn’t very fond of being a ‘Tempestuous Knife’). To be blasé, neither girl is going to like each other. Prudence is fond of me as she sees me as another out-of-place student who just doesn’t fit in with the others, while Catherine tolerates me because she sees me as a scion of Kahtac, who while not nobility, have a long enough history of producing stout soldiers, generals, and heroes who have served under and with those of the Chard family.


Prudence, however, becomes blunter, obvious(er?), and wilder by the day, and Catherine’s network of contacts make her perfect for a position of diplomacy: if she wishes to talk to you as an equal, she’s a lovely conversationalist. That’s admittedly a rare circumstance, but it can happen.


The key is to find someone who both would listen to place as a faux-leader. That basically means a rich misfit. Which… seems a bit difficult to come by. Flore or Mhadi may have worked- Flore is clearly rich, and Mhadi at least carries himself like he comes from a well-to-do background. However, both are already in their own little group of ‘friends’. Same deal with another Vernin student I barely know, Corradin d’Alfi, who would also fit the criteria. Trying to come up with someone else has been difficult. Which means second choice would be someone who has a good grasp of society and etiquette who Catherine can see as an ‘advisor’ while still having an open enough attitude and a strong enough will to impress Prudence.


Failing that, I just need someone who’s friends with both of them. Which is… difficult.


For now, I need to concentrate on making sure the two girls can get along, and then getting Aymeri. After that, I can do a full search on who has leadership potential who hasn’t already sold themselves out for a useless purpose.


Oh, right, and studying. Peh.



28 Gelamantis, during dinner

Joana’s bullying and miscast spells and Phillipe’s beatings are far too much for one day. Couldn’t they at least alternate? It’s very inconvenient.


Today, Phillipe shoved some Vernin girl at me, and Joana helpfully pelted me with some muffins the girl had been carrying. Very unpleasant. Unfortunately, while earlier in the year I wrote of Phillipe not seeming to be bothered about the whole thing with Piccolet, it seems by now I’ve gathered his ire. Or maybe that kiss tied him to Joana. People do very strange things when it comes to romance. Thankfully, I’m above such foolishness.


When I fall for a girl (which I grudgingly admit seems to be inevitable, due to the curses of biology and hormones), she will be brilliant, clever, even-tempered, yet lacking in ambition and very fond of some sort of interest or job that means nothing to me, so we will in no occasion have to work together. That seems the key to successful relationships.


Oh, and pretty. That would be preferable.


No trips to the infirmary for three weeks now. I think I’m cured of whatever illness had so ailed me throughout the first part of the year.


I’ve been examining every other first year. So many are grouped up… but there is one obvious choice. Emilia Picotti. I don’t really know if leadership is her thing, but I do know that everyone likes her. Even I like her, though I can’t explain why. She’s charming. Neither Prudence nor Catherine seem to have much problem with her, and she and Catherine are almost friends. The fact that I’ve never talked to her is only a minor detail. Between her and Aymeri, all problems should be covered, and then we’d only need a sixth to hold up any holes. It’s perfect. For… something.


I should be studying Arithmetic and Dialect, but I really don’t care. Midterms don’t really count all that much in the grand-scheme of things as long as you do well on your final exams.


A brilliant success at the forge, and the comment of, “Exactly what I would expect from a Kahtac.” What will it take to get out of their useless shadows?


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Hmmmm, at least Ceyn didn't curl up like a ball and chant "Emilia, Emilia, Emilia....." ;)


Remind me,


one warrior, one priest, one scholar, one spy, one diplomat, and one reinforcement


you are lacking the scholar or the reinforcement right?


(I know this is not an RPG. But I can't help picturing Ceyn and his little grumpy band getting wiped out xD)

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Yes. It actually comes through, too, although not in the fashion he expects. Right now, he's considering himself the scholar, Prudence his warrior, Catherine the diplomat (though Mhadi was the first choice- grr, Mhadi, he does that to me every other game, I swear, I adore the character but I've never successfully cliqued with him), then Aymeri the spy with Emilia S as the 'priest'. Just missing the random sixth member (which stereotypically would probably be someone of a completely different skill set (someone brought their ninja/defiler/werewolf in to the generic wizard game) or else a ranger).


Or, put in the terms of another PnP RPG, Prudence is some sort of chaotic neutral paladin (champion?), Aymeri's a rogue, Emilia's a Favored Soul (the charisma version of the cleric), Catherine's a bard but she's using some class from the D&D Star Wars or Birthright or even Dragonlance so it's called 'Noble' or 'Diplomat' or something, and Ceyn's the squishy wizard- only as they're all wizards, he's some sort of ridiculous psionic/wizard multiclass that's making the GM's head hurt. Somehow, it's overpowered, too, as he's the only real PC. Poor other characters.


And, yes, I can't help picturing them wandering through a dungeon: "You enter a 40x40 room. What do you do?"

"Explore? Kick the wall for a secret door? Whatever."

"Uh, yawn? Why am I here? I have so many better things to do."

"Is Lambert in here? ...I hide in the shadows! Wait, I failed my roll? Why do I always fail my roll?! Seriously, is he cheating?!"

"Any plants I could use for my perfumes?"

"I TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO STUPID TO FIGURE IT OUT THEMSELVES. Only I write that in a note to the DM rather then saying it out loud, because I have a horrible passive-aggressive streak."

"...You know what? Rocks fall, everyone dies. You're all dead. Eaten by a grue."

"Reload pheme!"


...Okay, that was a bit silly. ^^ Er. Another entry either tonight or tomorrow morning: for now, some other goofing off.

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Best pheme ever. :D


Temperance (at least, I think it was temperance- maybe it was Confidence?) has effectively killed anger. This is the last week of angrish... so far.


An exciting week, followed by two boring ones. Ah well.


Also, I cheated this week, and did look up Nervi on the wiki (then modtools) to see if Ceyn would know the phemes. That was all I did, though. Promise. x_.


Week Thirteen

Random Event Student – Philip, success (Revision Methods)

Random Event Thieves Guild 16, success (Negation)

Random Event Forge 11, success (Courage)

Random Event Professor Birandi 1, success (running)

Random Event Garden 3, failure (Reason suc/Revision (Spells?) fail)

Reload to get a non-maxed skill for Drop In

Gained Study Mastery: Enchant (+1 Metuallgy and +1 Enchant Skill Rolls)

Gained Study Mastery: History (+1 History and Famous Battles skill rolls)

Gained Study Mastery: Negation (+1 Negation skill rolls and +1 Luck)



4 Cheimare, afternoon study session

Fifty on my Botany exam, which is perfectly average.


