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Bat Bond Adventure 07 issue

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Hi there got the game on Steam and I am enjoying it!  I think I have run into a bug though.

When I go to confront the Vampire for the Final Battle the only option I have is Character Study.  Whether or not I succeed at that check I have no other options after that.  I have the holy water in the inventory but I don't have an option to use it.

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...According to the mod tools the previous adventure stage does not give you the memory required to unlock the appropriate exit during the next stage, meaning that one ends up with no possible exit whatsoever. The only way to finish the adventure until this is fixed would be to reload to stage 5 and not go with either the Familiar Kinship or Hide options, as they lead to the broken path.

Also, who coded this adventure? I haven't seen such a mess of memories since Cosetta Re's new event.

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On 10/09/2017 at 3:29 AM, Legate of Mineta said:


The next CP will is the next opportunity for the Team to address some of these, and that's coming this Fall.

Thanks! By this fall you mean anytime between Sep-Nov? I'm kind of torn waiting for the next CP and trying out this one, since all of them are inevitably bugged in some way.

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