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  1. Accidentally loaded the first page, was bewildered that the post is labeled 28th January. I hope you keep writing
  2. merry Christmas, happy holiday and an omni omnipresent all-encompassing well wish i am drunk
  3. Fifty times! Training memorization before school begins ?
  4. Good news: Desura is now assimilated by OnePlay. Your games shall attain salvation!
  5. Hacking away with sharp objects LOOKS more murderous than acceptable behavior of glowy puff of smoke. Or Adava Kedavra.
  6. Dreamt is a word, it is just less common than Dreamed. It is fine, the Zafehouse / Deadnauts / Fear Equation series does exactly that. it is only if you go on greenlight and spam your links on other people's work that violates rules.
  7. Yeah, I got it. Carl Hartly seems compassionate enough to yield to any family hostage imo.
  8. Found out one of my really old account got hit when I searched the leak database. Fortunately everything about it is defunct
  9. Took a second look at this - why is the girl a bad choice as a hostage?
  10. I like option B better, personally, since failure results are included and A is too condensed. Good work regardless!
  11. That was enjoyable, but it gets silly grimdark with the catapults towards the end
  12. Don't really care about NMS personally, but it gets silly when I start seeing many reviews for other games that also rants about NMS at the same time.
  13. What if the whipping takes us out first?
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