I'm not very fond of being average, even if I can do it perfectly.


I’m really not meant to spend days in the library: studying for Dialect has become irritating. I find myself doing childish things like attempting to use ink as a an illustration utensil and making blots all over my notes, and after mentally yelling at myself for doing that, I then skip over to reading almost any other book put in arm range rather then the ones I should be studying from. I still need to do some cramming for Arithmetic and Enchant, too. How boring.



6 Cheimare, while skipping lunch

…Why did I do that?


There was a fire at the forge. I could hear it, see it, smell it. Yet I went in to it. Obviously, an action that was and will always be a complete departure from common sense and logical behavior. One of the blacksmiths was unconscious, and I dragged her out of there. It was… very odd. She praised me for being brave, then yelled at me for being reckless. So did Professor Vickery and the Grand Smith, when they appeared.


Adults can be so strange. Though apparently I'm stranger. There is absolutely no reason to put my life at risk for such a... I can't think of the word. It wouldn't be right to call a life a small thing, but it certainly isn't of any importance to me specifically. That woman can offer me nothing. So why did I bother?


Joana then shoved me as I was recovering from the smoke, but Pamela had glowing praise. Some of the girls seemed a bit impressed, too. But a little bit of praise isn't worth risking my life. It was an impulsive action, and a fairly disgusting one. I'll have to work at reigning in such impulses.


I have a headache.



7 Cheimare, late evening

Does Joana know any spells but Nervi? Not that she really knows Nervi, but I digress.


I keep wondering what the spell actually does. I presume something along the lines of freezing the ability for the nerves in my body to communicate with my brain, leaving me helpless, likely while setting me on fire. The spell uses three phemes, and I don’t know any of them. One of them is somewhat familiar in seeing it used by others: it’s used, I believe, in a few glamour spells. The other two I don’t recognize at all- they may be rare.


Either way, I really don’t want to get hit with this spell when she finally figures out how to cast it. It seems like it’ll be incredibly painful.


I’ve been smiling and attempting to make friends this week. It’s more difficult then I would have guessed. My successes? Fixing Philip Hauk’s homework, running an errand for Professor Birandi, listening to Beatrix von Wetgen talk about- actually, I wasn’t listening, but I did pretend to do so, discussing useful enchantments for jewelry with Marc Sury, listening to Olivia Solari talk about something I wasn’t listening to either (although I bet fifty pims on the subject having been Cyrus Dawes), just hanging out with Prudence (the only enjoyable experience, though I can’t believe I just wrote that), and then formally introducing myself to Emilia Picotti, furthering my plans in that direction. I also stopped a thief. Sort of. I caused her trouble, anyway. Oh, and I listened to Honors read some poetry. I guess that was pleasant enough.


Failures involved the entire gardening staff, but without mistakes, one would never learn. They shouldn’t ask students to pick weeds for them, anyway. That’s their job. I’m not paying a tuition to do plebeian labor.


I got fifty-three on my Dialect midterm, which is perfectly acceptable (if average). I imagine I’ll do much worse in everything else but Negation, but as I wrote before, midterms really aren’t that important. Or at least, that was what my sister told me.


…Wait, maybe she was trying to sabotage me. Hm.


That does sound like her. Maybe I should actually study.


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Psuedo-Wizardry 8 style




-- Round 1 --

Prudence activate Protective Sphere

Aymeri attempts to move silently behind the mean-looking girl

Ceyn defends

The mean-looking girl cast Nervi at Ceyn FROM BEHIND - Spell fizzles!

The mean-looking girl continue to cast Nervi at Ceyn FROM BEHIND - Spell fizzles!

The mean-looking girl continue to cast Nervi at Ceyn FROM BEHIND - Spell fizzles!

Aymeri identifies the mean-looking girl; it is a Joana Lio y Rossollo!


-- Round 2 --

Kate Badcrumble charges Joana Lio y Rossollo

Kate Badcrumble attempt to grab Joana Lio y Rossollo's ear

Joana Lio y Rossollo is now under the effect of being grabbed!

Kate Badcrumble attempt to drag Joana Lio y Rossollo by the ear to detention

Camouflaged creature spotted!

Ceyn identifies the moving plant; it is a Randomly Mutated Weed!

Beatrix von Wetgen punch the Mutant Knohty Weed - INSTANT KILL!

Randomly Mutated Weed DIES!!!!

The party had received 0 pims.

Nothing to fight. Combats end!

All survivors had received 0 exp!!!




Ceyn attempt to befriend Cyrus Dawes - Action backfired!

Cyrus Dawes take 1 damage

Olivia Solari turn hostile!




-- Round 1 --

Olivia Solari pokes her wand at Aymeri FROM BEHIND - 1 hit for 10 damage

Aymeri is knocked out!

Olivia Solari continues attacking

Olivia Solari pokes her wand at Prudence FROM BEHIND - 1 hit for 10 damage

Prudence is knocked out!

Ceyn attack Olivia Solari with a knife - action backfired!

Emilia Picotti take 1 damage

Emilia Picotti turn hostile!

Emilia Picotti spray a bottle of perfume on Ceyn FROM BEHIND

Ceyn is poisoned

Ceyn is frightened

Ceyn is now insane

Ceyn is now paralyzed

Ceyn is now irritated

Emilia Picotti continues attacking

Emilia Picotti swing a bottle at Ceyn FROM BEHIND - 3 hits for 4 damage

Ceyn is knocked out!

Cyrus Dawes flees for his life


Okay, I got carried away.... :(



I got fifty-three on my Dialect midterm, which is perfectly average (if acceptable).

:P Fixed?

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Hah! Okay, that was win, Creme. <3 Once I get the full party for real, I'll have a good response to that, too. For now, A+++ for the win. :D


I had trouble with this and the next week, as it was full of mostly last minute skill grabbing to try and raise a few areas that were lacking, and I couldn't picture him really saying much about that without repeating himself. He doesn't really use the journal to write "Studied. Was bored. Studied more," type material anymore.



Week Fourteen

Random Event – Homework 10, success (Research/Negation)

Random Event Forest 6 , success (Examine/Danger Sense)

Random Event Shop 3, automatic ‘success’ (Observation fail/Not mixed up in it)

Reload used on Drop in, though I got a maxed again… bah.

