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News on an updated edition?

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Hurr durr, I should learn to read. Looking forward to the updated edition some time in December, through DriveThruRPG, and I hope it will be made available to backers.


I've compiled a list of my questions and answers, so it's my hope the following clarifications have made it in.


Holdfast Clarifications

  • Can I use boons to fake Forgecraft as with other skills?
  • If I have Forgecraft and I don’t use the Frigid and Sparkling Weaponmark options during Act 1, can I save them for later?
    Yes. The cost in the book for Frigid and Sparkling Weaponmarks is the cost for re-empowering the forge. If you didn’t use them during Act 1, they are still empowered and you can save them for later.
  • Are Damage Over Time effects cleared immediately when combat ends, or do they keep doing damage?
    They are cleared immediately
  • Does Scrounging happen when you are paid money, or only when you find it?
    Only when you find it.
  • Can you carry spare weapons in your backpack?
  • Can I take items that provide +gold out of Storage?
    The rules say No, but you might play that these items can be brought out for Act 3.
  • You can build Upgrades without Plans.
  • When you lose Armor points (e.g. due to a Rage potion), you lose Maximum armor points, and then your Temporary Armor points are adjusted if they were above the maximum.
  • The plans for Massive Fountain of Old Black and the Keller's Stone Brew Beer Garden are not used in Book 1.



  • Section 946: text missing:
    If you're pursuing a Final Duty and have already gone to 637, go to 521."
  • Flintbreaker Masterwork Armor should have +20 Armor, like Flintbreaker Armor
  • Frigid and Sparkling Weaponmarks effects in the Items section should be replaced by the effects listed in the Purchase section.
  • Multiple places where Boots and Feet are used interchangeably.


Forging Components

Some items are not clear about what you can make from them. Here is a useful list:
Conflagration Shield - Blackened Kingsilver
Elite Sprinters' Boots - Quickmarked Leather
Helm of Divine Wrath – Godsjade
Invincible Kingsilver Mail - Rich Kingsilver Stash
Radiant Gauntlets - Thrunlast's Gold
Shadedark Knife - Umbral Steel



Also, here are some new questions:


  • If I use a gambit for Prevent/X rounds, when does the prevent start, immediately? The next round?
  • Thaneshold Shipments I and II: If you bring in Robust Hold Supplies, do you get access to both shops or just to Shipments II? Why do the stats for Fortifying Rations differ between Thaneshold Shipments I and II?
  • Why do some items say “+X Initiative” while others say “+X Initiative (1 Combat)”?


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@Vandervecken the rules are very clear on this each item is to view separate only what is mentioned under effects stacks. So the Wooden Ring give you the option to have +1 Guard on a Gambit instead of what i.e. your weapon would do on a gambit.

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A very quick update- the studio is shutting down for the holidays, and there are still a few minor corrections to be made to the 1.1 Proof. When we resume before the New Year, we'll have this published, the Team believes.

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We're not sure- evidently, there's a verification process that we need to go through, which could take up to a month (!).


We're checking into this, but we may have to release 1.1.1 via DropBox until DriveThru verifies us.

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Ah, an acknowledgement, and all is right with the world.


On the subject of a changelog, this is my opinion, for what it's worth: if, at some future time and by whatever means, a revised print edition becomes available, then there's no problem, but otherwise, an old-schooler like me who still adheres to printed books would be grateful to know what exactly the changes and corrections are.

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