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General Victory Belles Questions Thread

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3 hours ago, Ninjapacman said:

If you read further in the update there’s speculation that said “awakening” is just an imagined dream from her time asleep, and did not actually happen.  I would be inclined to believe that whatever memories victory has from before the fateful moment are much the same.

i'd be interested in hearing about thier dream none the less

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A question for our recently silent poster girl Mahan; How much do belles believe in their own battle doctrines?  For example, how much would a Japanese believe in the effectiveness of the Kantai Kessen doctrine, or for example, would Mahan, whose work inspired the doctrines of a large battleship force and decisive battle, be more inclined to that or to the increasing light forces / Task force operations the US was leaning towards in the late 30s when she was designed?   Are the germans happy with the plan for commerce raiding, or do they want to build a fleet in being to challenge the British as Tirpitz once did?

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