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Victory Belles Lore questions

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I've returned with more questions, this time as a follow-on to the information we got in the latest update. If Belles from salvaged ships like Thetis and Squalus could potentially manifest Belles, what about much bigger ships? Specifically, what might be the Belles thoughts on a certain famous WW1 battlecruiser that recently came to the surface in Scapa Flow, for the first time in 20 years? I have some good information on the salvage of SMS Derfflinger that indicate the raising took place late in August, potentially days before the Morganas appeared and Belles began manifesting. Though I lack specific dates for each stage of the salvage, it seems likely that the ship would be in the midst of free-floating an in preparation for drydocking on September 1.

As salvaged she is remarkably intact, her main battery turrets are all in place and have not fallen out of their barbettes. Even in death, she defiantly clings to her weapons! A diagram I have of the raising effort indicates that her bridge and funnels survived settling on the sea bottom, and her masts were the only significant causalities of that event. Even the original paint appears to have remained in photographs. There certainly seems to be potential there, but I'll leave it to the Belles to hear what they have to say on the matter. Given her service record in the Great War, she'd be a force to be reckoned with if ever she returned. 

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We've discussed Derfflinger in particular in rather extensive detail if you read back Scoot, the general issue with Derfflinger as we've determined it, is that she's not in commission. Squalus and Thetis both are, which is why they can manifest a Belle. The Belles probably can't give us a firm conclusion either way since "they" wouldn't know one way or another, and I think it's doubtful we'll get an OOC lore discussion on something like that, much as we all desire it. (Maybe a live stream or something. Community round table. Something. You know maybe?) 

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On 12/1/2018 at 9:26 PM, Käpt'n Korky said:

 I would like to know which U-Boot commander is the most favoured by the known U-Bootwalküren or if not favoured, the most inspiring? I believe the answer to that question could be useful to all captains.

Well as I explained, I meant all submarines, since to me all submarines are U-Boote, if I'm not overspecifying.
So I ask this question again but different. This time with less national subtext.

Who are non German submarine commanders that we as captains should or could look to as inspiration? Or which are favourite commanders of the non German submarine Walküren? Sorry, I'm so focused on subs, but regarding non German submarines I really wouldn't know where to start looking.

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