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  1. Happy holidays to the team, Legate! Also, is it likely that we get even just an announcement about Big Progress before 2021 ends? I remember asking something similar back in 2018 around the same time and I just.... realized that Academagia had become some sort of a comfort game for me. So much so that I bought it on my second steam account just to support the devs again. I haven’t touched the game in 2019 but this break, I had enough time to play and it was nostalgic to play this game again. I’m not expecting Year 2 to come by next year, though I fervently hope for it, but hopefully within the next few years? I know others had been discouraged because of how slow the progress had been and the is it or isn’t it kind of answers, but I’m still anticipating because the summer vacation portion is so interesting and I think it will be fun to play.
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