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    Update 1: As you may have seen per Naval Message #191 from Naval High Command BCS, they are going to provide an in game reward to the winner of our essay contest, to be awarded on the launch of the game. The prize will be a unique crewman or woman, inspired by the subject of the winning essay.
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    It was a lot of fun working on that video! Lots of secrets for y'all to dig into! Enjoy!
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    I wouldn't mind if I rescue some British port town and they name a ship HMS Insufferable, because they can't get themselves to name a ship after a German captain, but basically everyone knows what's up, including the Belle.
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    It's part subjective and part meta Every npc has a dominant attribute on the mod tools, Cinzia is marked as having Intelligence as her preference, meaning she will try to raise that attribute if possible On the Charm exit it feels you are either trying to the seize the knowledge for yourself or change Cinzia to be nicer (if you look on a meta level how the characters might evolve) The Intelligence exit felt more natural, you let her open the statue and have her moment If i wanted a nice Avila girl there's Ana Flavia for that, i liked Cinzia for what she is. And on the the topic of npc rewards, i remembered Noemia gain confidence skill steps on her adventure
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    I think it was cool that on Cinzia's adventure you and her gain a stat point as a reward. 1 charm if you want to try to make her nicer or 1 intelligence if you go for the true end
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    Ah, I wasn't sure myself because of the information on steam stating FToS as the latest update and no mention of Summer's Blush even when searching online. I was currently searching the threads here for clarity on that, so thank you for the swift reply. I know I'll have fun, it might be a niche game but it's my kinda game, so thanks again!
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    Attention all INPF commands. The following message is unclassified and marked for widest distribution. Publicly publish the following orders at gathering points within your command. From: Commander, 76th Strike Group, INPF Pacific Command To: All INPF Commands Subject: Armistice Day Essay Contest Situation: The Captain's Association, and the Admiralty Board of the Discord Server is pleased to announce that we will be holding an essay contest, to celebrate the imminent launch of the game, (whenever that might be!) and to commemorate the end of the Great War. The contest is open to all ranks, and begrudgingly, to all services, including our land locked cousins. Please see the following information for details. Respond to this thread, or contact the Admiralty Board on the very Unofficial Victory Belles Discord server if you have questions. Mission: In the spirit of the old saw "Lions Led By Donkeys", the subject of the essay shall be, The Worst General or Admiral of the 20th Century As an argumentative essay, your essay about your selected historical personage must be based primarily in facts and reason. Citations are not required. A certain amount of persuasive writing (arguing from emotion) and humor is encouraged, but should not encapsulate more than half of the essay. The board wishes for all participating personnel to have fun after all, but the goal is making a historical argument with these essays in addition to having fun. Some exceptions to the requirement of your essay subject being a flag officer will be entertained on a case by case basis, but should ideally be at the very least, the commander of a land formation no smaller than a regiment, one large warship, or the commander of a squadron or flotilla of smaller vessels. If you really need to expose the incompetence of such an individual, contact the contest organizer with the following information: Who you want to eviscerate in text, and why you feel they should be considered in the company of failed generals and admirals. Execution: The contestants shall write an argumentative essay of at least one typed page in English, size 12 font. The essays will be judged solely on content, not on grammar, but keeping things vaguely comprehensible is encouraged so as not to drive the judges to drink. Anything above ten pages is probably a touch excessive, but if you have the will, by all means. Essays may be submitted via paste bin link, or posted whole cloth in the contest thread on the Victory Belle's forum. These essays will then be judged by the Admiralty board via an internal process. Results will be announced via the Discord, and this thread. This will be accomplished as quickly as possible after the end of the submission period. Depending on the volume of submissions... it might take awhile, what with a war to fight against eldritch horrors and all that. To encourage enthusiastic participation, the Admiralty Board is offering the following prizes to the victor. The admiration of your peers, the smug satisfaction that you've lampooned an utterly incompetent git for the amusement of others, and of course for the over all winner, a prize, either a strategy game with appropriate amounts of naval combat, or a steam gift card of equivalent value . The exact value of the prize, and a possible prize for second place, will depend on the number of participants who successfully submit their entry, but will be no less than 20.00 USD. The winner will be messaged via PM on this forum, or by discord to arrange for final delivery of the prize. Administration: Due date: All entries must be submitted by the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, Reiwa 2/2773 AUC/2020 CE, in the Central Time Zone of the United States. Command and Signal: As before, please contact myself under the handle TwoHeavens on the forum, or via the (Unofficial!) VB discord here: https://discord.gg/8AqrYGq with the same call sign. Keep an eye out for a special further announcement regarding this contest later this week! May the most irate historian win! Respectfully, T. Heavens. Admiral, USMC, INPF Commanding
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    I really like the game and am more than willing to believe it hasn't been abandoned but what would really help with that are regular updates. every month a sign of live that some work has been done. just a small beacon of hope that Y2 will at some point exist.
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    Been reading through the old updates, and was wondering if we could maybe get say a European or Asian perspective on the first days of the Morganas and Belles in an update. There's a snippit of the European side in 139 where it goes over the American side of things, but a little more wouldn't hurt.
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    @RhialtoThere is someone who try to sell his Kickstarter Pledge for quite some time already, you can find this thread over there: If your goal is to support BCS then you only can buy at this page for the moment: Black Chicken Studios (blackchickengames.com)
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    Direct Matches: Salt Lake City 3-1 Wichita INPF 1: Admiral Graf Spee had only four matches left and by now played all of them. But instead of overtaking Belfast, she stumbles hard and comes home with only 5/12 points. So her final score is "only" 77 and Belfast can keep dreaming of the championship a bit. But only until Conte di Cavour closes in. Conte gets 6 points in her two matches and can't overtake AGS yet, but she has still 10 matches to go. Further down the table, Moskva has a matchday she'd rather wants to forget. Two matches, zero points, easy pray for Leni, who scores two victories in her two matches and not only overtakes Moskva in the INPF, but also wins the Russian championship 2020/21. Both have two matches to go, in the INPF as well as in the Russian league. Tenryuu on the other hand fails to sack Moskva as she only scores 3 points in her last to matches and is now done. And so is Verdun who ends with a loss. Algerie sees this and gets immediately past verdun with an uncommon 9/9 matchday, but even with her 7 matches in reserve, she won'tplay a role in the championship fight. But with Hood, LMP and Verdun behind her, she's already safe from relegation. The yankii bunch starts with Lady Lex, who cashes in 2 more victories and keeps steaming upwards. Our current host Wichita is rather mediocre and only gets 1/6 today. lucky for her, Augusta also disappoints with only 4/12 points and stays behind her. Kongou brings home only one point, but only had one match. Arizona on the other hand had 4 matches and brings home only 3 points. Still enough to overtake Kongou on matches. Kumano continues her small miracle streak of wins and thus overtakes Arizona and Kongou with 6/6 points. Which brings us to the danger relegation zone. While Perth continues a weak season, Houston and SLC make good points and only just got started with both having less than 10 matches. INPF 2: The 2 nd division sees fewer action as most teams are already done, but Kitakami starts the fray with a win, securing her possible promotion a bit better. And it was well needed, since Nürnberg ends on a win streak and on par with Canarias on points on a shared 4th place. Then we're already at current position 14, but Aoba changes this with might an 10/12 points! Only one match left and she establishes herself at least in the upper midfield. Not wuite expactable after her abyssimal season start. At the actual table bottom, Saguenay rows around with two draws, but at least it gets her on par with Nagato. And Nevada? Nevada makes Saguenay and Nagato THE table bottom by ceasing to exist.
