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  1. Another suggestion........as I mention before it should be nice to be able to group/list skills in different ways.......and of course it should be the same with magic. Maybe its just enough with a few ones, like buffs, defensive, offensive.
  2. benjiboy

    No DLC?

    Aha! Thanks for the quick answer! I thought it would be several options in the begining, but now I now.
  3. Have looked through the different suggestions and seen some that have touched the suggestion I'm looking for but not not entirely the same. (what I can find) Since you have a lot of skills and they keep gowing in number I think it would make everything much easier if you could sort/list them in different ways. Which one are related to Insight or Strength. Another one could list them according to type, ex Social, Magic, School (different classes they teach at school), Love, Physical, Explore and of course as they are now......alphabetic. If I want to improve my chances with my fellow student I sometimes start improving one skill to later find another one that could be useful under a different tab/folder. Just a suggestion!
  4. benjiboy

    No DLC?

    I have a question about the DLC's that are included in patch 18. According to the release notes the should be 3 DLC's but I can't see them when I start a new game, I can only see the original game. Do I have to make a certain progress in the game to be able to see them? Thanks!
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