Merit to Vernin on the 11th

Gained Study Mastery: Dialectic (+1 Insight, +1 to dialectic rolls)



9 Chemaire, at breakfast

60 in History on Monday. I… actually didn’t expect to do that well. A bit bizarre, considering I've done no studies outside of that which was demanded of me.


Joanna came at me with her beloved Nervi a bit earlier. I have this delightful picture of myself learning the spell and then casting it successfully on her before she can use it against me, despite her having apparently had access to the spell sense the second week of schooling. There would be something extremely satisfying about that.


Identities of Arithmetic has been putting me to sleep. Apparently, study of it is supposed to lead to a “long and fulfilling life of thought and discovery”. I imagine that means I’m not cut out to be mathematician. But as that wasn’t even on my list of dream jobs, I think I’ll deal.



10 Chemaire, at dinner

70 in Negation.


Prudence scpred an 80. She laughed, “I thought you were supposed to be smart?” I laughed as well, and countered, “I thought you were supposed to be stupid?” She continued to laugh, not sensing I was being serious. How did she do better? Quite an unpleasant surprise for me. I shouldn't underestimate her: she's an idiot, but she's an idiot who can do better than me in a class I considered myself to be doing quite well in.


A bunch of children were making obvious traps in the forest. I told them off for it and how ridiculous their attempts were, only for Joana to nudge me in to one (or, truthfully, jump up behind me and surprise me enough so I stumbled in one, but that's embarrassing to even write- definitely need to emit that if I publish this). One day, she will get what is coming to her. Hopefully, that one day will be soon.



14 Cheimare, late evening

I was wrong. There was a purpose in hanging around Professor Leith’s back-office.


Sucking up to him has granted me my own personal Workstation down at the Grand Forge. Now, being able to use the Master Smith’s master workstation means that, in theory, that’s sort of pointless: I’d need insane equipment to make that one single station as good as his, so what use is my very own personal workstation?


That’s why we go to the practical: status. I basically just gained adult validation that I am, apparently, one of the best first years when it comes to Enchantment. I have permission to accept commissions to forge objects for students, staff, and civilians I’m confident enough in my skills (which I shamefully must admit I currently am not, but I didn’t say that to Professor Leith or the Grand Master Smith).


Put in the most simple terms, I win.


I… wish I had someone to brag to. Neither Prudence or Catherine will care about that, and Pamela barely understands when it comes to things like forge-work. Not that I need to brag, of course. I’m not the sort of person who feels desperate for validation. If I was, I’d still be speaking to my family, in which I am sure they would obligatory pat me on the head and act like I just learned to walk: "What a smart boy!", the same way you would speak to a dog whose pissed outside the house once again rather than in it, despite said dog being able to talk and being as smart as your average human (thus having been trained for longer than I've been alive). Praise and celebration for everything is empty.


Perhaps that’s the problem with being so much better then anyone else: you put yourself in a position where all you can do is look down on those below and feel envious of their ignorance. I don't regret the path I've chosen, nor do I feel that companionship is all that useful. Yet I still can understand the appeal of relaxation in the company of the others: I sat in the common-room today, and watched Magsa try and get a giggling yet refusing Honors to help him with some cramming while Kurt offered his own help (again, where WAS Sheary?) and then Piccolet tried to calm them all down.


It was both interesting and irritating at once to watch, but I didn't say a word: when I left, I imagine they did not miss me, nor did I miss them.


I helped out both Aymeri and Emilia in homework, to further my plans. I also did a bit of cheating at a local study to help my scores for tomorrow’s texts, along with some spell casting. Met Joana in the city, but today she just settled for eating my lunch. I hope she chokes on it.


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Ceyn should learn Brew! Poison his own food and then quaff an antidote afterwards - if Joana steals lunch again then she's headed to the infirmary!

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Just keep some poisoned sweets in your knapsack and if Joana get them she soon will learn its no good to take candy from others ;)

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Those are... actually, fairly brilliant ideas. Ceyn should be ashamed of himself for not having come up with them. It should also be an event of some kind... if you have -4 or lower relationship with Joana, something could trigger where you attempt to poison (or at least 'alter') her candy. Hm. Hee.


I actually wrote up a ton of detail on Ceyn's family background before I started the roleplay, but then I realized there was no way to explain them without a total boring info dump. Heh. Still, maybe by the time year three and year five are out, I'll be running roleplays for them. Though Ceyn's probably the interesting one, as he's just mean and grouchy. Everyone else is pretty lovely.



Week Fifteen

Random Event Student – Flore, success (Negation)

Random Event Disguise/Infiltration 1, success (Concentration/Ink Compounds)

Reload to get skills from the Prof that I wanted ^^

Gained Wakefulness (+1 to Concentration and Danger Sense rolls)



15 Cheimare, late night

Well, that was useless. I cheated with city studying to get a 70 only to find the highest score among my peers to be 36. At least Prudence is back to calling me a genius- she got a seventeen. Ridiculous. Was anyone even awake in any the classes this year? I’m embarrassed for everyone I know, and considering pretending I’ve never met any of them.


There was an ogre in the hallway just a bit ago (why, I have no idea- secret Gates studying upperclassmen?): I crept out to help Flore deal with it. She had a good one: after defeating it, she remarked, “The really sad thing is that that was the highlight of my day.” Cute. Almost makes me want to forgive her for running around in a clique-called the Bell-Ringers.


…Not that the Tempestuous Knives sounds all that better. We should consider changing our clique name next year. Just not to the 'Noname Gang' or whatever Prudence wanted to call us.


The whole thing really doesn’t make sense. I understand who I am gathering and why they are good to gather to me, but I freely admit I’m not exactly sure what I do with them once they’re here: just that they’re useful in adventuring, and apparently that’s sort of what cliques do together, sort of? I just want to know if I have to spend time with all of them at once. One-on-one, everyone is fine (for some definitions of fine), but the idea of spending time listening to three girls bicker while Aymeri tries to talk over them about the evils of Lambert (who I’m now calling Leopold to his face just to amuse myself) is anything but appealing.


Joana’s one useful purpose: she gives me a reason to get out of anything and everything.


“I’m sorry, I can’t attend a bonding session, Joana pushed me off a cliff earlier today.”


It’s perfect, and everyone just sort of nods knowingly rather then asking me for details. No matter how absurd I make them.


That may be because her talent for the absurd eclipses mine, though…



19 Cheimare, late evening

Aymeri’s dare and my need to gain his service.


