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  2. Learned why Witchbrook didn't had any news for so long: "It was originally in another programing language but the only programer they had that knew it left so they had to recode it. They focused on Wargroove for a while when that happened and then started to recode witchbrook. They didn't expect to be starting over when they announced witchbrook." (had posted this first in a PM but today I saw this posting from Ascartad again so I thought I also post it here)
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  4. I have been playing Spire of Sorcery's demo, and I am very disappointed by it. The setting and the premise are fascinating - reminiscent of the Schohanwicht - but the game play is terrible. Characters are randomly generated, and casting spells is an unpleasant and tedious mixture of a card game and Academagia's pheme-based magic. Still, it has potential and it gives a fascinating narrative/game-based justification for allowing multiple mages to co-operate in one spell.
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    KS Update 214

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  7. this card game looks interesting but from the release reviews it is apparently to much of a luck game.
  8. Rhi; "1. It's relatively esoteric knowledge, in the sense that only specialized scholars would likely encounter it, but it's not something you'd have to find a forbidden history to know. Any good history of the Avila towers will either mention it, or point the reader to biographies of the Res that would touch upon their travels. 2. Probably not in year one. Sometime in her Academy stay, though, I expect she will. 3. Yes. It's actually a big part of the reason that Gates magic was discouraged around the recently deceased even in the days in it was legal. 4. Yes. 5. It was somewhat dangerous for the stored critters, but not unheard of - if only as a display of magical power. Often the receptacles were caskets or boxes - or sealed amphorae in the very old days - but there were special rings and amulets that served the purpose as well."
  9. Spellcaster University has now been released on Steam - a game in which the player creates a university for mages.
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  11. @Legate of Mineta: 1. How widely known is this connection? 2. Does Oriabel Sidot know about it? 3. Are there any vetalas known to the Empire of Man (spirits that live in graveyards until they find corpses suitable for them to animate and use as bodies)? 4. Could a mage skilled in gates magic, mastery magic, and/or necromancy become a vetala? 5. When gates magic was legal, did any mages develop equivalents to pokeballs for storing their familiars or even other beings?
  12. Another Steam Achievement Suggestion (Which I hope can arise in a future game): I gained powers in Thei...: Confide to Sima Venesico that you are a mastery mage who studies mastery with the Purple Wizards.
  13. Ten minute video about the 2cm Flak of the second U1.
  14. @Legate of Mineta: This is my final revision of my adventure "Zoe's Concerns", which has revised the reference to ninja. Zoe’s Concerns:
  15. @Legate of Mineta: I have improved the writing in Tabin's Trip 00 in several ways, most notably by giving better guidance about what happens after the player chooses the option “What are we supposed to find out?”.
  16. Another suggestion for Y2: I am a student, not an adventurer: Successfully complete all courses in one playthrough with highest marks while never completing a non-mandatory adventure.
  17. The season slowly comes to an end. Most Belles are now done and the rest gets until June 30th. Direct matches: Houston 1-1 Wichita INPF 1: Contes season is over and thus she comes to 32 regular matches, ending with a 12/12 matchday. Since she lost only one of her last 10 matches, she gets 2,7 points for her remaining 4 matches. Bringing her to a total of 103,2 points, thus basically winning the league! The next two finishing, exactly with 38 matches are Leni and Moskva. Both score 4 points in 2 matches and that's enough for Leni to overtake Chiyoda, who's done already. With Algerie the first Belle who has a still ongoing season comes up. She has a bad run with only 2/12 points. Hopefully her remaining three matches will be better. Of the US ladies, Lady Lex starts off with a very good 10/15 matchday, sjooting herself straight past Verdun, Algerie and Tenryuu, who she overtakes on match ratio. Wichitas ladies only manage to score 2/12 points, enough for Augusta to pass by with 6/12, but not for Kumano who stays one point behind after also scoring 6/12 points. The lower regions and the fight against relegation start with Arizona, who doesn't feel comfortable with this situation and shoots past Wichita with a nice 9/12 matchday. Her strongest so far. Kongous ladies also get her boiler going and she gets equal with Kumano, who now, despite her passable result is suddenly back in the midst of the relegation fight. Now, who thought, Perth would be a hopeless case..... she goes beserk in her final run. For her final matchday she makes kickass 15/24 point booty. This earns her a nice 1,6 mod for her last 6 matches and brings her up to solid 46,2 points and maybe safety? Houston make a 4/12 matchday, but with only 12 matches at this point she can only hope for a few good matches to push her modificator. Same goes for SL City. Who gets only 3/12. But at least now both have the minimum of 10 matches each. INPF 2: Kitakami scores 3 points on her last matchday, making her join the promotion squad as third. Aoba wins her last match and climbs past Pola and Scharnhorst. Saguenay makes 6 points in 5 matches, losing against Augusta among others, blowing her theoretical chance for promotion. She's now only in for the honour of climbing even higher. Also she's now the last active Belle of INPF 2.
  18. @Legate of Mineta: My most embarrassing proposal for content for Academagia in my opinion was a suggestion that Zoe Melis would be willing to consider joining the Oursuki in the right circumstances. But I hope that at least 1 NPC can be revealed to be so willing in future games.
  19. Oh dear, with those two in the fleet, who needs Morganas?
  20. Rhi; "The only answer we can give is that it's entirely possible, but there's not a lot of credible, publicly available documentation that would prove links between specific theories/treatises and trans-planar research. Particularly in matters of governance and social organization, where everything modern is intentionally tracked back into a broad haze of "oh, that goes all the way back to the New Gods and/or the early Temples and/or the old days of Mineta." [Redacted] One discipline that does genuinely seem to be informed by Gates experience is what one would broadly call magical architecture. Avila's first great tower (and therefore, indirectly, a lot of the modern Avila and Vernin campuses) is thought to have been based on a deserted structure in an otherworldly wasteland visited in the 320s by the twins Aelia and Aelius Re (or Rep, in some writings)."
  21. @Legate of Mineta: Kazus's family (whose name I forget) represent a fascinating fantasy version of the Barmakids (may their sufferings dwindle!) - a powerful family using its hereditary power and knowledge to adjust to a new legal order in a controlled way (as the Barmakids did when Buddhism became illegal in Balkh). But did anything similar happen with Gates mages? I can imagine, for example, that many alchemists or natural philosophers might be very interested in notes by gates mages about previous (but not continued) trips and deeds in other universes.
  22. Rhi; They haven't yet said, unfortunately. I guess the minimum would be 0, to be precise.
  23. @Legate of Mineta: What is the minimum number of new courses that will be introduced in Y2?
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    KS Update 213

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