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Andrew Leander

Is This a Prank?

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Inspired by Leoshi's That Lovable Bully Philippe


Prerequisite: Male Only


You are a young magician studying in an ancient school filled with secrets and mysteries. You have been trained to expect the unexpected. Surely nothing can take you by surprise anymore. "Hey! @playername@!" Yup, not even Philippe Marchant. He is pretty predictable actually. "Wanna go on a date?" Or maybe not.

"What?" You stare at him, inspecting for any Glamour Spell. You are sure that this is Olivia's idea of funny.

"Yes! Let's go! Together!" Philippe grabs both of your hands and clasps them together. The bully's usual sneer is replaced by a strange exuberant expression. He starts to list several reasons why you and him are the perfect couple and you hear several footsteps coming your way. Oh no! If anyone sees this they won't stop talking about it for months!


Exit 1: Brute Strength. Struggle to get free and then knock him out.



You try to struggle from Philippe's iron grip, but it's no use. He does, after all, spends his time beating people up (usually you) and trains his muscle. You resort on kicking him in the shin. You kick him pretty hard making Philippe loses his balance and stumbles on top of you. Worse of all he won't let you go. The footsteps come closer and you hear Grainne Inneith squeals, "Oh my GODS!" Great, now they won't stop speaking about it for the rest of your life.


Stress +2



You kick Philippe in the stomach. He yelps in pain and loosens his grip. In a moment of confusion you punch him hard in the face and knocked him out. You run away from the crime scene before anyone could see you. You hear Grainne Inneith screaming from the distance and calling for a professor. Good thing you are a fast runner.


Running +1 Flawless Timing +1


Exit 2: Negation Spells. Use Negation to snap Philippe out of it.



You are sure that Philippe is under some sort of spell. So why not use a Negation Spell to counter it? You try to concentrate drawing phemes while Philippe begins to compare you with extreme ironing. Really? Extreme ironing? How suave. You shakes your head. No time in being sarcastic. "In short, I love you @playername@!" Philippe's sudden declaration scatters you concentration and the phemes dispersed.

There is a squeal behind you and you turn around, only to see Grainne Inneith running away, no doubt to spread the rumor.


Concentration -1 Stress+2



You are sure that Philippe is under some sort of spell. So why not use a Negation Spell to counter it? You ignore Philippe's attempt at serenading you and concentrate on the counter spell. A few second later the spell is complete and Philippe's grip loosening. He blinks several times in confusion before flushing in embarrassment. Huh, it seems like he still remember what he did under the influence. "Don't speak about it." You nod in agreement. "I'm going to give someone a lesson he will never forget..." Philippe growls and storms off. You do not pity that someone.


Concentration +1


First time doing this. And I admit that my grammar is horrible, so forgive me for hurting your eyes.

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Dear gods!!


What have I done?!wacko.gif


I was expecting a girl but Philippe is an acceptable target. Nice.

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