My knack for memorization and when necessary, flair.


Too many days spent in the library and writing in this damn journal. Oh, and reading bad poetry.


Our school’s aviary and the lovely when-I-don’t-have-to-live-with-them birds that reside there.


The Keahtac name and the respect some merchants will grant it.




What does it lead to? Fireworks.


No one but Aymeri knows who was behind it, but that wasn’t the point. The point is that it was entirely my idea, my plan, and it worked perfectly. I must admit, I’m satisfied. Today will be the talk of the gossips for quite a while.


Also. 50 on Enchant. Why is the class officially known as Enchant rather then Enchantment, I wonder? Almost everyone just calls it Enchantment. Some historical blunder? I should research that if I'm ever ridiculously bored.



21 Cheimare, at lunch

I don’t even find Sheary creepy anymore. Just pathetic. He constantly talks to me and hangs around me, and even though I ignore him and barely say a word save for occasionally ordering him to do something ‘helpful’ for me, he continues on. I sometimes even steel my mind and deflect annoyances on to him, and it doesn’t even bother him. I heard him call me ‘one of his best friends’. Have I ever made any effort to talk to him besides giving orders? The poor, sad idiot.


It’s disturbingly like my younger brother, only my younger brother is smarter than that. My younger brother is smarter then Sheary. And my younger brother is an idiot.


…He’ll be at this school in my third year. If he chooses Collage Durand, I will destroy him. Actually, I think I’ll just destroy him no matter what collage he chooses. He’s annoying. He should attend schooling somewhere else. A few countries away, perhaps.


Pamela seems so quiet these days: I guess she finally knows her place. Joana’s been pretty reasonable, too: only two run-ins this week. Usually it’s five. I suppose that means it’s around time to get Aymeri and Emilia on to my side, though first I need to patch up some bickering between Catherine and Prudence. Girls can be such a bother.


Most of them, anyway. Some aren’t too bad. They're just rare and... weird. Not bad weird, but weird.


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Don't dwell too much on clique names except for tactical advantages.


.....I once had a clique called "The Orso Fangirls" in order to butter up Orso Orsi, but it couldn't last because by the end of the year there are more boys than girls :(

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Heh! I like that one, too. Orsi's Fangirls, filled with fanboys instead. Hee.


Ceyn's clique name is actually an in-joke for me, but it really wouldn't make any sense to him. So for him, its silly. He's stuck with it, though. One of the few


I'm back at home now, so I'm probably going to be shooting these off at a pretty quick rate (I have only two more months to play in game, actually). As in, Kayley quick- expect multiple posts a day. As I want to wait for the next DLC to do my Aranaz play-through (and thus the roleplay), though, I'm not sure what else to do... then again, I haven't played Hedi collage since my first game. So maybe if I come up with a Hedi-concept, I'll toss a quick roleplay in there. Ah well. For now, Ceyn and his grumpy play-through of doom. Through the grumpy may be close to an end, too... dun dun dun!



Week Sixteenth

Random Event- Curfew, success (Negation)

Random Event Physical Activity 6, success (Observation/Tactics)

Random Event Enchant 3, success (Magical Appraisal/Negation Spells)

Random Event Spellcasting 19, failure (Famous Poetry)

Random Event Duel 1, Success (Incantation)

Reload to try and avoid that I-place, but Joana outwitted me

Vernin Merit on the 28th



24 Cheimare, early morning

I’ve gotten away with disobeying direct orders, running in to fires, skipping curfew, fighting ogres on campus, antagonizing the weeds in the garden, learning barely nothing important (and thus not really worth noting) about the practical methods of outdated ways once used for appāreō in a completely historical study, and stealing every practice test in sight from the Professor’s Lounge, but I skip somewhere between twenty-three and forty classes (perhaps slightly closer to the later figure) and I get reprehended for it. How irritating.


So now I have detention on Tuesday. Wonderful.


There’s six days off in a row coming up… I’m unsure how to spend my time, besides working on Emilia and Aymeri.


Not to mention the sixth member. I have ideas... but they may or may not pan out. I don't want to make another mistake like I did with Mhadi.



The Passing Cheimare, sometime that is neither morning nor night

Sick. Really, really sick.


Got through the passing by telling Professor Viadla I’d light a rose scented candle for King Durand. When I’m done dying. Which will hopefully be soon. As right now I can barely think.


I think the good King won't mind the wait. He's rather used to it, really.


I started screaming at seeing a ghost, then realized said ghost was my own familiar. Not my best moment.


I cannot actually read my own handwriting. I should stop wr

(later on, with much neater inkmanship, the letters ‘iting’ and a period have been written, followed by what seems to be an ink-sketch of someone rolling their eyes that was then partially inked out)



The Wedding Feast Cheimare, evening

Didn’t attend the Wedding Feast, but I don’t feel that concerned about it. Been to one feast, been to them all. Besides, overeating after spending all of yesterday throwing up does not sound pleasant.


So, instead I spent the day studying ‘dating’. The reasons behind it are a bit complicated: put simply, I believe knowledge of dating will make it easier to win-over Emilia. Not that I intend on dating her: it would be a waste. It's also prohibited for first years, and I'd rather avoid teacher attention.


...Not that they really seem to notice: it's not that unusual for two of my yearmates to declare themselves as 'dating', walk around with their hands attached like they've been glued, sway pathetically together at some 'dance' of some sort, swap germs once, then suddenly refuse to talk to each other and run around red-pink for a few weeks before trying again. The annoying part is that I understand why: obviously, they are practicing their skills for when such things are necessary for conquering and manipulating the social world, but in this case, I prefer to avoid practical study.


Not that the reading books is so much better. The school library information on the subject? A long series of conversations about how a boy asked a girl to the dance, and she said maybe, and their friends called them both idiots. It seemed a bit nonsensical and also slightly bizarre. Why does the school keep records of the private conversations on teenagers? That gives me a picture of some teacher hiding behind a bush somewhere while Prudence and I bicker about the advantages of ghosts versus owls when it comes to familiars. Perhaps somewhere in the zoology section is now a file entitled, 'Prudence Cottins, on the merits of owls: "Okay, so she poops on my stuff sometimes, but at least she doesn't cry like yours does."' Charming. And troubling without context.


Lambert seemed extremely excited to see me studying dating, though, which… makes no sense. Unless he…? I don't really think so, though I suppose I could be wrong in this case: I don't pay all that much attention to where his attentions are as long as they're not on me. Still, for now, I think he's just weird.


