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  1. Hi, so obviously i'm new here, and this would be my first post. Ive had my eye on Academagia for a long while and just bought it...finally. And honestly, i am simply overwhelmed. I try to play games after looking up some guides or when it comes to rpg's, some character builds. But all i've found of the prior seem to be severely outdated, and i simply haven't found much of the latter, and what little i did, was again, outdated. The applicable information seems to be...scattered at best. NOW, coming to my questions. I've found new players posing these questions to you lovely people over the years (on the forums), and i shall keep up the tradition. 1) Since i want to play a success story, and experience as much and many of the events as i can in the first playthrough. (success being things like aceing the tests i guess??) What character building stats would you suggest? As in what do i pick while building my first character? (with the summers blush mod, which i assume is the latest and includes whatever is on first whatever of summer) 2) Who would be the best people to try and "clique" with in my ambitious first playthrough? 3) I saw in some video that someone uses the mod TOOLS, sans any actual modding to make their playthrough easy, how can i do that and if i can, where can i get the resources? All in all, how can i have an easy playthrough where i can learn the ropes without failing too much at everything and floundering. I love the concept of this game and am easily disenchanted by failure so i'd like for me to be able to push through enough to learn how to hold myself up in subsequent playthroughs. I know i'm asking a lot of people who probably only now play this game in passing, but obviously there isn't anywhere better where i can do so. So i would really appreciate your attention and help. Thanks in advance, and its good to be here.
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