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  1. I get sick for a years time and there is talk about a dlc 16? I miss all the good information Sorry to ask this if it has already been answered, but will there be a dlc 17 too? Before or after year 2.
  2. Sorry, had to vote for Cinders with these choices But congrats with the nomination, that is an reward by itself.
  3. Now I sort of fear for my roleplaying characther who didn't spend so much time on the books. (Well, she still scored a clean 100 in the end, that's... not failing I guess) Oh and my earliest characther whom I didn't quite knew how to cheat... I mean study to get the good grades.
  4. Wait the pink dolphin exists?! Mind blown away. Mine are the two Turkey side quest which are linked together (The bakers and the lost greeks), they are just so chaothic and intense on every obtacle. I also like a lot of the eqyptian adventures because of the pyramids.
  5. Aww... you are welcome.
  6. Those 5 points for Ahmose is likely New Orleans, the choose to let out steam or listen in to the witches has an obstacle that are easily missable. (Remember save is your friend) As for Nigel, no idea. I have only done his adventure once.
  7. I will like to reply that while a gallary (perhaps a bit like how it works in Cinders) would be nice for next there is an almost unending number of save slots. If you have filled up all eight pages you can just push the next bottom.
  8. Ahmose 100 actually answered a question I had been pondering doing the other of his endings. I most say I am scared of getting 100 family. I just... don't want to imagine all the horrible possible way they could twist the family dream.
  9. About the student adventure thing, I must admit I am curios as to how the team is going to handle it. Some students like Tabin is competent enough to do their adventure solo (or trick some other poor non pc student into helping them), but other students like for example Neso, I just can't see seeking out other than a really good friend to help and those students are usually the students with the AI that doesn't exactly help them gaining the high relationships, so I just can't see them getting the help they need, but I still want them to get the progress described if I did the adventure. .... I am really curious as to how the team are going to handle it, but I have faith in the team (and am glad that I am not the one having to keep track of all the variables)
  10. Oh my, is that the new dlc I spot. Two minutes before midnat. When I should go to bed because I have a japanese essay tomorrow. Oh well good grades goodbye.
  11. There is something I have been wondering. What adds bonus to the relationships skills? Stress, wits, knowlegde, charms and dreams are easy to figure out since they have an obvious attribute (or whatever we call them), but the relationships leave me wondering. Not that it is ever a problem to get those high up. I am just a bit curious.
  12. I got Sterling to 100, the trick is to not jump over the passable obstacle in new orleans, make sure you are prepared for the three (i think it was three) obstacle at easter and to
  13. Esper

    Bugs and errors

    Right, pressing ingore three times worked. Thanks.
  14. Esper

    Bugs and errors

    No, I did try ignore. That doesn't work.
  15. Esper

    Bugs and errors

    I think I ran across a game breaking one. In the end game present giving it says that 'cl' (whom I guess is Claudia) is not defined, which means the game cannot continue and stops
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