I got to show off a bit with Glamours and Incantations this week. All worked out well: Emilia’s practically my best friend. Unfortunately, she is very much not Prudence or Catherine’s best friend. I’m having trouble getting them to even chat together, actually. It’s strange how compelling Emilia is: I always have to approach her from a superior position (such as offering to help her or giving her advice) or else she ends able to completely dominate any conversation we have. I must admit to having slight concerns about being able to bend her to my whim: I'm much smarter then her, but while I can manipulate her, I have no way of reaching her if I honestly want something done without ulterior motives.


Something of a strange problem to have. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, but it means that when I talk to her, I have more success trying to get her to give me something she herself desires then to successfully ask her if she'd like to sit down, or if she could grab that quill for me, or if she'd like to hang out. I suppose I need to work more on my skill of speaking to people straightforwardly.


Professor Valenta is apparently impressed with how my Arithmetic has been coming along. This does not surprise me, considering everyone else in the class is a complete and utter idiot.


That makes her another Professor who's offered her back-office for discussion and tutoring. I suppose that's good. Maybe if I hang out there I’ll get a private dining table or something. There was that stupid book with the pun about how the tables in the dining hall were multiplication tables.




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...I don't think I have any notes to make this week. =/



Week Seventeen

Random Event Student – Emilia P., success (Insects)

Random Event Creature 10, success (Animal Husbandry)

Random Event Student – Amada, success (Perception/Revision)

Random Event Locked Door 2, success (Logic)

Random Event Wardrobe Malfunction 1, success (Observation fail/Revision suc)

Reload used to try and find Catherine’s adventure- she hidessss, the suspicious girl

Merit prize to Vernin on Itinera

Gained Mastery of the Compelling Hint (+1 Intrigue and Manipulation)

Gained Research Focus (+1 Research)



Muneris Hionosi, during lunch

Got trapped in a closet with Emilia. I never noticed it before, as I avoid stepping in to other’s personal space and generally glare-out anyone who attempts to disrespect that, but she smells very, very, very nice.


Though I still don’t want to date her.


I had my money pouch stolen from me by a bird, then my second pouch stolen by Joana, but as the second was a decoy to ward off any other birds, she ended up looking the fool. Then she started throwing the rocks in it at me, which changed the situation. She has an unfortunate way of doing that. Still, the day I can finally take my revenge comes ever-closer.


When I re-read this later, counting the amount of weeks in which I’ve stated that (or something similar) is going to be incredibly depressing.


Knowing damaging spells to use against her is no longer a problem: I’ve learned quite a few. The lack of phemes is. Many of them are Astrology spells, too, which is also concerning. Astrology isn’t exactly my strong suit: my general inclination towards suspicious disbelief coupled with my inability to rely on luck seeing everything through when planning would be so much simpler and rewarding means I’m absolutely lost when it comes to the subject.


Unless it involves comets. I now know far too much about comets. I suppose education’s useful for something.



2 Hinosi, late evening

Detention with Professor Aventyare granted me knowledge of two Pheme’s. I will gladly serve detention with her for the rest of the school year if she’ll keep teaching me pheme’s while I do so. I believe I have detention again next week, in fact, which I am… oddly grateful for.


Now if only she’d teach me Accuracy.


Saved Amada-the-crazy-girl-from-Vernin from the horrors of a bad-hairday and candy, and then Joana came to take the candy. Fine. Not like I really wanted candy that had been in someone’s hair. Even the thought makes me cringe.


Still, I’m unreasonably annoyed by the act. Again, a candy-thief.



7 Hionosi, right after dinner

I overheard a conversation between Professor Briardi and the Head Chief (after having delivered the Professor an apparently disturbing letter from the Legate that she declined to share the contents of). Apparently, the Ambassador of Pregoria is coming to the school for a dinner. There’s tension between Pregoria and, well, where isn’t there tension between somewhere and Pregoria?, but apparently the Professor is worried about the consequences of the banquet, as the Ambassador in particular is corrupt. I’m not sure what exactly she’s concerned for- him being a spy, him corrupting students in to Pregorian culturists, him totally losing it and killing everyone, a staged faux-paux leading to a declaration of war or funds cutting?- but she’s certainly more concerned about it then I’ve ever before seen her. Professor Briardi isn’t the type to get ‘concerned’, usually.


Politics at work. I’m never sure if they’re incredibly fascinating or incredibly irritating, but this is news, and it could have consequences- as well as being a good way to earn the favor of my Collages Regent, who I’ll be dealing with for five more years. I’m getting in to that banquet.


…And I must admit, Professor Briardi’s much more pleasant then Aranaz’s von Rupprecht. Prettier, too. She’s already quite fond of me, but extra sucking-up to teachers has never caused harm.


I found another magic necklace hanging around in a hidden room on the campus this week. From the riddle to find it, it seems to be a necklace belonging to the bandit Grit. Sadly, I cannot gain the magical properties of two necklaces at a time. I don’t see why: they both fit under the shirt under the robe, even, so it’s not like it’s noticeable that I wear two of them. Yet only one of them ‘activates’ and thus gives me the advantages. I suppose it’s a restriction in the enchantments generally used on necklaces- rings work very differently.


Perhaps a necklace could be enchanted to steal the properties from other enchanted necklaces if they can’t simply copy the enchantment used on a magical ring? I’ll attempt to research that when I have the time, though if or when I’ll have time is the question. Perhaps I’ll talk to Marc about it, see if he knows anything.


Magsa Nembo has spent the last three days basically following me around trying to get me to help him study. I’ve told him repeatedly I don’t help for free, but he keeps doing it. I’m disturbed. Even more disturbed by the fact that despite my refusal, his scores are going up. How does that work? He follows me around, and his grades get better. The worst part is the more he does it, the more tempted I am to agree to help him to see if I can figure out how it works. I’m not exactly having problems with my studies, but if stalking Zoe Melis means I’ll never have to steal another test, I’ll gladly go for it.


Had bad experience with rock dogs and griffins trying to kill me. Outwitted them both. Appreciating Pamela more.


Animal familiars: not worth it. Put that in the library, secret bush stalker.


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"Animal familiars: not worth it. Put that in the library, secret bush stalker."


Priceless. Woefully wrong, but priceless nevertheless. And yet another candy thief! Even if it is Joana (and who'd mess with her), it is still unforgivable.



