I've made a few different threads about different errors/bugs I have noticed and read about a few through Steam. I figured a cumulative list of known errors would be beneficial as it would combine them all into one easy to see spot. Feel free to list other errors you have noticed. For instances where the text goes behind characters or is invisible, I have a list started here: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3323   Please Note: The majority of this list is things that I have personally noticed or have checked. There will be a section for things others have noticed.   EDITED: December 12, 2017   Caper/Interface Related The final Nigel newspaper, what I call the 'Dream of Nigel Newspaper' or the 'Nigel after Turkey Newspaper' cannot be seen due its code placement Felix's Christmas newspaper can only be seen if you start his Christmas caper, yet at the end decide to continue the Dream of Family The 8th obstacle in Sterling's Indian Adventure is skipped over. This may also make you miss +1 Relationship with Sterling, impacting Sterling's endings and achievements Failing the 1st obstacle in Sterling's Indian Adventure makes you lose -3 Relationship with Sterling In Sterling's first 'Run around with Sterling some more' event, after completing the event, you get +1 relationship points but it is not visible during the event The last relationship point gained in the first part of Ahmose: The Australian Adventure is not visible during the event If you save in The Quickfinger Adventure at the choice 'well I don't think/ I suppose/ Oh, it's all for the good' or 'you don't look/ I'm sure if you look/ oh...so my best friend', the game stops, goes to a blue screen, and tells you that you either have to quit or rollback (I do have a screen shot of this if anyone needs to see the traceback) On January 25ish, if you have The Albino Alligator Adventure available, Felix's Main Adventure, and part of The Anna Adventure, they cannot all fit on one screen If you load really quickly, the game often crashes, but this seems to be a person dependent error so it most likely cannot be fixed. The game also seems to crash more some days than others, almost like Steam isn't loading it properly or something. In Sterling: The Australian Adventure, if you pass the 3rd obstacle using Magic Tricks, it says +1 Stress even though it's really +1 Wits. In The Anna Adventure, if you pass the 3rd obstacle using Dodge, it says +1 Resolve, but it's really +1 Athletics. A lot of the time, in the code, if you raise 'empathy', it is classified as a 'dream' skill instead of a 'relationship' skill. This happens in Egypt, Australia if you choose 'Play Poker', and India. All other locations empathy is correctly labeled as relationship. Needless to say, this makes raising empathy really confusing, especially for new players as it only impacts the early locations. Achievement Related The Bonded with Anna and Bonded with Evelyn achievements cannot be unlocked to to a file naming error Bonded with the Bandit, Sparring Partner, Strange Circles. Turkey Expert, and All Adventures! all require you to fail the 5th obstacle in Two Adventures Together due to code placement ^To get the Dream of Dead Bakers, you would have to fail the 5th obstacle in Two Adventures Together due to code placement as well, but since that would mean you failed it, this inspiration card is not achievable (or at least is shouldn't be) The Driven achievement cannot be gotten because the automatic caper in the Library of Pergamum, considered Sterling's Turkish Adventure in the code, has been marked as 'drivenMainOnly = False', making it count against the Driven achievement. Not Certain, but Questionable Loved by All, Romanced by None and Everybody's Best Friend seem as if they cannot be obtained since you can only view one Christmas and Easter event per play, but a lot of relationship points are gotten during those events Loved by All, Romanced by None requires you to also get 100 Dream of Family along with getting 100 relationship points with the guys. This doesn't seem wrong per say, but nothing about the achievement description suggests that one would have to get 100 Dream of Family. Bonded with Sterling. I can account for 99 achievable points, and two that cannot be gotten. +1 Relationship with Sterling is gotten from passing the 8th obstacle in Sterling's Indian Adventure. However, this obstacle is skipped over in-game so you can't get the point. +1 Relationship with Sterling is gotten from doing Turkey: The Main Adventure with Sterling. However, this caper has two versions, one with Anna and one with Sterling. The only way to do Turkey: The Main Adventure with Sterling is if you do not see Sterling's New Orleans Adventure, which you can't skip since it gives you +13 Relationship with Sterling. So, I feel like this achievement may not be able to be gotten. ^Due to the possible Sterling problem, that would make Loved by All, Romance by None and Everybody's Best Friend unobtainable as well Bonded with Ahmose. At this point, I am almost 100% certain that there are 4 Relationship with Ahmose points missing in the game. Ahmose is literally only in 7 capers (and The Kheper Conversations). I can't imagine I'm missing 4 points somewhere. If I am, it is most likely in New Orleans or his main Adventure I would bet. Poker is never used anywhere in the game ^Also, The Serpent Empire Adventure (part one, before Egypt) does not have a false flag for the driven achievement. Neither do Ahmose Main or Ahmose Australia-Turkey. This makes sense in that you can't do Ahmose's other capers unless you do Egypt, but there is no false flag for his main adventure, so you could meet Ahmose and it not impact Driven. I rarely get the Dream of the Crossroads inspiration card from The Quickfinger Adventure, even though I pass all obstacles. I've only gotten it one time and I have no idea why ^This also happens for me when playing The Anna Adventure There is no 'Dream of Roland Newspaper/Roland after Turkey Newspaper'. This could have been intentional though During the ending interview, The Main Adventure in Australia is never mentioned (though since it involved Roland and Sterling doing questionable things, I could see Sadie not wanting to mention it) The journal for Sterling's Turkish caper never appears, or at least I have not been able to make it appear. There may be a certain combination that works though. The Albino Alligator Adventure only unlocks after you have beaten The Main Adventure in Peru. The two are hardly related so this seems odd to me Others Have Mentioned I remember seeing someone say they got 100 Relationship with Nigel and the Bonded with Nigel achievement did not unlock ^The same goes for Roland If you finish a caper the night before leaving a location, the journal entry often doesn't appear That is all I have for now. If I notice anything else, I'll add it to the list. If anyone else notices anything, I'll add it as well.