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Favorite NPC?

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Who’s your favorite NPC? (Either student or character who shows up in adventures)


I really like Cirillo Laziosi, I don’t really know why, but he’s a fun character. I absolutely love his adventure (Cirillo Laziosi’s gamble)


My favorite non-student character is the Captain of Mineta (I don’t exactly know if I spelled that right) 

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My favorite professor is Professor Sido - the adventures and events in which he is reveal him to be a very interesting person and eccentric teacher who tries (and fails) to make dialectic interesting to 13 year old students.


My favorite student is Prudence Cossins. She is clearly tormented in many ways (as is revealed by her strange behaviour), and I am intrigued by the mysteries about why she takes the courses that she does. Yet her adventure reveals her to be both extremely insecure and fundamentally good.

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