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  1. Kwindy;


    No problem! Gossip is the most basic way to do what you want- but you need to select yourself as one Character, and then Emilia or Silke as the other (you can only raise one at a time.)


    As you gain more Skills and Spells, you'll find better ways to raise Relationship, sometimes with multiple people at a time. ;)


    Have fun!


    Thanks so much for this, I do not use gossip often, but I did not know this is how it worked. I always thought you got a chance to improve the relationship of two different students at the same time.

  2. Legate I'm sure you really busy doing other stuff, but what do you think about doing some video walkthroughs on some of the more "advanced" stuff. For example, I really want to a guy based around item crafting, but I am really having a hard time understanding it.


    Futhermore, a walkthrough on some of mechanics would be nice also. How spell casting and skill rolls are really made, how buffs work, and maybe throw in somewhere that we should save before the end of the year if we want to continue on to year 2 :P It would be nice if there was an auto save for that too :(


    Just an thought and if it doesn't happen I'm sure the info will make it to either the forum, wiki or both at some point.

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  3. First of all as soon you started any of the other main Adventures all the others are gone!

    The other Main Adventures are:

    - A Meeting at the Tavern

    - In Search of Rumors of Pirates

    - A Reward for a Job Well Done


    If I read it correct in the Mod Tool you need to have Luck => 4 (even if only temporary) and there is also one other prerequisite but sadly I am not sure how to read it but it looks like there is a 5. Main Adventure.


    Ahh ok, that explains it because I just made a new game and I still did not see it up there. So if you did any of these you cannot do that adventure chain and thus no chance at mentoring :(


    If I would have known that I would not have helped the damn Guard Captain...and I just finished a really good year too :P

  4. A Note From The Headmaster ist the Main Adventure from Orso Orsi. Its one of the more difficult adventures in the game and as mentioned if you start this adventure the other main adventures will be blocked.


    Do you need to do something to make this adventure available because it is not in my adventure choices.

  5. We are hijacking the thread a bit but I think we got the other questions closed, so:



    How to calculate the difficulty of the spell (with and without phemes):


    Your skill(that the spell makes a roll on) + random # between 1 and 2*attribute (that the spell also mentions) should be >/= Difficulty of Spell + difficulty of phemes.

    As example: You got 12 Revision, your finesse is 3 and you want to cast Dirty Tricks(full description below).


    Here the numbers are put into the 'equation' above.

    12 + (1 to 2*3) Should be higher or equal to the difficulty of the spell + difficulty of phemes.


    Your roll is then from 13 to 18. Difficulty for Dirty Tricks is naturally 4. If you want to add some phemes then you should take care that the pheme difficulty (again, these are mentioned in the pheme discription) does not exceed (13 to 18) - 4 = 9 to 14


    If you wanna live life safe then do not add more than 9 points worth of pheme difficulty, or if you feel exceedingly lucky then add 14.


    Each time you add a pheme the difficulty increases, but it doesn't matter how long the spell in question lasts.


    With 9 free difficulty points to spend you can add 3 Air phemes (each have a difficulty of 3) or 1 Flame pheme(difficulty of 6) and 1 Air pheme - or something completely up to you. You can of cause add more phemes (thus more difficulty) but the chance of succeeding will be lowered.




    Dirty Tricks, (difficulty of Finesse/revision v. 4); (1 to 2*2(your finesse score)) + 12(Your Revision skill)+4(from casting the spell at the Revision stone) v. 4


    For easy lookup - try the Academagia Wiki (we sadly haven't added Dirty Tricks yet... one of these days...)


    Sorry to bring this thread back up but I have been trying to figure out how the rolls work.


    According to this post 12 + (1 to 2*3) Should be higher or equal to the difficulty of the spell + difficulty of phemes.


    Shouldn't that mean the range of the roll is 15-18? 12 + (1 to 2*3). Also later in the post he says 1 to 2*2. lol which is it!?


    Futhermore, the wiki says:


    Roll: To succeed, a roll value of (Skill + (random value from 1 up to Attribute*2)) should be more than Difficulty.


    So (using the same example), 12 + (1 to 3*2). So the range would be 14-18.


    Are either of these correct or is it something else?

  6. If I rember right its /5 not /3 because there are 2 actions each day that are not aviable.


    hmm ok, well I just noticed that the ability showed back up but it was along time after it said I got it back, not sure how long :blink:

  7. So I got the Accept Commission ability and used it to great success and finally got enough money for Contu's school. About a week later the daily report says that I have gained Accept Commission again. Well now it does not show up in my abilities list. Do I need to do something in order to use it again? Also, it would be nice if the description said how often you can use the ability.


    I checked the full description just now and it says the duration is 42, but I do not quite know what that means. I think it represents the amount of actions so like 42/3 = 14 days?


    Well, I hope there's a way to accept more commissions, it's good money :(

  8. Ther was a Posting from Legate that not every one will be a mentor but when you have a High Standing and Finished the Main Quest on the side of the Headmaster your chances a very High that you will be a Mentor.


    Which is the main quest? Just finishing the first year? Or one of the adventures lines?

  9. You know that that every good game takes it time to devlope the next episode? I.E. The Elder Scroll Saga started as a MS DOS game (1993) and Bethesda Soft only released a new Episod every vew years (5 is anounced for 2011) or Mass Effect needed over 2 years.

    So just enjoy what you have now and think about the next years when they are released. (And hope the team get enough money to continue theyr work because they are Independend)


    Yeah plus its seems like DLCs are released about once a month and they are free...


    Edit: I have been wondering, in year 2 will we be able to be a mentor for a year 1? Would love to have a little year 1 running around doing stuff for me :(

  10. Can anyone tell me how cultivate works? I select it and when I go to the confirmation orders it will not let me proceed. From what it says it does not appear I need to have anything, right? Or do I need to have a plant or fertilizer or something??

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