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How do you actually Artifice?

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Don't know if it is related to the problem with item, but how do you actually artifice something? :wub:


It seems I cannot find any recipes of what items are made of, so any help in that area is appreciated.

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First, you will need to be Informed about the Item.


Next, you need to have the Ingredients (specific Items called for by the Item in its creation). Warning: the Ingredients only appear in Patch 2.


Finally, you need to have an Action which allows you to Artifice.


Thereafter, you can use the Action to create that Item. The overall Quality and Worth of the Item is dependent on the Artificing and Finishing Skills the recipe calls for, respectively.


Warning: Another Academagian reported a crash when Artificing. So far, I cannot replicate their problem. If you see the issue, let me know immediately, and thanks!

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I have a save that crashes if use artifice if that would be any help, it only seems to happen on this character, any others that I try are able to get to the crafting screen.

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I'm necroing this ancient thread because I couldn't find the information on Item Quality that I was looking for.


Quality is set by your skills that are required in the crafting of the item, which also affects the value.

Which is all good and makes sense, good quality and skillful craftmanship and time should be rewarded.


What I'm wondering about is how the enchanting of items is going to work.


I just created a Quality 42 Chestplate after buffing myself up a little bit extra. I'm guessing Quality 42 is pretty good for a first year. It also seems variable. But anyway, back to the question.


Will a Quality level of 42 allow 42 enchantments or 42 enchantment runes to be applied? I seem to remember Quality somehow determining the amount of enchantment an item could hold.

Or will the amount of enchantments be distributed in some kind of intervals of quality?

Or will different strength enchantments requier different levels of Quality from the item? The stronger the Enchantment then more Quality will be required?


I guess the Chest plate has a weight reduction enchantment already from it's description, "Heavy as nothing". Unless it's "ironic" and it implies it's incredibly heavy :P


Will I be able to apply an enchantment to it in Year 2 or 3 if I got the skill to enchant items with properties or phemes for easy access?

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