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I'm currently playing the demo, and thoroughly enjoying it - the setting is beautiful, and Sadie is just my kind of heroine. But when attempting capers, I've noticed something strange: no matter what number a given stat of mine is, whenever it's checked for a caper, the game claims it's zero!


For instance, I know that in this playthrough so far I have 8 Stealth. The first test (Escape Artistry or Stealth) in the Bigglesworth Adventure has a skill check of 6, so my Stealth should be sufficient. However, the box next to Stealth shows a 0, and I can't work out why. Could someone else shed any light on this?

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You gain a bonus of +1 for each 10 you have in a Stat- you'll predominantly be successful in Capers through your Inspirations. Raising your Skills, however, is very important, as they grant you access to better Inspirations.


Hope that helps!

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