Something I just realized, Ceyn is quite ahead of his age! I didn't make my "You are on my list"-list till late teens. Something to admire isn't it? ;)

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Heh! I actually don't even think of Ceyn as someone who's really hugely in to candy (I more picture him talking about lemon sours and the like when he mentions it rather then sweeter chocolate or anything- he's probably more of a fruit and pie person then in to cakes and ice creams). But there's so much candy thieving going on in this game. Definitely unforgivable. (Though this time I just made it up to coincide with the bullying and Amada's event happening on the same day, I admit. Usually it's real, though! Candy thieves!)


As Kay was at the lower age-end of her year, I imagine Ceyn's towards the upper- he's definitely thirteen, probably turning fourteen right before school ends or over the summer break. I admit freely part of his list madness comes from my early teens, though... I think I admitted it before, but my life basically went: childhood, adorable kid. Preteen, crazy optimistic brat convinced she was incredibly mature and adult while acting like a child. Early teens, cynical bitter brat who was also convinced she was incredibly mature while acting like a jerk. Mid and late teens, depressed and mopey and miserable and whiny. Twenties: mature and reasonable! Maybe. Sometimes.


(I may still be working on that part.)



Here’s the point where Ceyn goes full on crazy again, though this time in another direction. Huzzah for new emotions, though!


Week Nineteen

Random Event Lake 4, success (Revision)

Random Event Theatre 2, success (Acting)

Reload for a Befriend attempt

Merit to Vernin on the 8tt

Merit to Vernin on the 19th



9 Hionosi, evening

This week, Professor Aventyare taught me the Fire pheme (as well as the Irrational pheme).


Best. Teacher. Ever. I’m taking her class next year. Revision’s quite useful, after all. Maybe I can sub it in for Botany.


I hope I have detention next week, too.


I’m in a rather good mood. I’m sure it’ll pass the instant Joana appears, but for now, all is well.



10 Hinosi, mid-afternoon

Finally wore Emilia down to the point where she agreed to be a Knife. She confused me, at first: she immediately sprayed me in the face with perfume after I asked. Where I come from, that’s considered rude. It gets in the eyes. And mouth, and nose…


It was apparently a gesture of 'friendship', though. It’s her 'super special magical perfume', and it doesn’t come out. I actually went and talked my way in to getting a new robe (the Academagia generally keeps more spares then I think I can count, due to the amount of students who burn theirs to a crisp in Incantation practice but don’t have the Revision to fix it at the time), but it helped not. The smell seems to have been absorbed in to my skin, as regular and then rigorous bathing has done nothing, nor has some swimming practice in the Lake.


The point that guys in general do not wear perfume (unless they’re Catherine-type-rich, I suppose) seems to have escaped Emilia. And likely unrelated, it seems that suddenly all sorts of people are bugging me, and it’s all very tiresome.


Yet I’m still in a good mood.


Received a letter from home. Used it for my own Incantation practice.



14 Hinosi, late night

I was forced on to stage by upperclassman to perform first in some weird little performance they were putting on(which is about the only information I know still: was it some sort of variety act?- mystifying). I am not an actor.


This should be obvious. I can manipulate, and I do it fairly well. I lie rather decently. I’m good at giving an impression that I am doing something or not, or even to a degree, that I am someone I’m not. I can pretend to be a nice guy, or I can pretend that I care deeply about the back-and-forth between Catherine and Prudence about whose views about the Academagia as a whole are correct (the answer is likely 'they're both wrong'). That is different from pretending to be, I don’t know, King Durand or the Prince of Fairytaleland or, say, a singing swimmer. Very different.


Yet for some reason, despite being forced on to the stage with the velvet curtain turned in to a waterfall, I ended up getting applause and a standing ovation. That weird upperclassman from early this year who wanted a book-slave, what’s-her-face, came and gave me a bouquet of flowers thrown at the end of the play that she assumes was for me.


What did Emilia do to me?!


Have I been put under some sort of reality altering glamour? Yesterday I saw a giant jumping in to a lake. And then Joana dunked me in it and held my head under for a minute or so. That seemed normal. But maybe it wasn’t. I mean, today I went back there, shrugged, then followed the lake a-ways until I found the beach. Then I played around the sandcastles.


…I played in the sandcastles.


Me. Myself.


I’ve gone back over my history, looking for some sort of hole that might have appeared. Yet I am aware of who I am. Ceyn Kahtac, fourth child of Leisle Kahtac and Mastersmith Cē Nomme cum Kahtac. I can see my siblings clearly, the whole stupid five of them, and remember all of their quirks and irritants. I can remember all the lessons my grandparents taught me, even the ones I tried to tune out. I remember the names and habits of all the stupid cats and dogs and rats and snakes and ferrets, always cuter when seen behind glass and cages then when actually in the house. I remember my early years, and my reactions to them: mother’s games, father’s forge, the lesson after lesson on history and everything else, the teasing and yelling of siblings, the constant irritations.


And remembering my years in Mineta is even easier.


If I was placed under some sort of spell that altered me, it did not touch at my history, nor did it seem to touch at my core feelings and motivations. I still desire the same things I desired a week ago, a year ago, three years ago, with simply the minimal adjustments that happen as situations change.


Yet somehow, I’m different. I’m no actor, no charmer, no sort of person who finds it fun of ‘play’ to outweigh the merits of ‘learn’- and even on the rare times that I fall in to bad habits, war-games and archery and debate and reading have always been more entertaining then running around on the beach like some sort of loon.


Emilia broke me, and I find this intensely disturbing, as I write. Yet I am not disturbed enough. I am sitting here, writing about it. I am looking at it rationally and then- I am dismissing it. I write this, I look at this, and right now I say, “It’s strange,” and I know I will do nothing more.


I like Emilia. I’m fond of her. She completely broke me, and I find myself calm about the situation.


Perhaps I need to spend more time with guys? Who aren’t my roommates or poor creepy Sheary. Operation Aymeri in place.


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I have to say... Emilia's ability is really ridiculously overpowered. Compare it to say, Prudence- whose +1 Luck and skills bonuses need to be activated every week, or poor Zorzi, whose ability is so rarely needed or wanted and yet needs to be activated on top of that. Having said that, I think I'd be sad if it was nerfed anyway. Ah well. XD



Something that should maybe be explained at this point: Ceyn’s natural Charm is 2. It’s now usually seven, save for when Joana bullies him and it drops to five for a day only to pop back after he rids himself of the stress.


