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    DLC 17 Bugs

    Hello. I seem to be hitting a problem with subskill maximums. The game doesn't seem to be giving me some of the maximum increases that I've learned. The tooltip reports the correct maximum, but doesn't allow me to reach that maximum. Here's two examples: I've got a maximum increase for Theory of Incantation from Collegiate Meric and Animal Husbandry from Research. It's reported, but I can't train them beyond 10. http://imgur.com/a/TN0ck http://imgur.com/a/Jy5sC However, my Negation Methods subskill maximum (also increased via Collegiate Merit) seems to be working correctly. I managed to get up to 11. http://imgur.com/a/iGTSV
  2. This is remarkably similar to the bug I reported.
  3. Sycrus

    Bug Report

    Burnheart is right. I made a mistake. I was really playing The Painting adventure, not Once Discovered. I just checked it. Sorry, people, my bad. However,the fact that the end of the adventure threw me into the end of the Platypus first meeting event is true. Again, sorry for the blunder.
  4. Sycrus

    Bug Report

    Hello, people. Long time no see. Well, I'm back in the game, but I stumbled upon a bug with my new character (with the Platypus familiar). I was doing the "Once Discovered..." adventure. I was managing to finish it with one go. However, when I was supposed to return to the airship with the spare parts, I was instead sent to the last leg of the small 1st day adventure in which you get the Platypus. I was at the point in which you're already in the classroom, and it proceeded until the end, when I got the end-of-day report. A very confused one. Not only were my skill acquisition a mix of the skills got in the two adventures, but the screen claimed that I had just finished the "The Painting" adventure (which I hadn't even tried yet). Afterwards, the "Once Discovered..." adventure was back in my menu of choice of adventure, but "The Painting" had disappeared. That's all I have. I haven't tried doing the adventure again. Looking forward to play Year 2 as early as possible!
  5. Mind you, I'm no native English speaker, I only got this specific piece of info from an article (and a rant) on cephalopods from an American Biologist. As for the merit idea, I don't think it would lead to merit inflation after Patch 19 nerfed the Compete Action. Actually, my very intention was to break the merit stagnation without bringing back the Compete Race.
  6. Suggestion: just an idea I had that maybe might improve the collegiate merit system. The idea is that, on each class day, the game would run a routine similar to the exams but, instead of grading the students, it granted some merit to the top student of each class that day. Incidentally, it would also be nice if events taking place during classes checked if it was actually a class day before firing. I swear, I had class events on Juvenalia! Maybe having the "Attend Class" action set for the day as a pre-requisite? Speaking of events, a final minor nitpick, Grammar Nazi style. The Random Event Animal Pen 6 pluralizes "octopus" as "octopi". This is arguably incorrect, as "octopus" is not a latin word, so, the correct form would be "octopuses".
  7. Happy [insert Your Favorite End-Of-Year Solstice Celebration Here], people!
  8. I seem to have hit a bug on the shop window. Don't know if someone has reported this one yet, but, after selecting something to sell, I can't deselect it any longer (the blue aura will be removed from the item when I click it, but the item is still considered selected by the game). Workaround has been to simply purchase the item again, since the items-to-purchase doesn't suffer from this. On a side note, could anyone explain to me what are those "coins" inserted to the left side of the Confirmation Orders window, and what's their use?
  9. ... and now my new character has just been chased back to the academy by some screaming refugees from A Clockwork Orange. Nice touch, though. Made me want to have trained a bit of clockworking just to know what kind of contraption my character would have made.
  10. Hm... I've judged it a bit too hastily, then. Thanks, Gunslinger, maybe I'll take another look at it.
  11. Hello. Most of what franky said about his gaming preferences applies to me, too! After a few test runs, I've finally finished my first full run through Year 1, and have so many different characters to try on that I'm a bit indecisive to what will be my second full playthrough. As a side note, is it just me reading too much in between the lines, or is the game full of references? My sprite familiar, when put through a rumble, asked herself if it was another ogre battle. Ogre Battle? And, then, there was that whole Ember Fox shenanigan. Just to mention two things I've noted during my first playthrough.
  12. I didn't even know Impulse existed. A friend of mine pointed me to it, and I saw Academagia on a sale on the front page. Browsed through it and it looked too good to be true. Ended up purchasing directly from the developers, though, since I have a personal preference against running games through third-party apps... At any rate, am loving the game, and don't regret for a minute paying the full price for it.
  13. Anyone willing to help me on my evil, nefarious plan of using Mastery on the developers to have them deliver Year 2 faster?
  14. 10 - I got the impression that it's easier to keep the leadership is you seize it from the start. I guess it motivates your colleagues. I usually spend most of the first week competing to get my college on the top but, after that, my colleagues usually do most of the work and I only have to intervene if some big tragedy happens - like a certain Aranaz CREATURE whose name shall not be mentioned...
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