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Typos and Such in Patch 5

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Good evening :)


Lore - Temperance SP1

I didn't reply, neither confirming it denying it

Missing word


Lore - Music : A Study : Something to Bond Over

or, in many chases

I believe it should be cases

(I've not seen a lot of the game, my first character having done only 6 weeks at the Academagia, but all the other lores I've seen have commas in the title)


Lore - Writings of Jamus III

a sword well hones

should be honed


Lore - For Love of Soil, for Passion of, by Rennant Sleu

Anyone and put seeds in the ground

should be can


Event Physical Activity 22

You think this would lead bad news (?)


Event Health and Illness 3

coughing and looking ill.They keep running

Missing space after the period (could look that way because the text is justified though)


Prof. Kate Badcrumble bio/description

In particular, Professor Bacrumble seeks to impose

Typo, 2nd paragraph


Death to typos! :)

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Oh sorry, I posted them in the wrong thread!

I'll make my character a clueless typo ninja then :)

Unfortunately, typos never die. There will always be one alive somewhere, in a dark corner...

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