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My Ultimate Y2 Character

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Name: Ross Moon

College: Morvidus, the King of Colleges.

Courses (skill level): Athletics (15), Glamour (13), Grammar (14), Negation (14), Revision (15), Zoology (12).

Extra-curriculars of note: Astrology 12, Bully 8, Compete 8, Forge 11, Gates 10, Heraldry 8, History 11, Incantation 12, Natural Philosophy 10, Religion 6, Rhetoric 10, School Survival 10, Society 12.

Fitness 9

Finesse 8

Charm 5

Strength 3

Intelligence 21

Insight 11

Luck 5

Emotions: Affection (with Beatrix von Wetgen), Salt of the Earth, Speculative, Wicked Happy

Clique: None.

Adventures completed: All Morvidus adventures, the main adventure through helping the Captain, adventures for Beatrix von Wetgen, Eliana Carosi, and Hector Per Vittoria, Wandering the Corridors, the one with the sunken mastery mages' palace, the one with Mjolnir the Gates Mage, the one with Broken Pines' Duke, the one which grants the Sword of Kush, Oan's adventure, Mr. Pebbles's solo adventure, the senior student's adventure, and the one with the rat girl.

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Nice😃.  Did you go for perfect attendance or skip classes?

Any particular reason you didn't bother building a clique?  Extra challenge?

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@Grue: I had a clique but it fell apart after I used its members to help me with Hector's adventure. After that, I did not have time to build a new one - it was either build a clique or get the wand of madness through Mr. Pebbles's solo Adventure. I skipped a few classes.

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