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Induce Constipation

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Induce Constipation


Spell Type:





Action Type:












The spell itself requires extraordinary precision(a Finesse/Mastery Roll v. 20) - wrestling direct control of the victim's bowel - and force it to remain in absolute stillness, eventually resulting in 1 point of stress for your victim.... and also guarantee a 75% chance of failure for anything they do for two days, with every single action constantly interrupted by trips to toilets. These skilled in Revision (Insight/Revision Methods v.25) can hasten decay inside the victim, dealing an extra 2 points of damage and guarantee they fails at all social actions from corpse-smelling bad breath. The spell explicitly renders the caster anonymous, and cannot be resisted.



"Why!? I already had diarrhea yesterday night! I drank plenty of water! I ate nothing but celery pies three days ago! I haven't eaten for two days! Ugh! Ugggggh!" - Sixt von Rupprecht, after an attempt at blackmailing Mineta Premium Catering

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The consequence of a diet of cannibal puddings? :)


Well, more like consequence of complete obliteration of bowel movements.


Cannibal pudding is more like the direct cause of complete obliteration of the bowel. Or the whole body :)

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