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    General announcement: All US football leagues have postponed their start well in April, so they get an extended deadline, if they need one (currently June 30th). Direct matches: Tenryuu 1-3 Takao INPF 1: Well, we kick off the matchday with Belfast -again- and maybe for almost the last time. She makes a perfect 12/12 score today and has only 12 points to gain at max. 4 more matches and she's done for this season. So her current 72 points can "only" be elevated to 84 tops. Conte however stays flawless as well and has still 16 fluffy matches to go. With AGS also losing no points on her way to the maybe top, the top 3 are uncatchable today it seems. But! The IJN is back in the fight! Chiyoda comes back out of drydock with a strong 7/9 performance. Just in time, so AGS can't shake her for good. She is however only 6 matches away from a complete run, so her title dreams from earlier are much thinner than when she left. The sisterly battle in Russia turns into Moskvas favour as she can score two wins in two matches, while her sister only saves 1/6 points and falls behind. For now or was it the decisive matchday for those two? Lady Hood loses her steam in the end and also only gets 1/6 points. Denying herself a symbolic last huzzah over Leni and now being a sitting duck getting immediately taken over by Verdun, who also sacks Leni. Luckily Tenryuu seems to be stuck in winter quarters. She is back in the fight, but graciously scores 0/6 points. Lucky for her, LMP does the same today. Lex, like the other US Belles remains in drydock due to the pandemic (see above), so now threat there. Algerié has a classic mixed back of 1/1/1 in three matches, but it's enough to at least even the score with Lex and overturning her with the better match ratio. Kongou and Kumano have Nadeshiko League Teams. They will join on the last weekend of March, so maybe first scores will be in in early April. This leaves Perth, with a mediocre 3/9 performance, getting her out of relegation, at least on paper. INPF 2: With Exeter done, INPF 2 starts with P-k who also starts the hunt for Exeter. Since she was busy, showing you around last week, she only played one match, but managed to win it. Canarias goes out as well, but with a win, giving her chances to promotion a final, desperate push. Especially since Scharnhorst fails to deliver the killing blow with only 2 points in two matches. In the 2nd division, the IJN Kami-maru rejoin the fight, some of them with only little left to fight. But Takao wins over INPF 1s Tenryuu. With her other match a draw however, her chances are pretty much theoretical, since she can only check Canarias. Kitakami would be next in list, but since her team plays in J3 league, she restarts to play only in a fortnight. Kaga already only fights for her honour, scoring 3/6 points and having also only two matches left. At least overtaking Kitakami. For now. Köln only scores one point. With only 5 matches in reserve, her chances for promotion are on paper only as well. Nürnberg doesn't fare any better, but has more matches left. Nagato and Dunkerque do the same and thus we enter the bottom of the table. And there Gneisenau suddenly shows signs of life! With 4/9 points she shows a performance getting her at least in front of Nevada for now. But Bearn beste her nonthelesswith a rare 6/6 matchday. Nagato, Dunkerque, Bearn and Gneisenau also have now entered their endgame with 5 matches or less left. At the very bottom, the losers duel sees two furious performances! Pola scores 6/9 points and Aoba 4/6. They're not done yet and Pola underscores it even by overtaking Nevada for now in a big leap!
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    Since I basically settled for bi-weekly updates, let's give you a treat regarding Parishkaya Kommunas team:
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    Has the team changed, streamlined, or updated the backend software / GUI for Y2 at all?
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    @Legate of Mineta: Maybe the steam page for Academagia should be updated in order to mention Summer's Blush.
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    Excellent! In that case I will never write anything where they don't. /j
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    My hope is that it is just left to the player to decide for themselves what makes sense for the character to be able to do. Personally, I do take into account what I think the character's family would want when picking classes (along with other factors). The player has full choice, but that doesn't have to mean the character always has full choice. There are just too many different factors of potential backgrounds. For my Up From Destitution characters, I don't want them to have any influence or connections to ensure they get their wanted classes. But their parents also don't have the influence or connections to get in their way. If you're the Favorite Child then you could be smothered with concern and careful direction to your professors, or maybe you just begged and your parents let you have any classes you wanted. If you have Black Sheep then maybe the parents would never listen to your arguments, but you could also say they weren't paying attention or don't care enough to influence your classes. I know families are going to be more fleshed out and customizable in Y2, but it would be a lot of work to program in all the possibilities and also allow the player to pick the exact outcome and factors that lead to it. The same result is achieved by just letting the player pick freely in the first place, and imagine whatever process they want that led up to it. I would be disappointed if instead of all those different possibilities, all player characters just blanketly actually had a direct line of influence.
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    A wonderful Manchester commission from Reina (twitter link). Highly recommend checking them out when they have commissions available. If you're wondering what she's playing, well, isn't it obvious?
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    Hello, everyone! For the past few years since discovering Academagia, I've had a pattern of getting super into it for a month or so in the winter, and then setting it down so I can rediscover it all the next year. I've been lurking the lore questions thread for about that same amount of time. Figured it was time to say Hi!
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    Since we know main writing is done.. (barring continuous editing) And we know that Y2 has existed in a playable state for years, now. I am suspecting that most of the remaining work revolves around making sure all the massive tables of information reference each other properly. And possibly optimizing said tables since they are the heart of the game and it would be just a bit annoying to have to wait for all those obscene files to load. There's bound to be other things, but that would take the longest for a small team to accomplish. Especially a small team working on it as a hobby.
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    I can see Station: Merchant and Prodigy: Debate Master, but why Family: Helpful and Attentive? What part of...Pievrean doesn't sound right, Pievran? Pievren? Piev-something culture or something else makes HaA a good fit?