Peaceful Heart and Golden are very confusing. He doesn’t know what to do about them, so he's just going to follow his Emilia delusion train to the very end. I suppose it's more comfortable then the hate train.


Very short week. Nothing really happened.


Week Twenty

Random Event Theft 1, success (Applications of Arithmetic)

Random Event Gates 2, success (Voice)

Random Event Sports 4, failed (Ethics)

Don’t think I reloaded.

(According to history class, I increased my the Calamites skill maximum by 1, though it has no cool name.)



16 Hionosi, just after detention end

Yesterday I caught a thief with the power of math, and today in detention I learned the Teach and Power phemes. Life is good.



(at an unknown date, generally assumed to be somewhere between the entries on the 14th and 21st, the following was added to the back-inside cover of Ceyn’s journal, though despite being written in full capital letters, the printing is quite small:)






21 Hionosi, early evening

I remain convinced that Emilia has delved in to the forbidden and has taken control of my mind.


I stayed out late with three girls (I was right- Emilia provides something of a buffer between Prudence and Catherine, it seems, though their conversations ARE boring, and I forgot that it would be four girls, with Pamela) and apologized to the gatekeeper when our tardiness disturbed him. I sat down and watched a Rimbal game despite my utter loathing for the sport, and agreed to referee for them, and when one dunked me in a trashcan, it barely registered. When Joana heard about it and did the same, it was slightly more discerning, but then I went and shot some arrows and went back to the sandcastles and all was once again well.


Just to keep being incredibly out of character and weird, I also stopped to pray for Catherine, too. She’s had a rather sour expression recently. And I almost actually care.


My problem is I don’t know if I should report Emilia for (an inked out word) in order to get rid of this... sticky-soft-feeling or demand (or ask politely, perhaps... that could be wise here) she teach me what she knows.


The feelings truly are quite pleasant. Completely wrong, but pleasant.


It’s been a nice week. A nice, quiet, peaceful week.


...I'm under a (an inked out word) effect, and I'm calling this a 'nice week'. What in the world is wrong with me?


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Week Eighteen apparently went mysteriously missing. This should actually be Week Twenty.



Excitement in the air this evening, excitement in the air! Fades pretty quick, though. Yet another relatively calm week. They come and go.


Week Twenty-One

Random Event Classroom 7, success (Flowers/Botany)

Random Event City Street 5, failed (Heraldry)

Random Event Physical Activity 20, success (Running)

Random Event Library 12, success (Conversation)

Random Event Kitchen 9, success (Negation/Negation)

Random Event Sports 3, failure (Observation/Revision Methods)

No reload.

Vernin Merit on the 24th



23 Hionosi, early afternoon

No phemes today, but a spell I can cast. It increases one’s skill with the forge, so I’ll take it. My skill at enchanting is wonderful, but the actual forge-work is lacking. I'm not truly interested in an actual career as an enchanter (and certainly not one as a smith or jeweler), but no matter what my preference, it's always more practical to start with an item you've made yourself then one you've bought. I imagine in later years I'll want to have made my own jewelry (and hopefully own a better knife then this so-called-heirloom), so the spell now could be useful later.


Too much botany study lead to me making friends with a giant dandelion. That was interesting, if I try to be objective. 'Tiresome' fits better.


As flowers aren’t really my thing (despite my studies of them), I gave away the bouquet of flowers I had gotten from the theater. They’d just sort of been sitting on the dresser for Lambert to ask overly leading questions about (all variations of ‘so what girl do you have a thing for?’ wrapped up in every sort of code and unassuming lead-ins he could come up with), so they’re better off the hand of another. I gave it to that girl. Who likes poetry. Honors. It just- seemed like something to do. She was the first girl I saw, and I figured she'd like them.



28 Hionosi, during dinner

I invited Aymeri in to this strange little thing that’s apparently ‘my’ clique, and now we’re close to perfect. Just one more to cover any weaknesses needed, and I'm still considering that.


With that in mind, I spent today seeking out everyone to see how they were doing. Prudence is still on her natural philosophy kick (with a side of rumor spreading), so I let her be and looked for the others. Catherine found me before I found her. She asked for my assistance in clearing out the school of all its ‘riff raff’ attendants. Interestingly, that’s almost the exact opposite of what Prudence was talking about those months ago…


Huh, I had forgotten about that. Maybe I should bring it up with Prudence again.


I agreed to help Catherine. I’m not so much worried about the immoral nature of her quest or what happens to the ‘riff raff’ one way or another. Rather, I’m operating off the assumption that at least Prudence and Aymeri will be considered ‘riff raff’, and if I left Catherine go about her plan on her own everything would fall apart right in front of me. With my support, I figure I can either convince her that her idea is impractical and would cause her trouble in the end, or if necessary, we can do this ‘getting rid of the riff raff’ routine in a way that’s quiet and doesn’t disturb any of my other resources. For now, I agreed to take her in to the slums to search for the Pauper’s Bane. Considering that we both give off the impression of being insufferable rich snobs (I grudgingly admit I may come off as such- though I am broke, I suppose), I have no doubt we’re heading for a beating, but maybe getting her head kicked in will convince her to give up this troublesome idea.


As for Emilia and Aymeri, their problems are a lot easier. Emilia just wanted some help getting something for a potion or perfume or some blather (likely which will cause half the school to suddenly fall in love with their shadows or some other unfortunate ending), so I got her off school grounds and that should be done, and Aymeri basically wants help stalking Lambert. Not exactly fun, but as Lambert‘s my roommate, it can’t be too difficult, and Aymeri has this underdog determination that I almost have to respect. Besides, Lambert is incredibly unpleasant: he talks, talks, talks, talks, and then spies.


The more I think about it, the more appealing the idea gets. Besides, maybe once Aymeri gets his revenge here, he’ll never have to, say, turn our room in to a field of grass again or anything.


Was bullied by a flying Rimbal uniform. I wonder if it noticed that Joana’s only harassed me once this week (today), and felt that it needed to make sure I was kept in my place. I wouldn't put it past it. Rimbal is a vile thing, and jersey-culture all the more so.


Helped a Professor and a cook. Also studied Arithmetic. Basically done with all my other courses (for the year, at that), but there’s still a bit I need to learn for math. Mostly the boring parts.


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Okay, so this should be twenty one. Let's see if I can do it right this time. ._.


My playthrough is over. /sad Have to come up with something new now...


