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Academagia - after year 2?

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Or our year 5 chars are so burned out that they retreate from a live as mage ;)

At last for our Adventure focused chars I suspect they will burn out on the way to year 5 ^^.

Several of them will certainly have the option of goign back to the family busines (merchants), wealthy familites with bussineses going. Or nobility, they probably got something going on in the family with family related "stuff".


I would imagine that influential wealthy noble families would expect their Children to continue the family traditions after school.


The people who would be the most free would be those who come from poor or well off families with minimal traditions, then it would be easier to work as Court mages, professors or tutors or even adventuring mages... Or start a magical farming Community with magicly boosted crops! Perhaps work for te militia and the captain of Mineta or replace the Captain when he retires.

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