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    Are there any PC backgrounds, in Y1 or Y2, that should be taken as confirmation that the PC hails from Pievre? EDIT: It's been mentioned before that faculty has been involved in breaking up Cliques and the like before, either at the behest of someone's parents or for their own purposes, but has the opposite ever happened before? Has the faculty ever played matchmaker for any of their students, either at the request of someone's parents or (New Gods knows why) for their own purposes?
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    On a venom note, we do have a documented case of a large venomous serpent coiling itself round the turret workings of a warship of the Imperial Russian Navy, Second Pacific Squadron. Apparently the incident was resolved without too many people getting bit. It's a bit of a shame they got rid of the snake really, it probably vastly improved the combat potential of the ship.
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    Here's a link to his channel you can pass along as well. He's very much into history as well, as well as just general war stuff. Ton of his videos are on World of Tanks and World of Warships https://www.youtube.com/user/BohemianEagle
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    Happy holidays to the team, Legate! Also, is it likely that we get even just an announcement about Big Progress before 2021 ends? I remember asking something similar back in 2018 around the same time and I just.... realized that Academagia had become some sort of a comfort game for me. So much so that I bought it on my second steam account just to support the devs again. I haven’t touched the game in 2019 but this break, I had enough time to play and it was nostalgic to play this game again. I’m not expecting Year 2 to come by next year, though I fervently hope for it, but hopefully within the next few years? I know others had been discouraged because of how slow the progress had been and the is it or isn’t it kind of answers, but I’m still anticipating because the summer vacation portion is so interesting and I think it will be fun to play.
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    artist https://www.deviantart.com/rpg347
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    Direct Matches: Tenryuu 3-2 Takao Leningrad 3-1 Moskva Aoba 1-1 Kaga INPF 1: As the year comes to a close and a VB Trailer lingers on the horizon, Chiyoda shows her skill one last time for this year with a double victory exit. She's also the first with only 10 more matches to go. Belfast had more matches and while not perfect, manages to snatch Chiyodas lead on matches alone. Tenryuu also reaches the 10 matches to go mark and sends Takao home into the new year with a win over her. AGs uses a very good 10/12 points matchday to overtake the dormant Lady Lex. Contes rise on the other hand takes a hard dampener with only 3/9 points. She rules at home, but was a bit out of her water in international waters. Hood can capitalize on that weakness with a mediocre 5/12 performance, but it probably will not last since she's already on twice the matches as Conte. Leni got rather frustrated (and the author rather delighted) with a loss internationally. She apparently vented her frustration not only on Moskvas Dynamo, but also on Moskvas Spartak, just to hammer the message home. It at least brings her past two dormant yankii, if nothing else. Moskva gets a very used matchday, not only but also thx to her sister. This finally separates the Russian siblings. Kongou lost her shot at the Empress cup in the third round, giving her at least 3 points, while Kumano sadly lost in the second round and goes empty into sleep until March. LMP puts in a real effort and now trails Leni, just like last season, but farther down the table. Verdun also has a very good matchday -compared to the season so far- and breaks contace with the relegation zone. After a cautious start, Algerie leaves Perth in the dust at the bottom with a 10/12 matchday and makes an attempt to get out of the relegation zone. And since Perth lost against Chiyoda last matchday, she has to let it happen, since she will be dormant until late January. INPF 2: Exeter has an average matchday with 3/6. How much it will save her in the end is uncertain atm, because of her huge lead in points and matches to any competitor. Like P-K, who only has one match, but at least gets a point to show for it. Kaga (and most of the other IJN Kamimaru) concludes her season for this year. She, Nagato and Takao have only 6 matches to go. Kagas end of the year is disappointing with only 2/9 points. Her duel with Aoba gains both only one point each. Takao on the other hand gives herself a nice push towards years end. Only losing one match against INPF1s Tenryuu and winning the other two. Same goes for Kitakami, so both push back into the promotion spots. Nagato only manages to score 3/9 points an thus loses contact to the IJN block. Canarias scores a win and pushes past Nevada. Dunkerque reaches 50% of matches with a disappointing double loss. This helps Scharnhorst with a round of everything (1/1/1) to take back a position in front of her. And even Nünberg saily by, with 6/9 points. Gneisenau only had one match - onoe point, okay, maybe, not helping certainly. Talking about sailing by... the fact Pola rests until late Jauary sailed past me. Bearn performs also poorly with only 1 point and Aoba seems to have already lost her steam with now only 1/9 points this time. Köln on the other hand can keep her small momntum and scores 4/9 points, getting her behind Gneisenau and of the bottom. And very bad news for Axum. Apparently the Ethiopian Premier League was cut back from 16 ti 13 teams and I can't find her club anymore. Which means she is eliminated. Which makes me really sad. It also cuts the matches to play in INPF 2 by 2.
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    Shhhh... don't tell people that data conversion isn't really a big deal or half the devs I know will be out of jobs!
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    There's an RE in Y1 where Joana goads Uliva into sending a snake to try and spook Professor Pachait during Zoology class, so if it isn't in character for her in general than at least it's in character for her to be talked into it.
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    Whoever designed Cinzia should get a raise
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    *hüstel* Hoch verehrte Mitglieder der Admiralität, meine geschätzten Mitkapitäne, verehrte Damen und Herren, liebe Kinder, diesen Sieg nehme ich mit Dankbarkeit und Demut entgegen und ich bin mir sicher hätte jemand mit einem echten Abschluss in Geschichte, wäre das Ergebnis anders ausgefallen. So aber möchte ich der Admiralität dafür danken meinen bescheidenen Beitrag über Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz zum besten Beitrag dieses Wettbewerbs ausgewählt zu haben. Was als ein harmloser Scherz über einen bis dahin geschätzten Admiral der Deutschen Geschichte begann, entpuppte sich entgegen meiner Erwartung zu einem Inferno der Inkompetenz, welches mir diesen Sieg beschert hat. Daher gebührt mein Dank zuvorderst Alfred von Tirpitz, der in wunderbarer Preußischer Hybris und Selbstüberschätzung das Kleindeutsche Kaiserreich in den wohlverdienten Untergang getrieben hat. Wenn man sich in Deutschland auf etwas verlassen kann, dann dass es ein Preuße für uns schon versauen wird. Weiterhin möchte ich der Person danken, welche damals das zweite Victory Belles Promovideo bei YouTube eingestellt hat, denn ohne sie wäre ich nicht hier. Fürderhin darf ich auch nicht diese wunderbare Gemeinschaft der letzten aufrechten VB-Gläubigen vergessen, denn wenn ich nicht zumindest denken würde, dass ihr es zu schätzen wüsstet, hätte ich gar nicht erst mitgemacht. Un ringraziamento speciale al mio alleato italiano. Non essere l'unico membro dell'Asse a volte mi dà la forza di cui ho bisogno tra tutti questi alleati. Ferner danke ich allen bei Black Chicken Studios, dass sie weiter tapfer an der Fertigstellung des Spiels arbeiten. Wir geben ja alle nur nicht auf, weil ihr nicht aufgebt. Darüber hinaus danke ich natürlich meiner Mutter, meinem Vater, meiner Frau, welche diesen Teil meiner Freizeitgestaltung nur mit Kopfschütteln aufnimmt und Odin, der mir offenbar hin und wieder die Schriftzunge silbern pinselt. Danke.
