Going through capers, I've noticed the text appearing behind characters, and since in another thread it was said that this was a glitch, I figured I would list all of the instances I notice here. Feel free to add any to this list~
*Note: I try to describe where they are, but I did it in fragments, so, hopefully it's still understandable.XD   +1 stress after choosing 'you distract them' in Sterling's Peru Adventure appears behind the pirate   +1 stealth after the 'Obstacle grace/ dodge' in the Stolen Scholar Adventure   The Adventure Upstate, after the obstacle 'Negotiation or Moxie', if you choose moxie, +1 awareness is behind Johnny   +1 stress is behind characters after the 'dammit Ruddy/ someone should stop him/ better stay' dialogue option in Sterling's New Orleans adventure   Albino alligator adventure, after the 'leaping/dodge' challenge, the screen is so dark, you can't see that you get +1 charm unless you click really fast (the +1 charm appears behind the black screen)   The Golden Scarab Adventure, '+1 relationship with Evelyn' when Evelyn is interrogating the bar tender   In the Library of Pergamum, once the Investigate and Continue options converge, +1 stress appears behind Sterling   In the Library of Pergamum, +1 stress behind Ruddy when he flips Sterling on the ground   In the Library of Pergamum, (not on Sterling's Dream route), when you chose the option something like 'crystal had to be destroyed', the +2 relationship with Sterling is behind Sadie   Two Adventures Together, after Obstacle perception/escape artistry, +1 repair is behind Sadie and almost everything else in this section of the caper appears behind the screen as well (I got tired of writing it all out lol). And by this section, I mean from the +1 repair until the next rest   Ahmose peru, if you fail 3rd obstacle, the +1 Stress is behind Sadie
Feel free to add any to this list~