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Käpt'n Korky

Update 145: DEV Update Sortie, Leveling, Story systems.

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I cannot really say about the others, but I can assure the lines spoken by Canarias are definitely not from a native speaker.

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Really nice update! I'm glad that there's a speed setting on the battles, because 1x seemed a bit too "slow" for me, but it might work out since I usually play these mobile games while multi-tasking on the computer.

I'm excited about the potential of each Belle having at least 20+ chapter character stories!

I had thought Mahan was the default starter-ship for the US? I do vaguely remember she could be *a* starter ship if you pre-ordered the Alfred T. Mahan book a long time ago.

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Do all sorties operate on roughly the same scale or is there scope for larger operations, in larger theatres - scenarios akin to Operation MB8, or the hunt for the Bismarck, for instance?

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Canarias was written by a native speaker, and the actress’ heritage is Spanish (and connected to Canarias herself!) but her pronunciation may need to be thought of. I don’t know myself.


She’s not default, but if she was unlocked you’d have her as a choice. Selection is alphabetical I believe.


They vary widely- some demand several Fleets if you want to win in time. Others can safely be accomplished by just one.

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8 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:

and the actress’ heritage is Spanish (and connected to Canarias herself!)

By that, you mean she's from the actual Canary Islands?
Then she's speaking the canarian dialect, I guess...
Before, when I was giving some more thought to it, and attempting to make Google's text-to-speech sound like that, my guess was it might be someone speaking the andaluz dialect(up to this point, I wasn't even aware there was such a thing as a canarian dialect)
Given what the wiki says, it seems I wasn't too off the mark, all things considered.

Either way, neither of them is "standard" Spanish, and definitely NOT the way you'd expect an aristocrat to speak.


Regarding Google's text-to-speech, if you want to try for yourselves, here are the lines:

These are the lines in "standard" Spanish:

Que alguien eche un vistazo al sónar!

Sencillamente, me niego a perder esta batalla.


And here is what I used to make it sound like Canarias' lines:

Quelguien eche un vistaso el sónar!

Sensiamente, me niego a perde esta bataia.


You can paste them on Google translate and compare.


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Since DMNT talks about it so much: The seyuu of Scharnhorst does something "unnatural" to the vowels. But I only mention it, because we can't have the Spaniard be the only one nagging. Did her grandfather at least serve on Scharnhorst as well? Is that the criteria for every Synchronsprecherin?

I believe in the game you DON'T see all the flags above in the start screen? Or at least can't choose them?

The fleet selection screen looks good. But why is that fleet called "The ugly sisters"? Not a nice fleet name. And what do the cogwheel and globe next to the Walküren picture do? What about that German flag?

Why is the German diplomatic penalty so high if you sweep the Bismarck Sea of all places? Actually most of the diplomatic gains and losses seem random.

I totally like Polas attitude in battle. And how is it chosen who does the banter before every round?

If Bulldog likes good explosions..... why not line up those British (post-)(super-)dreadnoughts and I can see what I can do about it.

After the battle there is no cunning line by the MVP? Bummer. And it's not Oil that got salvaged, is it? Americans......

Murder looks interesting. And I see Hood is doing Hood things.

OMG THE BOOKS!!! Every Walküre gets one? With so many chapters? And every nation gets not one, but multiple ones? ALTOBELLI! *lechz*

Can not chosen starters be obtained in a running campaign?

Now I hope you won't need as long as you did for the next video. 

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Generally, the rule with the Seiyuu is if they have a connection to the ship, we prioritize them.

At game start (the very first time you log in) you see all the Flags. You may not be able to select from all of them, though.

You'll learn more about the cards in Equipment. ;)

All Channel gains are test values. You’d never see so many all at once. You’ll see those in their final form in Store.

It’s random who leads on the Banter, but weighted to your Flagship fairly heavily.

Books! ;)

Starters can be obtained in a Campaign, with the exception of the KS exclusive Belles, which are only available via Events, beginning about a year after Launch.

Us too!

But Done is first. ;)

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