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    Triplet maximize magic: Complete Sima, Magsa and Tabin adventures
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    Some nice lore there. Cinzia, like Uliva, is one of those characters that aren't evil by y1 alone but i can see that changing. @Rhialto One info about her that might give you ideas is that she is good with potions and has a book about it, it's hinted in her profile with the mixing cauldrons quote and she can give you one in a path in her adventure, but you need to do Olivia's adventure to learn about the book, so in case you have missed i noted here.
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    It's a parody on Cyberpunk 2077's delayed announcement. The same yellow background too.
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    Alfred von Tirpitz – All risk(theory), no plan Alfred von Tirpitz is best known as the ship. Really, more people know about the ship, but not its namesake. And in the collective mind of my fellow Germans -at least the ones who payed attention to the 5 seconds of history class he gets mentioned- he is the mighty Admiral who built the mighty Hochseeflotte for the Kaiser Wilhelm II. But in fact he was a stubborn idiot with a risky plan, which he based on a theory he himself coined (or let coin) "risktheory". Nomen EST Omen. I do not exaggerate if I say: The blood of every German seaman who died west of the Kattegat in World War 1 (WWI) is on his hands. But let me explain. His life begins 1849 in Küstrin, Province Brandenburg, but more importantly, his military career begins in 1865 unremarkably, but develops remarkably well. He joins the Prussian Navy in 1865 at the age of 16 and is apparently well enough educated to become a Kadett, officer in spe - Ensign in anglophone navies. He's not nobility at the time as the Prussian and later the German Navy accepts "Bürgerliche", well educated subjects of the king who are commoners, as officers from the get go. Unlike the army, which is forced to do so eventually, but that's of no importance here. He trains on the school ship of his time, SMS Musquito, where he makes a first visit to the Mediterranean. A few promotions later he sees "action" in the Franco-Prussian war on the Ironclad SMS König Wilhelm. Most of the time at anchor as the numerical superior French Navy semi-effectively blocks Wilhelmshaven. A few break out operations see no French opposition. After the formation of the Kaiserreich he serves quietly at sea, before developing the German torpedo, torpedo tube (still in use in WW1 according to a newspaper article I found), torpedo boats and the torpedo flotilla basically alone in the years between 1877 and 1888. He commands as Kapitänleutnant the first German torpedo boat "SMS Zieten", with which he sinks the first ever German flag ship of 1848 "Barbarossa" in a successful test. How very Prussian of him. He leaves the torpedo inspection which he built from scratch in 1888 as Korvettenkapitän, because "torpedo stuff" fell out of favour under the new Chancellor at the time. He requests to be put in command of a ship and is assigned as commander of the SMS Preussen and afterwards the SMS Württemberg. During that time he gets promoted to Kapitän zur See. Finally in 1890 he is assigned to be chief of staff of the "Marinestation Ostsee". Which hints at one thing, which I found echoes of in the articles about him: He is seen as much better at thinking and strategizing about naval affairs than actually commanding a ship or even a fleet at sea. And he also already had his fatal ideas in mind. But you don't need to lead from the front lines to doom your entire navy to losing a minor military encounter like WWI. Oh, you thought he is only responsible for all dead sailors west of the Kattegatt in WWI? No, all 34.836 dead sailors are on his tab. But who is counting, right? Since you might be wondering at this point: "What is that Korky person rambling about?", I'll get to the point. As early as 1890 Tirpitz promoted the idea of a strong battlefield fleet over a mobile cruiser fleet. Now, in 1890, chief of staff of the whole Baltic Sea for the German Navy he collected all sorts of stand-in battleships and even made a presentation of his plans with them to the Kaiser. Personally. Who was reportedly impressed. Big ships! Yummy! It even gained him personal access to the Kaiser. Which should've been way out of league for him at this point rank- and positionwise. An he's a commoner! Alas nothing immediately came of it as the time was not right. The reason being, the naval state secretary at the time, Hollmann, opposed the idea and favoured a "mixed fleet" and even the Kaiser was a bit more preoccupied with favouring cruisers for the moment, as they would provide better support and protection in over seas engagements. Like the colonies or supporting the Boers. Important to pretend to be a big mighty empire. The Kaisers heart was with Tirpitz, but his mind distracted. And the political setting was against a bigger fleet and the navy supporters rather clumsily missed their chance with the then current chancellor. They first fell out of favour with him and then even lost the bit of traction they had gained in the Reichstag. Which was equally bad, because the Reichstag had to approve the money to build the envisioned fleet, no matter what ships.. In any case Tirpitz had obtained the favour of the Kaiser and showed skill as chief of staff. So much so he became chief of staff of Naval High Command in 1892 and was promoted to Konteradmiral in 1895. The conflict between cruiser vs. battleship doctrine had further escalated in the meantime and Tirpitz asked to be relieved in late 1895. He was frustrated his superiors, the chancellor and the naval state secretary, still favoured cruisers and blocked him at every opportunity. But the Kaiser loved him. He loved him because Tirpitz was capable and shared the dream of a fleet with big ships. Big shiny battleships, with big shiny guns. After all size matters, right? And Cousin George of England had one. A fleet with a lot of battleships, I mean. The Kaiser wanted Tirpitz to be naval state secretary, but it was impossible, because sacking his predecessor during negotiations with the Reichstag AND a crisis in South Africa (remember, the Boers) the time just wasn't right. Soooo Tiritz was persuaded to first draft a few battleships and -after more political shenanigans- was sent off as commander of the Kreuzergeschwader Ostasien (not famous yet) to find a suitable harbour for the Reich to lease from the Chinese. He did, but was recalled home before a decision on the matter was reached. Tirpitz time had come, Hollmann and his incompetent band of losers had resigned, the Kaiser wanted Tirpitz, the Navy wanted Tirpitz and Tirpitz wanted the job to finally do what was right and inevitable: Challenge the Royal Navy! He had shown skill in fleet management, was well versed in the naval Reichspolitics, even developed a completely new type of naval weapon for the Reich. What could possibly go wrong? His strange obsession with Great Britain and the Royal Navy could. I told you I'd get there. The moment Alfred Tirpitz (still no "von") became naval state secretary in 1897 he went to work on two fronts. One was inside the Navy. He got rid of basically anyone in the way of the "Tirpitz-Plan". He also