Week Twenty-One

Random Event Theft 2, success (Character Study/Glamour)

Random Event Health and Illness 6, success (Concentration/Bureaucracy)

Random Event Potions 3, automatic ‘success’ (…apparently I autoed though I meant to hit astrology)

Random Event Durand Common Room 3, automatic ‘success’ (Ok, why not?)

Random Event Performance 9, success (Character Study/Acting)

Reloaded due to sheer accident this week. That was dumb. Let’s pretend I didn’t admit it.

Gained Artistic Focus (+1 Art Appreciation and Art)

Gained Study Mastery: Arithmetic (+1 Arithmetic skill rolls, and I think just a general gift of +1 Trigometry (though not max), though I’m not sure)



4 Nivelous, mid afternoon

Unfortunately, I had no detention this week, so I skipped class the last three days in hopes of triggering it. Finally got caught. It takes them forever sometimes.


Not much has happened. Everyone seems well, and by well, I mean 'quiet', which is mostly what I want. I learned enough in Botany class that apparently I can survive half of forever in the forest by eating roots. Until a bear finds me, I suppose. I’ve also learned the phemes for my first non-dueling damaging spell: Bitter Stalks.


The problem is that it’s a Revision spell, and I lack the skill at Revision to cast it with anything near success. Damn Joana!



5 Nivelos, during detention

Detention with Regent Storey of Collage Morvidus right now. And what does he teach me?


How to make friends.


I feel robbed. I want Professor Aventyare back.


Pamela wanted to accompany me to some stupid little party of some sort last night. I distracted her with magic. I meant to just quiet her for a bit so I could safely escape without her following me, but this weirdly good mood meant I took it a step beyond that and made her a nice little faux-carnival to keep her occupied. It was a good Glamour, too: I’ve never done that well. My association with Emilia seems to be making me better at Glamour, if indirectly. Another mysterious thing about that girl. I've been triple-checking my phemes, though, just in case, and all of them were certainly Glamour phemes. No mysterious knowledge of say, the Suggest pheme, has mysteriously entered my mind. For good or ill.


And I skipped the party myself. Didn’t look that interesting.


I also managed to scare off some thieves from Morvidus hanging around the Durand common-room with it (it being Glamour, not a party). I didn’t see Joana among them, but I keep assuring myself she was likely there anyway.


I'm not all that fond of the concept of lying to oneself, but sometimes, you need to let yourself have small victories.



7 Nivelos, late morning

I’m sitting around on the stairs people watching as I attempt to figure this complication out. Who in this year isn’t cliqued up and thus could be used as a sixth member?

  • Ausdauer Mollers. Hedi. Enjoys reading. I barely know her.
  • Caspar Pfeuffer. Vernin. Gave me the evil eye after I picked some stuff up for Honors, despite having a wildly obvious crush on one Magalda Quaranta.
  • Cordelia Troublepot. Vernin. A boring, if talented crafter.
  • Emilia Strolin, candy-thief. On the list.
  • Grainne Inneith. Aranaz. Generally annoying loud-mouth and rumor-monger.
  • Honors. I’m not sure why. She’s very well liked.
  • My ‘dear’ ‘friend’ Joana. Peh. Not that it’s surprising.
  • Katja Quinnecht. Still the quiet musician girl who likes fluffy animals and not much else.
  • Magsa Nembo. I know him pretty well now. I suppose we’re ‘friends’. Acted as his second in a duel on Friday. Very direct, not always very smart, but amusing. Somehow has magical powers to gain skill and study in his classes through virtual osmosis, also known as stalking me.
  • Mairgrete Strakley. Morvidus. Dislikes me for some slight that I can’t remember making.
  • Malacresta Vercesi. Aranaz. Astrology protégé. Never spoken to him.
  • Marc Sury. Still more in to crafting then communicating.
  • Milena di Montors. Aranaz. Thinks she’s smarter then me. Isn’t.
  • Montague Ruffo. Aranaz. Dislikes me for refusing to help him when he got his own self in trouble (as in, being chased by two angry professors trouble). Useless.
  • Neta Xemuture. Very… Neta. Giggles a lot. Is exactly as tall as my eyebrows. …When did I note that?
  • Rikildis von Klep. Aranaz. Also on the list, simply because she’s always there in the background, being annoying. And her so-called newsrag is ridiculous. Aymeri is rather fond of her, for some obscure reason.
  • Sigilis du Sonmeil. Hedi. Quite possibly more bitter then anyone I've ever met, including myself.
  • Tabin Furenzti. Still weird, still creepy, still competition.
  • Ulivia… something. She’s from Morvidus. Don’t know her.

Out of myself, Aymeri, Catherine, Emilia, and Prudence, we lack skill in both Revision and Incantation.


Yet of that list, the only people I’d actually spend time with are Ausdauer, Cordelia, Honors, Katja, Magsa, Malacresta, Marc, Neta, and maybe Tabin. I can’t see Ausdauer or Katja being useful. Tabin still is just… too weird. Nothing to him but staring. Besides, I’m still playing the ‘cast dispel whenever I see him’ game, and if I was actually his ‘friend’ I’d probably be expected to stop that. And I enjoy it too much to do so.


So then Cordelia, Honors, Magsa, Malacresta, Marc, and Neta.


Cordelia does take Incantation. But she’s… really, really smart. Almost as smart as I am. Which makes her unneeded. And Neta takes Revision. But she’s a charming girl whose popular with the boys, has a bit of interest in potions, and is brilliant with Glamour. Which makes her redundant. And she probably doesn’t know (inked out word). In this case, I'll stick with the girl who delves in the forbidden and makes 'super special magical perfume', if only because of a slowly dawning suspicion that she may kill me if I don't.


I really should figure out a way to safely report her, but again: may kill me if I do. And really, her talents are incredibly useful...


Which narrows it down to Honors, Magsa, Malacresta, and Marc.


Aymeri likes Malacresta, and doesn’t know the other three. Catherine doesn’t like any of them, but would go with Marc, “if I absolutely have to choose.” Prudence is fond of all four, with a slight advantage to Honors. Emilia is rather close to Magsa- more then I realized, and doesn’t know the others.


Thus, I am the tiebreaker, which is truthfully what I wanted in the first place. You'd think they would notice, but I did set this one up rather well.


Got sick again this week, though it passed after a few hours, thankfully. Also ended up acting in another play. I'm really not sure how that happened again. I really should just stay away from theaters.


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