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How goes the Progress for Y2?

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You know, I had this crazy dream earlier today that I was at the Academagia, trying to register for the 2nd year, but it was terribly incomplete. It felt like a 3d game map that had not been fully modeled yet, only in real life.

In my brain, all of the missing details were supposed to be stuff from Years 2-5 that I didn't know about so I couldn't dream of them.

I came across a statue of a cat on a pedestal. Apparently it was a real cat once, and would be again at some point in the future, but the how's, when's, and why's escaped me. It was good luck to rub it, though.

I passed through a passageway that was totally empty but had so many hidden corners in it that it surely would have been a great place for bullies to ambush their prey.

There was a librarian who wouldn't let me into a small library, There were a lot of glass windows giving an excellent view inside, though.

I didn't see any professors, but I think they were watching me.

I seriously have been waiting for Y2 for too long. haha.

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1 hour ago, isadorbg said:

I am afraid that you are starting to lose SAN due to the long wait. 😟

Oh I imagine I'm about halfway down the path already. It was a semi lucid dream, which is probably why I remember it decently. I also remember being in places where I couldn't tell if I was indoors or outdoors due to the lighting. It was probably somewhere in Icanix hall, if I had to guess at it now. That actually raises an excellent question about how to deal with forbidden knowledge that comes to you in dreams.

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Fun fact: When a dam is holding a lot of water, if it lets water over its top, it will surely erode and spill everything.

Substitute secrets for water and willpower for the dam, and you have a good understanding of why there is so little word. To be fair, little snippets have been leaked to us, but these have been minor and totally of the Team's choosing.

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