immediately published and actively circulated a seemingly standard memorandum about the state and composition of the German navy. But in it he basically abandoned cruiser based warfare and discredited it. He demanded a strong, battleship based fleet to be able to face the Royal Navy. From there he developed his "risk theory". That was his second front. The German Navy should at all times be at around 2/3rds the strength of the Royal Navy, effectively denying the RN the realisation of its "Two-Power-Standard". Thus the RN would not "risk" an engagement with the Kaisers fleet. A battle would, in theory, be too risky for the RN. Even if it managed to beat the Kaisers fleet, such a Pyrrhic victory would be the real risk. The then mightier fleets of France and Russia could make short work of British naval supremacy. Hence "risk theory". In only 20 years time this plan could be put into effect, afterwards the German Navy would surely be strong enough to fend off the RN and keep the North Sea shores safe and the trade routes into the Atlantic open. And the Kaiser and the Reichstag loved it. They swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Remember big, shiny ships! Rivaling England on the high seas! A bit of cunning coercing by an immensely successful propaganda campaign, led by Tirpitzs man for the masses Ernst Levy von Halle helped a fair share and soon the fleet frenzy of the Kaiserreich had broken out. Only a few critics saw the flaw in the Tirpitz-plan. Or rather the many flaws. What if the Royal Navy decided to NOT come out and fight? Tirpitz completely disregarded a fleet in being approach. His High Sea Fleet was there to bravely engage the Royal Navy (not allied with the French Navy at the time... as if THAT would ever happen). And if, just for the love of speculating, Britain would actively blockade Germany at sea? How could a fleet of slow battleships break that blockade? At all. If the home fleet would be beaten and the -even in Tirpitzs plans- inferior German Navy had survived the decisive battle, how would the problem of still having to sail past bloody Britain itself to get to the Atlantic be solved? Tirpitz never addressed this. He also denied the Naval commanders favouring a cruiser fleet enough resources to build a parallel raider/trader fleet to exploit the unlikely success. Then ther's the time frame. 20 years is actually a bloody long time. And Britain has a head-start in size and power. And the better and much more naval resources..... how was Tirpitz to achieve 2/3rds of the RN size and power if, let's say Britain got wind of it and decided to beef up its own Navy accordingly? Did I mention the Kaiser loved to brag about his fleet and exaggerated its power to impress Cousin George? No way Georgie (and everyone else like...dunno... the French maybe?) would panic and build even more ships! What if France and or Russia start to ally with Britain? Because the Kaiser also loved to brag how Germany would take "its rightful place" as an imperial superpower equal to them in might AND size. A bit problematic if no space of the world is unoccupied...... and the Kaiser insists. Talking about France and Russia: Tirpitz seemed to be strangely obsessed with Britain. He sent his daughters there to a reputated girls school, but also only ever fixed his mind on defeating the Royal Navy. Other Navies appear in everything I read about his plans only on the sidelines. Which is especially odd, because you payed attention, dear reader, and know his only battle experience was against the French. To top it all off, the army started to mention a slight underfunding problem, because military funds were pumped into very expensive battleships and not the modernisation of the army. Not to mention to keep it at the manpower levels laid out in the armys own plans and approved by the Reichstag. But who cares about an army, if he wants to wage a war in the distant future and only roughly 9/10th of the country borders are landborders? And who had EVER heard of a French or Russian army being a "thing"? The one thing I let Alfred von Tirpitz off the hook is HMS Dreadnought. He couldn't really foresee it. I assume in his favour he HAD spies in Britain. But he was warned prior to 1906 time and again about all the other fallacies. Even prior to 1900, when he was elevated into nobility. The HMS Dreadnought also did something else: It rendered all other battleships obsolete. So suddenly all efforts in regards of achieving 2/3rds of the RN strength evaporated with her. In the grand scheme of things the HMS Dreadnought effectively should've killed the German fleet program: Germany had to stick to its obsolete concepts, because those had to be finished. The new concept had to be adapted somehow first before ships akin to HMS Big D could be built. They also would require a renewed political battle with a now sobered up Reichstag and populous. This meant keeping old ships in the fleet, while Britain was merrily modernising its fleet. And did I mention everyone could see by 1906 how close Britain and France had become? And Russia and France? Punching another hole the size of a football goal into the Tirpitz-plan, which hinged on the idea of Britain having to fear those two Navies. And those are only the problems adding to the other problems I mentioned above. And those are only the obvious ones. If we go into detail we could spot many more, I'm sure. But naval details (like comparing fleet quality) is not my strong suit. But do you think Tirpitz (and his buddy the Kaiser) abandoned their HSF-risk plan over such minor concerns? Of course not. Even in the face of the army complaining about a slight underfunding problem, because someone in Germany was building big, expensive battleships and now on top of it was developing completely new ones. The army was delighted to loose even more funding as you can imagine. Things got so obviously bad, finally even a small opposition inside the Navy formed against the almighty Tirpitz, promoting cruiser warfare again. But it was discarded. And I think my point becomes clear by now. But I must insist to hammer it home. Because not only the whole Navy disaster was Tirpitz-made. In fact he lost Germany the whole WWI. Yep, the entire gig failed because of him and was doomed to fail even if von Moltke had been a better field commander. In fact every German dead soldiers and a lot of other dead soldiers blood is on von Tirpitzs bloody hands. Not all, because he did not kick it off, but his “preparations” doomed them all in the long run. As we are all hopefully aware, in 1914, all hell broke loose. Long story short: After Coronel the surface fleet and its doctrine failed miserably. In fact the most successful squadron of Germany was the East Asia Squadron (Kreuzergeschwader Ostasien, famous now). A cruiser based squadron and its most successful ladies, the Emden and Dresden are the stuff of German naval legends to this day. Remembered stories seem to only exist around raiders and cruisers, hinting already at how wrong Tirpitz was. Imagine if he had equipped the far away colonial outposts properly to support the cruisers? Because the German colonies were only equipped to handle the cargo ships to exploit colonial goods. If at all. Staffing, fortifying and equipping those colonial harbours to support cruisers would've meant to give a Mark (the German currency) for the cruiser