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Gift Preferences

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how does one learn them? how does one give gifts? what is the significance of a character's having 0 below Gift Preference?

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Indeed. There are a few items in the game who's purpose is to give them to an NPC student as a gift, but they're flat increases to relationship values, gift preferences don't modify things one way or the other.

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@Metis: Now that it has been confirmed that gift preferences will be restored during Y2 and are canonical still, could you create for this thread a list of gift preferences?

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I imagine it's going to be largely to entirely changed in Y2 anyway, but sure:

Aaran Ledale                      |???
Alan Driscoll                     |Scroll/Parchment
Amada Kiffer                      |Cosmetics
Ana Flavia Bessa                  |Food
Antonio de Reyez e Irizarry-Vargas|???
Asmita Tidar                      |Alchemical Components, Cooking
Ausdauer Mollers                  |Book
Aveline Cincebeaux                |Cosmetics
Avgust Kostrodyrets               |Book
Aymeri Couer                      |Potion/Unguent
Basia Rydz                        |(None)
Beatrix von Wetgen                |Food
Cante Caviti                      |Alchemical Components, Brewing Tools
Carmine Sturzo                    |Insignia
Caspar Pfeuffer                   |Writing Supplies
Catherine Chard                   |Fragrance
Cinzia Ammacapani                 |Writing Supplies
Cirillo Laziosi                   |Games/Cards
Cordelia Troublepot               |Forge/Workstation Materials
Corradin d'Alfi                   |Coat
Cosetta Re                        |Jewel, [The Sisters' Red Velvet Cloak]
Courtenay de Surval               |Book
Cyrus Dawes                       |Fragrance
Durand de Thiomines               |Book
Eduard Solov'ev                   |Food
Eliana Carosi                     |Plant
Els Rottmundyn                    |Headwear
Emilia Picotti                    |Alchemical Components, Brewing Tools
Emilia Strolin                    |Sewing Tools
Everwine von Zoedorf              |Writing Supplies
Flore Yveuillet                   |Book
Girars de Periarde                |Book
Grainne Inneith                   |Food
Gwendy Zuyder                     |Arrows/Bolts, Hand
Hector Per Vittoria               |Food
Herbert Downes                    |Hand
Honors Plafox                     |Food
Irene Oxina                       |Headwear
Isabeau Glorieux                  |Jewels, Riches
Iustus Venture                    |Riches
Jere Niemela                      |Food
Joana Lio y Rossollo              |Food, Jewels, Riches
Katja Quinnecht                   |Musical Instrument
Kurt Henning                      |Hand
Lambert Cobo                      |Potion/Unguent
Leopold Rassent                   |Cloak
Llarina de Avuel                  |[Sweets]
Louise Kandinsky                  |???
Luti Jaconelli                    |Book
Magalda Quaranta                  |Cosmetics
Magsa Nembo                       |(None)
Mairgrete Strakley                |Food
Malacresta Vercesi                |Telescope
Malthezar Mhadi                   |Potion/Unguent
Marc Sury                         |Forge/Workstation Materials - Metal
Milena di Montors                 |Book
Miya Hikari                       |???
Montague Ruffo                    |Coat
Neso Ulleri                       |Book
Neta Xemutre                      |Alchemical Components, Brewing Tools
Noemia Falcon y Paredes           |Bracelet/Bracer
Olivia Solari                     |Cosmetics
Oriabel Sidot                     |Book
Philip Hauck                      |Writing Supplies
Philippe Marchant                 |Hand
Piccolet Gleyre                   |Food
Prudence Cossins                  |Hand
Raoul Leconte                     |Food
Reitz von Lutersee                |Food
Rikildis von Kiep                 |Writing Supplies
Rixenda la Serena                 |Cooking, Seed
Rui da Casga                      |Book
Sheary Warrington                 |Food, Insignia
Sigalis du Sonmeil                |Writing Supplies
Silke Niederstatter               |Sewing Tools
Sima Venesico                     |(None)
Tabin Furenzti                    |(None)
Tacito Viadana                    |Food
Tulia Faspalla                    |Food
Uliva Valaresso                   |Writing Supplies
Vettor Conta                      |Hand
Vincent Eins                      |Coat
Vincent Warrender                 |Hand
Vrenelle Bonvin                   |Fragrance
Vuillaume Eparvier                |Brewing Tools
Zoe Melis                         |Book
Zorzi Galea                       |[Rimbal Elbow Guards], [Rimbal]

Items in brackets are specific items rather than item types, and I can't figure out the gift preferences of Mikka's kids because it's not listed anywhere ingame (that I'm aware of). I should also add that not all item types are used, and there's a total of 23 item types that didn't make it into the final game (they're just listed as DELETE in the mod tools).

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