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KS Update 18 (With HMS Ark Royal)

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Hi ho! Hoping you're all having a great day.


Though a little late, i did enjoy this interview. After thinking better about her character, i saw that the puns fits really well with her supposed character. Consistent use of puns (in a correct context, i add) shows a mindset anchored on creativity and intelligence, atributes that are of great benefit to leaders. With Ark Royal being responsible for the life of her pilots, having leadership traits imbued in her seems like a logic choice, with her "puny" personality being the physical manifestation of her leadership skills.


In the end,a bit of her wit did rub off on me. You can read why...



Might as well enjoy it one last time...


Owwww...someone decided to hit below the belt...


Don't you think you meant... below the deck?



If this was Laura Ketchum's initial goal with this Belle, i personally believe she deserves an A+ on this character's design, incorporating leadership and humor in a coherent, yet delightful package.

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Hehe... what I did was more of a personal description of Ark Royal's character than a suggestion. I do acknowledge that Laura has full freedom over the Belles - I'm just guessing from what I felt and understood, and if it was her goal then she struck her mark ^_^

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