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  1. urm... how about a Gate event? Or Mastery? Because I think we need more of those.
  2. I feel flattered that my own event become a prerequisite, even though it was so stupid lol.
  3. I'm not sure what to say. But I'm pretty sure I enjoy this.
  4. A hundred would be nice... btw, can't wait for your mod.
  5. So I can say to myself: "Gasp! He's onto us!"
  6. Lol @ the fourth exit. I would definitely choose that one.
  7. So... I wanted to do a Mastery adventure, but I don't know if it even exist. If it is, then does it have a specific requirement to be unlocked? If not then I guess I will write one for the next DLC.
  8. Oh wait, I found one... when I chose 'doll' as my familiar, I got Pamela instead. You know, that ghost you get when you didn't choose a familiar in the character creation?
  9. Hmm, the weird thing is that I can select multiple familiar. But I quickly deselect them before finishing the character creation.
  10. Thank you! I will now built a shrine in your name!
  11. AAAARGH! I'm LATE! I can't believe I didn't find this before!
  12. ... I hate the way you portrayed me, but why do I find myself laughing?
  13. Err, is this what we call Out of Topic? Can we go back talking about Philippe? Thanks to you guys I began to like him.
  14. Dear God, if you put it that way then Philippe might be the woobie of his family. His mother probably left them because she's sick of her husband... Hey! A plot bunny!
  15. Lol, I thought you meant it has to be Philippe. Yes, what have you done, Leoshi? What have you done...
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