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Nel Celestine

Update 17 featuring Surcouf

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Aaand I made my thread just as you made yours..... T_T


Mind if one of the mods takes mine down then? Seeing as we now have two update 17 threads

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Well Surcouf is certainly a paranoid girl. Makes sense I guess since she there are so many controversies and conspiracies around her. Well at least in '39 she can still go back to France for repairs.


She had an interesting design. Obviously she's dressed as a swimmer, being a submarine, but I noticed her flipper's have high heels which earned a chuckle from me. I'm confused about her guns though. Is one of them an AA gun or are they both clones of her main 203mm guns?


I also noticed that she has a pair of handcuffs on her right leg. Wonder what that's about.

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