doctrine. Not with Al von T.! Or if their numbers had been greater? And the Royal Navy would have been super busy guarding the North Sea regardless. And finding small, annoying German cruisers in the bloody oceans, made even harder by their ability to supply themselves properly. How devastating well supplied cruiser could wreck havoc on a superior enemy was proven by Göben and Breslau in Ottoman service. Of them there was even a very compelling argument made they were the most influential naval force of the whole first world war. <insert link to DYM post> Instead after Coronel, nothing came of it. The heavy cruisers were dealt with immediately and the light cruisers held out until they ran out of luck and supplies. The African colonies laid bare anyways and the North Sea blockade of the Royal Navy was super effective, because no one had thought to build small vessels as blockade runners. And the decisive battle in the North Sea? The HSF received one bloody nose after another most famously at the Doggerbank and at Jutland. Sure, the RN received wounds as well, but in relation the RN was demoralised to go on the offensive. The HSF was incapacitated to do so, which she desperately needed to do since she was the one being blockaded. The RN just had to hang in there and exist to stop and frisk some trade ships. And such the German Navy lost 34.836 men and gained nothing. Another immense failure of him was the Babylonian structure of the naval command. Naval command was split between the Kaiser, the chancellor, the cabinet and the supreme command of the army(!). It was so frustrating von Tirpitz actively resigned over the matter in 1916. How easily this issue could've been fixed was proven in 1918(!) be Reinhard Scheer, the German commander in the Battle of Jutland. The latter had apparently some similar realisations after the battle of Jutland on his time afterwards as supreme commander of the fleet trying to quell mutinies. He handed the keys to the fleet to Franz von Hipper on August 11th 1918, met with OHL on August 12th and had replaced all the administrative nonsense with a beautiful and effective Seekriegsleitung officially on August 27th 1918. So Tirpitz (and his successors, all his "followers" until Scheer) was a failure in fleet administration at wartime as well. He was so bad he resigned over an issue, Scheer solved in roughly two weeks. The only thing in which Tirpitz proved possibly right was his advocation of the unrestricted U-Boot warfare. He wanted to implement it in 1915 already, after German Naval command had first realisations that the many, many sunken British ships were a result of the U-Boote and not mines. Over the months and years a lot of German admirals endorsed the U-Boot warfare, including the aforementioned Admiral Scheer basically as a consequence of Jutland. But if you payed attention, you know why he was right there: Torpedoes were heavily involved in the topic. But you know. That's only the Naval failure of Alfred von Tirpitz in all its miserable scabbiness. I also now mentioned twice the impact of his policies to the army. And how he doomed them all to a long terrible manslaughter. I'm talking about his impact on the army that put up a 4 year fight to the combined strength of Italy, Belgium, Serbia, Russia, Britain, France, Hellas, Franz Xaver Josef Conrad von Hötzdorf and Romania. Also some US folks who eventually happened to come over. On every landborder the Reich had to offer and beyond (that's how Conny landed on the list). Well, most people reading this probably know about the Schlieffen-Plan. It was first introduced in 1893/94 and was changed several times by von Moltke until 1914. Well, prioritizing the Tirpitz battleship-fleet meant the war started and the German army was.... actually undermanned and underequipped. Yep, the mighty German army was actually going to war below the strength planned by Schlieffen and even Moltke. As a broad example: The army had prepared to equip and staff around 750.000 soldiers. Total. Prior to full mobilisation it had ~500.000 soldiers ready and equipped to face both France and Russia in the case of an attack. But the original Schlieffen plan had asked for ~790.000 soldiers alone for its initial offensive actions and additional soldiers to man the planned siege of Antwerpen, cut off French troops in southern Germany and encircle the bulk of the enemy force in or around Paris. On top of that it acknowledged the necessity for additional troops to occupy Belgium, to hold off Russia or if the British Expeditionary Force showed up. (They did not foresee Austrias incapability, just saying.) But the army had voluntarily restricted itself and settled for 750.000 men, because they wanted to tend to the Kaisers need for BIG, SHINY BATTLESHIPS!!! - courtesy of Tirpitz. So apart from one or two tactical errors, which Moltke had -at least mentally- prepared for, he had to throw the decisive battle of the Marne, because he had 750.000 men in the battle and realised: He had run out of steam. He couldn't fill a gap between his two armies and no HSF battleship would come to his aid. That realisation broke Moltke and he was relieved from command, deemed unfit for duty. His successor Falkenhayn suffered the long term consequences as well, when he only had freshly drilled regiments to start the race to the sea, while the Brits could use their best men to beat the young German soldiers. Because all seasoned men were needed to hold the line elsewhere, no reserves available. There simply were not enough, because of big shiny battleships anchoring in Kiel and Wilhelmshaven. Now you see why Tirpitz was the most incompetent military leader of all time. He was so bad, he sealed defeat for his whole country years before the war it had to fight even began. With all this in mind now, two ironic circumstances in regards to "his" battleship are remarkable in my opinion: Tirpitz got herself some nice torpedo launcher, endorsing the one thing her namesake was indisputably good in (apart from sweet-talking the Kaiser and almost everyone else into battleships) and he reportedly called his service at his torpedo fleet "the best eleven years of my life". Tirpitz service record proves her namesakes rejection of the fleet-in-being concept very wrong. And on top of that she was only one ship, hardly a fleet. Alfred von Tirpitz.odt
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    A pleasant day to you, Legate. Coding is a time-intensive endeavor and requires a skill-set that is often expensive to outsource. Based on your previous remarks, it would appear that is the primary hurdle hindering the release of Year 2. Logically, this would be overcome through the allocation of more time - unlikely, given that updates related to Victory Belles are regularly posted on Facebook - or of more programmers. Given that the community surrounding Academagia appears to be rather invested in the release of the next installment... would Mr. Sawh and the remainder of the team be amenable to the addition of a contracted - or volunteer - programmer for dedicated work on Year 2? Presuming that the contractual expense was offset by crowdfunding or voluntary man-hours, of course. This would give the community an outlet through which they could directly affect the game's progress in a positive manner without BCS incurring significant expense or opportunity cost.
