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Holdfast: Deeds and Boons

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Holdfast is not just a role-playing gamebook, but also a simulation. Your tale may begin as a lowly adventurer, Clanless and destitute, but it will end with you as the Lord of Crossroads Hold: powerful, respected,and with many enemies...


Building a Hold requires wealth, opportunity, a bit of luck, and Deeds...if you can get them. Once you have your Hold, you'll have several opportunities to embark on adventures which can build up your Hold in various ways: walls, guards, services, resources, culture and so on. These opportunities are gated by time, so you'll need to consider what sort of Hold you'd like to create. As it progresses, so, too, will your own abilities grow: more powerful equipment, boons, bonuses and opportunities are all the result of how you create your home.


The best Hold upgrades come from Deeds, but Deeds come from being Wounded, which is generally bad (your Skill and Defense are lowered by Wounds, and if you lose too much, the game can end.) Dwarves have the most confidence in heroes that demonstrate that they can take the punishment and still come out on top- scars carry a lot of cachet amongst the Deep Folk. Deeds allow you to recruit the best guards and craftsmen, but at the cost of lowering your personal abilities. You'll have to think ahead about the balance between growing your Hold and growing your Character.


Let's talk a bit about Boons. Boons are unique favors given to you by luck, divine intervention or magic. Boons are represented as dice, in the game, which you can roll during a combat round in order to gain extra effects (all positive.) You can also use Boons to affect matters of chance, during the story. Boons can range from d4s all the way to d20s, and you can collect quite a few of them for the really difficult combats. Most boons are granted by your Hold, but there are other ways in the game to acquire them.


Finally, here's a new screenshot, which takes place just before you acquire your Hold. Enjoy!




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So are you going to reveal how we will build our hold?


As in we do it as a side-quest first and ignore the main story at the moment? Like a typical RPG. Or it is part of the story?

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It's both a part of the story, and side quests. You only have a limited time, though, so you have to choose the upgrades that you want. You'll need materials, which you gain through your adventures, to create it.

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