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  2. So any news on the App or the Character Sheet and the Kickstarter Add Ons for Drive Trough? https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/142621/Holdfast-Record-of-the-Dwarven-Kingdoms-Volume-I
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  4. Similar to many adventures we can't be sure what the long term consequences are for the character. The Special Summoning could i.e. have an interesting adventure as follow up in Y2 or gain some powerful ability from the creature you bound your self to and then suddenly it becomes interesting. For me the biggest no go from character view is that you not knowing what creature you are binding your self to. I.e. you might end to be bound to an dragon this way that then suddenly appears in Mineta when enough people bound to it.
  5. For what it is worth, I always assumed that the rite would mark the PC in some way with potentially serious consequences in the future. I mean, such a rite might easily lead to serious traces of gates magic in a body...hypothetically.
  6. For me the price, a increase in your Stress Minimum, of the Special Summoning is not worth the gain of a single Attribute point. At last the adventurer live of my characters give them more then enough attributes that for some they probably not even need a single increase in Y2. (Yes Legate you can report this to your team as well, maybe they change the price or reward of the Summoning in Y2 i.e. when the gate magic skill increase)
  7. @Legate of Mineta: Since only one of my characters attending the Schohanwicht has performed the Special Summoning, I was wondering if I could write a little automatically triggered event for the last day of Y2's summer vacation in which a student at the Schohanwicht School who never participated in the Special Summoning reflects about why such a rite was not engaged in - with explanations ranging from the whimsically cute to the paranoid.
  8. Also interesting because there is a particular Revision wand (Alter Wand) that looks like a tuning fork. Sold by someone who also sells a Mastery item and a definite Gates item. (Though it seems deliberately designed, not corrupted, but maybe in homage.)
  9. This is interesting so there probably was once a way to redirect the chaotic energies within the gate magic to the wand instead of the mind or the magic.
  10. And now: "1. Yes. It's likely quite unsettling when the Shade itself is basically invisible. 2. Yes, though they're not always as effective as their creators might like. There are actually several around the Academy grounds - including some rather prominent ones at the Vernin towers. 3. If you were to come upon a Gates manuscript featuring border art involving a woman holding a wand shaped like a tuning fork, or even a pitchfork, that would be Aminþia Que’la. There were a number of oral traditions that suggested that the magic she worked caused the head of her wand to split and branch - or to become corrupted in various other ways. 4. If recognized, it would be grounds for interrogation, at the very least. 5. Generally speaking, there's enough secrecy around one's studies at Schohanwicht that nobody would know you didn't do the special summoning if you didn't make a point of advertizing it. Therefore, not really a big deal. That said, we're not going to get exactly into why Black Sheep parents might want their kids to pursue Gates studies, but they might indeed be slightly happier if you can say you've done a special summoning and could do it again under the right circumstances. If only because it would improve your odds for long-term success/survival."
  11. Would after such a long time when no one official teach gate magic and its history anyone still recognize her or her name? Unless she is pictured with clear Gate related monster or magic I think 99,9% of all people would think it is just the picture of a other woman. After all when there is no prosecutor there is no judge. Edit: I personal suspect that there even some picture of her in public Art collections without anyone beside some Gate mages know about it.
  12. 5. Are there any potential negative consequences for a Schohanwicht student not participating in things like the special summoning? Is it something you may have been expected to do? Will Black Sheep parents hold it against you as evidence your heart isn't in it?
  13. @Legate of Mineta2. Are anti-teleportation wards known about and used? What about anti-summoning wards? 3. Does Aminþia Que’la have standard artistic iconography? 4. If a person were caught with a picture of Aminþia Que’la in the Empire of Man, would that itself be a crime?
  14. A dramatic slow read of the *entire* thread? Yes, please. The DLC adventures, for the most part, are all referenced or continued. It depends on what the end result was.
  15. May I just say, as someone who has peeped at this thread every so often for the last 2 years, this is the greatest showcase enthusiasm, frustration and polite HR hand waving on the internet. Rhi, Metis, Schwarzbart, freespace - your dedication is both endearing and a bit concerning. But we all wouldn't be geeks if we didn't shamelessly obsess over odd things, please keep being your best self. I'm leaving this in honor of the usual posters, those that joined the discussion only to lose interest, peepers like myself, and Legate (who was. no doubt. a DMV worker in his past life) P.S. Would recording a dramatic slow read of the entire thread at game release be alright? P.S.S here's is my contribution. Legate, will some of the more memorable side adventures be referenced or have a follow up in Y2.
  16. @Legate of Mineta: I changed the event "Rixenda's sorrow" to be more consistent and available to all colleges.
  17. @Legate of Mineta: I hope that I would not be amiss in portraying Rixenda as a student whom other students speculate about as insane, given what players on this forum have said about her and how the Academagia regards her art.
  18. Tacking on, does the Shade have a shadow larynx? Can other people hear its magnificent hum?
  19. Looks like Growing up only have 3 characters to choose for romance per playthrough, assigned at random. My first character was a guy and i had only just 1 girl and 2 guys to choose, picked no one, married a random woman. My first daughter play i also did not choose anyone, so she also ended up with another woman. Npc wise Alexandra was like Prudence, which was cool, the whole tomboy part and the Alex/Pru name thing. I liked Chinese parents better, it has the bonus stats that passes to the next generation, the job that influences your allowance, more choices to romance etc, but i still want to play Growing up a few more times and thanks for sharing
  20. Rhi; "1. Depends on the familiar. Unless you got Pamela - or, y'know, Mr. Pebbles - it's entirely possible you've heard no "talking" at all in Y1. You may never. Moreover, it's extremely likely you've never heard another student's familiar speak. Traditionally, though, if a mage is communicating with a creature that doesn't have a humanoid larynx (or can't fake it), it's a telepathic/empathic line of contact over the Bond. Silent to outsiders, but sometimes with echoing body language to suggest the contact is ongoing. 2. Some people, if they really listen, can hear actual words. And the horror of it is, the more they hear the harder it is to tune him out afterwards. For others, it's like a pre-verbal toddler. Just incessant "Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba!" 3. Multiple levels to this one. Yes, there are spells that purportedly let a third-party wizard "overhear" conversations conveyed via the Bond. They're all considered Mastery, though. There are also spells that translate non-human vocalized speech. If, say, Sheary's dog barks a message that Lambert has fallen down a well, a prepared mage can overhear it and understand - and that's totally legal. And, lastly, there are spells that allow a wizard to communicate with another wizard's familiar by way of a kind of pseudo-Bond; veterinarians find it useful, though it's extremely difficult to master. That said, it's generally only legal if used with the consent of the familiar's wizard."
  21. If not for the bugs that some player have with 2 mini games of "Chinese Parents" I would say this is the better game then "Growing Up" especial when it comes to replay value. Not only have Chinese Parents more different mini games, IMHO it also allow a better control what Job and Partner you end up. Also a warning Growing Up appears to force gay relationship up to the player character, at last all 4 times I had a male character it ended in a gay relationship. Of the 3 "romance" choices you get I got at max 1 of the opposite gender so far in the 5 rounds I played. Also it appears that you need to have to answer all questions correct to end in marry one of the 4 choices instead of a random one with little or no hint what the "right" answers would be.
  22. @Legate of Mineta: 1. what do other people hear when a mage's familiar talks to the mage in a non-human, familiar-specific, way? 2. what do other people hear when Mr. Pebbles talks to the PC in a non-human, familiar-specific, way? 3. are spells known that allow people to understand when a mage's familiar talks to the mage in a non-human, familiar-specific, way?
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