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    Direct matches: Nevada 4-5 Arizona after penalty shoot out, Arizona kicked Nevada out of the playoffs after Nevada and Arizona were #1&2 in the USL 2020 Western Conference table. Saguenay 2-3 Lexington Takao 2-2 Kaga Kaga 4-2 Nagato Kaga 0-1 Tenryuu INPF 1: Chiyoda takes off with 4 matches in which she "only" manages 6/12 points, but she's so far ahead at the moment, she can do whatever she wants. For now. Belfast actually made it better with 9/12 and the beautiful oddity because of her special treatment, of losing to and beating the same club in one week with both her teams. Arizona won twice, keeping her match advantage over Lex who managed to do the same. LMP and Hood also did well, so no change there as well, but Kongou only scored 3/6 possible points and Moskva blew her only chance, thus both created openings for their numerous midfield pursuers. Conte used this opening in the elite fashion which can be expected of her team and marches right past Kongou and Moskva with 6 points to her total. And doing it with only five matches under her belt. Only Walküre to be unbeaten in her first 5 matches and longest winning streak of the season so far on par with Chiyodas run from her 8th to 12th match. Unlike her sister, Leni used her only chance well and subsequently surpasses her. Wichita was also a busy bee and gained 7/12 points, which puts her right behind Conte on match count alone. Last seasons early darling Augusta however only got 2/12 points and misses out on climbing up the table, even losing two places. Tenryuu on the other hand makes 7/9 points and follows Wichita up the ladder. In the lower regions AGS loses her only match, Kumano even both of her matches, so Verdun gains 1 point and surpasses two rivals, but gains only one position. In from behind comes Houston, who parts ways with SLC, since Houston won and SLC lost. Also the league of both teams only had 4 matches(?) which confuses me. But apparently they will be out until March, when the 2021 season for their teams starts. Talking about teams waiting to play: Perth will start her season on Dec. 27th..... if there is no VB beta launch by that time, we should all get concerned. (Algerie starts on 28th of November, if there is no launch until then, we should demand a pillow fight with the devs.) INPF 2: As seen above, Nevada takes a hit by an INPF 1 Walküre. that leaves her with only 3/6 points and lets Kaga catch up to her with a mixed bag of 4/9 points. And Kaga battled everyone she could in the last two weeks. Drawing with Takao, winning against Nagato and losing to INPF 1 Tenryuu. Nagato herself had a rather weak 3/9 series, but Exeter and Takao miss es out to overtake Nagato with a 2/6 matchday bounty, even submitting her to a takeover by Takao who ties now with Nagato on points and matches after a 5/9 matchday. Busy bee of the matchday is Saguenay, who manages to get 6/12 points and ads insult to Exeters injury by sheer determination, if not skill. On the other hand Exeter has a comparatively low match count. The leading Kriegsmarine representant, Scharnhorst has a terrible match day with 0/6 points in a pretty vulnerable midfield position. And consequently, PK, Canarias, but especially Kitakami make short work of her. Only Dunkerque fails to score, making her now prone to hostile takeovers at the end of the table. Which starts with Pola who takes Dunkerque up on the offer and at least ties with her on points. Below Pola only Gneisenau manages to win, pushing her past Bearn and making her catch up with the other Kriegsmarine Walküren. Aoba also manages to at least score a point, bringing her on par with Bearn who lost. Axum won't join before December I assume.
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    Have you considered posting anything - anything at all - of Y2 so that people other than Rhialto and Schwarzbart can have a little bit of faith that the game even exists? I love Y1, and there are a lot of people out there who love Y1, but the decade-long wait for Y2 with not even a screenshot is tiresome and has been for years. This dance of "oh yes, things are being done and have been done" that the devs have you do, Legate, is bizarre. I understand not wanting to commit to anything, but a screenshot marked "pre-release, not all details are final" does not commit anyone to anything. I would, frankly, be a lot more inclined to buy Y2 when it comes out if I felt that the devs were at all inclined to hear player feedback or share things with the community. During Y1's post-development patch cycle, I think we did all feel that the devs were doing a pretty good job of interfacing with the community, and things like player-written events being added in patches reinforced that feeling (although I have to admit that I wish there had been some overhauls to the more broken Y1 systems like crafting - nevertheless, community engagement was pretty high at that time!) The secrecy legitimately made sense a few years ago, to an extent, but if Rhialto and Schwarzbart hadn't been asking questions over the years we would know exactly nothing about Y2. Despite their admirable persistence, we still know very little. Please, I'm begging you for your sake and ours - don't just stonewall every detail until launch day, whenever that is going to be, and then release the game with little fanfare onto Steam. This series deserves better.
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    Really i don't expect a change until y2 releases, but for y3, even just yearly updates ought to be considered.
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    When the writing was done 5 years ago I wonder what hold off the release for the last 5 years. Maybe the Legate want to say something on this ^^
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    Direct matches: Moskva 1-0 Leningrad Kumano 1-1 Kongou Nevada 2-1 Arizona Nagato 1-3 Kaga INPF 1: And INPF 1 comes out of the garage with a sensational defeat of current champion Leningrad at the hands of Moskva! That gives Moskva 4 points as a start and Leni has to deal with only 1 point. Meanwhile vice-champion Conte gets a clean 6/6 start. Kumano finally got company in the Nadeshiko League and her duel with Kongou ends in a draw. And between the IJN kamimaru the tables are turned similar to the Soviet ones as Kumano gets 4 and Kongou only 2 points, reversing their positioning from last season. For now. Belfast has already three matches under her belt, from which she got 6 points at least. Wichita ran out of luck, because she only got 2 points from 4 matches. Atlanta also got 2 points, but only 3 matches. LMP got 3 points, three more than Verdun got from her only match yet. Tenryuu might be unbeaten with 5/9 points, but Chiyoda has the better overall start for now with 9/12 points. While Arizona lost her cross table duel (how embarrassing), she made up for it with a win in the second match she got. The last, but certainly not least, our lady Hood manages to score a perfect 9/9 series and takes the table lead with the better points-to-matches ratio over Chiyoda. Some Walküren will only later join, but none will not play as far as I can tell. Over the course of September SLC, Houston and AGS should join, Algier in November and Perth in December. INPF 2: Saguenay starts her first season in the lower house with a respectable 6/9 booty. Köln continued where she left off last season: losing. Same goes for Pola. Exeter had a mixed start with 3/6 points. Dunkerque also has to wake up again as she scored 2/6. Nevada on the other hand had a perfect little start with 2 wins in two matches, one of them against 1st division Walküre Arizona. Hopefully for her fans this gives her energy for the whole season. Bearn scored 1/3 so on average not better than her compatriot. Aoba disappointed with her new club and lost both league matches she had. Canarias lost to herself and another island, but won against the continental competitor, so she got at least something to show for. Kaga scored solid seven points, three of those against Nagato, who herself only managed to score 1/9 points. P-K- was probably tired again and only managed to score 2/6 points in her two matches. Takao takes the lead with a clean sheet after 3 matches and the resulting 9 points and Kitakami starts the season at least not on last position, with one win in three matches. The Kriegsmarine will join only later this month and Axum probably only in December.
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    To be blunt there is never a good reason to steal entertainment as they all come down to greed! If your stupid and going public about stealing things then you only make it awkward for the people reading your imagined reasons and dangerous for your self! All your other talk in the forum became worthless the moment you started to talk about stealing the game! Even worse you devalued any good criticism you might have here about the game for other with your talk about stealing. Beside that in my experience when people try to justify why they stealing a digital good they are always going trough with the deed when someone try to counter their reason.
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    Because Y1 still has errors like the Prodigy: Incantation thing, and it wouldn't do for Y2 to inherit them. For example, it'd be very awkward if a Y2 adventure assumed a Y1 Incantation prodigy would have the increased skill max...only for that background to still be bugged. I imagine there's at least a few errors like that.
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    In pamela's adventure, it is actually the player that casts that particular spell, on that particular path, at cobo's reccomendation. That particular adventure step it feels as though he found it in one of his skulk sessions, but didn't have the nerve to actually use it himself. Casually passing it to the player in hopes of seeing it without having to actually cast it.
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    From a fast view in the wiki I would say Calming Air should be the most sure way. But coordination is also a skill used in adventures (i.e. I think to remember that the Legate side of the main adventure give it at a step) so that there sure better ways.
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    @Shirogane beta is closing in, you need to get busy again. 😄 I'd be surprised if she's playable under the now revealed circumstances.
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    Direct Matches: Aoba 1-0 Takao INPF 1: Contes team won Italian Serie A, congrats. In the end it was a closer call than anticipated, but won is won. Contes season is not over yet, since the UEFA Champions League is still on their schedule. If they make it to the final, they will be active until August 23rd which now marks the new enddate of the INPF-League season. Zenit has a pause for now, but will continue to play Russian Supercup on the 7th already and Russian Premjer League resuming on the 11th(!!), Leni will probably have no break at all. Running straight through to the next season and so will Moskva then. Which also means Moskva is just on hold, not done with the season. While Kongou made a solid 3 points, Pola did this as well in an important relegation match. Tenryuu won the day however with 4 points. Each of them take over another, defensless competitor. Kongou Algerie and Tenryuu and Pola Köln. Chiyoda, Perth, Wichita and Kumano scored zero. In Wichitas case it means end of season as the US tournament has ended for her. The last Walküre to be in it. In Kumanos case it might mean relegation in from the NJ Div 1 to Div 2. When I created the INPF League, I could not get a proper hold on Div2, but I hope that has changed by now. Otherwise the consequences will be dire. INPF 2: The US Walküren scored all they could and gain each a position as a reward. On the other hand, the Japanese ladies had a mixed bag. Apart from Takao losing to Aoba, Kaga also has nothing to show for this week. And Nagato managed at least 1 point. In a sudden plot twist, the two bottom Walküren scored 6 points each, making things down there interesting again. Season ended for: Wichita
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    O Captain, My Captain!
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    You're missing the Expansion Pheme, I'm assuming.
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    I just happened to come accross a book written by italians about ships. It's a conglomerate of "memorable" ships. And since they're italian, they festure a lot of italian ships. And we have seen only 6 italian ships so far. The book gave me some pointers who to expect in VB when meeting/playing the Regia Marina. Because it is a major power fleet, which is supposed to have a lot of ships. And since I've proven to love to speculate to pass the time.... here I go (again) For a CV there is the Aquila and the Sparviero, which shared a similar fate as the Graf Zeppelin, although they were the passenger liners "Roma" and "Augustus", commissioned in the 20's before conversion started but never got finished. But since there is some speculation about a quest line regarding the GZ, so there could be a similar one in the RN. And about submarines, HN mentioned the Cagni-class, Italy had over 100 subs at the outbreak of WWII. There was also the case of the "Archimede".. or rather two of them. One was sold to Spain and became the General Mola (<- probable spanish sub). To cover that sell up one of the Brin-class ships was named Archimede and that Archimedes even circumnavigated Africa to reach Bordeaux. Another good example for a italian sub is the Enrico Tazzoli which sunk no less than 18 ships in the atlantic and set a record for longest time at sea with 80 days. Then there is the short ranged sub class Perla, which has very god manouverability. And that's only the bare "surface" of the italian submarines. And did I mention some of the long range subs also travelled to Japan? If I'm not mistaken one of them was also taken into japanese service. For above water units, we have a lot not seen yet. For example the destroyers seen so far, Folgore, Soldati and Turbine class, are only three of 11 classes in service in 39 in the RN, not counting torpedo boat classes, which are sometimes classified as "light destroyers" or "hunting destroyers"... but certainly pack a heavier punch than a Rawalpindi..... at least on paper. So yeah in theory you can have 11 destroyers in the RM and not a single sister. Unlike in the Kriegsmarine, where you only got three classes, so a lot of siblings. And then we have only met one light cruiser and one heavy cruiser each. The Pola of Zara class and the Duce d'Aosta. The Zara class is regarded by many the most beautiful ships in WWII btw. And don't tell Pola but in the book the Gorizia is taken as the representative of her class. But there is also the 1908 commissioned heavy cruiser San Giorgio which got actually refitted enough to serve inthe war and technically speaking her sister the San Marco, although in 39 she is a training vessel. And yes, if one of them is in the game this would be a ship older than Goeben/Yavuz. The third class of heavy cruisers would be the Trento class, with Trieste and Trento, both ladies got very busy during the war. For light cruisers there is a lot of fun to be had story wise. Because as D'Aosta hinted: She has one full sister and 10 half sisters. And I really hope the Luigi Cadorna and the Armando Diaz are in the game. The biggest "full family of the Condottieri class btw is the Giussano-subclass with 4 full sisters. There is only one other "italian" class of light cruisers, but they won't be around before 1940....but...but there is the "Trento" class. And they were german cruisers, given to the italians after WWI. Because Italy won that one, y'know? The Taranto and Bari were build in Germany and while Taranto saw service as SMS Strassburg (commissioned 1912, a few months after Goeben), the Bari was originally planned for the russians. She was commissioned in 1914 just prior to the war in Danzig and was then confiscated and put into german service as SMS Pillau. Both ships were given to Italy in 1920. And we haven't even seen one, single battleship. What a miss. There are six BBs in three classes around. The Conte di Cavour and the Giulio Cesare of the Conte di Cavour class. They saw service in WWI and even have already lost a sister, the Leonardo da Vinci, in 1916. The Andrea Doria and the Caio Duilio of the Andrea Doria class. They also saw service in WWI. And then the youngest, the Littorio-class. Both the Littorio and Vittorio Veneto aren't finished in 39, but already commissioned. They only need some more armament installed. R&D and tech tutorial I hear you sneaking up on me? I'd also like to point out, that, from what I've read the italians were really inventive and may have tech, no one else has. Also a looot of ships are really old, so they would fit into the "Old Dames club" and also may have some troubles being allied with germany and opposing the british now. They're certainly not so straight out personalities like Camicia Nera.
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